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How to Style a Texas Tuxedo

by Miguel 13 Nov 2022

How to Style a Texas Tuxedo


How to Style a Texas Tuxedo

Today, it is difficult to create variety and interest in men's formal wear. There are classic options to choose from, but for those with unique taste, it can feel confining.

It's the same story for every evening affair: black jacket, white shirt, black vest, black tie, black tuxedo pants, and black shoes. Classic, attractive, but occasionally boring.

For a daring few, however, there is another option for when you want to stand out at formal events: the Texas Tuxedo.

What is a Texas Tuxedo?

What is a Texas Tuxedo

A Texas Tuxedo is a variation on the traditional tuxedo that adds western flair to this classic formal look.

One version of the texas tuxedo look consists of double denim, wearing a denim jacket with jeans, or a denim vest. However, instead of double denim, we are discussing the more formal version of this look.

The most common type of Texas tuxedo includes tight-fitting newish denim jeans, a plain white shirt, a dark tuxedo jacket, cowboy boots, a large belt buckle, and a cowboy hat.

The accessories and use of jeans make this outfit memorable, transforming you from just another guy in a suit to a bonafide cowboy.

What to Wear for a Texas Tuxedo

What to Wear for a Texas Tuxedo

Though a classic look is associated with this western formal wear, there are many ways that it can be worn to create your own unique look.

The Jacket

Traditional Texas Tuxedos feature a dark tuxedo jacket, left unbuttoned. Another way to wear Texas Tuxedos would be to choose a different color or texture for your dark blazer. A subtle pattern, such as a burgundy chain pattern, could add visual interest. Or you could go all out with a velvet tuxedo jacket.

The Shirt

The shirt is another opportunity to add personality for your formal event. You could do a plain white shirt, a white cotton French cuff wing tip tuxedo shirt, a western shirt complete with pearl snaps, or a colorful dress shirt.

If you're going for a more formal look, it could be worn with a traditional white button-down with matching vest and even a bolo tie.

The Pants

For the most formal occasions, it might be a good idea to abandon denim jeans in favor of traditional tuxedo pants. You can still consider this a version of the Texas tuxedo with the right accessories.

But for a semiformal occasion or to be true to this style, you need to wear traditionally tight-fitting jeans in good condition.

The Accessories

The accessories are where Texas tuxedos shine. Make sure to include a large belt buckle, preferably in silver, with an intricate, eye-catching pattern. Add a bolo tie or a vest.

But do NOT forget the ten-gallon hat, a stetson hat, or other variations of western hat wear. And finish off your look when you wear clean cowboy boots.

Where to Wear a Texas Tuxedo

Once you have your western tuxedo ready to go, the next question is...where do you wear it?

The best place to wear a texas tuxedo is to a western dance party or wedding. The cowboy boots are great for line dancing and all the fancy footwork you'll be doing. Just make sure you're in good physical condition for all that dancing!

Take full advantage of this unique formal denim outfit and its accessories, which are known for being chick magnets. You certainly won't be lacking for a dance partner.

While western clothes are more common in rural areas, you can make a unique impression by wearing it in other areas. You will really stand out in a ballroom.

Whether it is an evening affair in the city, a wedding in the country, a formal event in a barn or a similar rural area, it's hard to go wrong with a tux jacket, cowboy boots and a western shirt.

Your Solution for Formal Wear in the West

From the top of your ten-gallon hat to the bottom of your shiny cowboy boots, a Texas Tuxedo makes you the star of any crowd. With the above outfit, you will be dressed to impress, not just the cowboys at your country event, but everyone who sees you in your noticeable wear.

Wear a Texas tuxedo and make an impression as an urban cowboy. Trust us. You'll thank us in the future when you get those appreciative looks. Browse our shop today for your perfect tuxedo look.

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