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Choosing between a suit and a tuxedo for a wedding can be more challenging than you think. While a tux may naturally seem like an ideal option, a suit can turn out to be a surprisingly better option in certain cases.

So you need to understand this comparison once and for all so that you can make the right choice between the two for all wedding occasions in the future.

Tuxedos vs Suits for a Wedding - Wedding Dress Code Guide

The choice between a suit and a tuxedo for a wedding is more a matter of the formality of the event than a topic of style or fashion preferences.

A tuxedo is the go-to outfit when the wedding has a strongly formal theme. Of course, a suit is not even an option if you have a black-tie or a white-tie event.

A black tux would be the natural and safest choice for those types of events. You can’t get much experimentative either there, but you can have a little bit of flexibility with respect to the color as long as it doesn’t deviate too much from a black “base” effect.

On the other hand, a suit would come in when you’re going to be a part of a wedding that doesn’t mind semi-formal outfits or has a more casual theme. You can’t get too fancy though, but you can always pick a suit and choose from a much wider range of color variations.

The Difference Between a Tux and a Suit

Well, it’s all about the details. And while those details might sound a bit too subtle, they combine to have an enormous effect on your overall look.

The specific lapel construction, satin buttons, and other similar details make a tux stand out from a suit, which often offers more variations and creativity. A tux, on the other hand, sticks to a tried-and-well-accepted formula for weddings which fits into a wedding environment best.

The satin lapel detailing is the main distinction factor here. The satin is always present, and the lapel styling is very obvious and sometimes even overpowering on a tux.

Additionally, a tux usually also has the satin lapel made up of a different, often thicker fabric with a shiny look and feel that brings about a contrasting effect against the rest of its fabric.

A suit is almost always made up of a single fabric, and the main highlight is the consistency rather than specific details like the lapel or the buttons. The lapels don’t stand out as shiny or otherwise. They are just another part of the suit.

Keep It Sleek with a Traditional Black Tux

As we mentioned above, there’s no going wrong with a classic black tux for a wedding. It’s simply the safest choice.

You will blend into the event effortlessly, and also look your formal best if you put some effort into finding the right quality when purchasing your tux.

Again, you can allow yourself some room for personal preferences, such as going for a more charcoal-ish color tux than a traditional black one. But if it’s a completely formal-themed wedding, going for anything extraordinary could raise a few eyebrows.

The Shirt Difference Between a Suit and a Tuxedo

As far as the accessories are concerned, you would have a relatively easier time with a tuxedo. Since it’s a more “wedding-fit” outfit, you can get away with light accessorizing.

A suit, on the other hand, might call for a bit more effort on the accessories front, especially if you’re wearing it with a purpose.

Shirt Tips for a Suit

The shirt is one area that will need some extra attention. Some people would say you can wear both patterned and plain shirts with a suit. But we would beg to differ.

While a patterned shirt with a suit may be fine most of the time, it can get a little outrageous to wear to a wedding.

Consider this. A suit is already a little off the track at most weddings; pairing it with a patterned shirt might make you come off as someone who isn’t considerate of the occasion.

So we would recommend sticking to a plain shirt for your suit. You do have a little more flexibility with the colors. However, we feel a lighter color would be more suitable both to complete a classic look and to blend in better at a wedding.

Shirt Tips for a Tuxedo

Now for a tuxedo, you can’t go wrong with the evergreen plain white shirt if you’re going for a black tuxedo. Some men believe it’s fine to wear a dress shirt with a tuxedo, but it’s absolutely not.

A regular dress shirt with a tuxedo is a big no. A tuxedo shirt is the only real option. French cuffs on the shirt are almost essential too.


A Word on the Shoes

While not the most important element of your look, they can still do a lot of damage if you mess it up. So your shoes do deserve a bit of thought too.

Now with a suit, anything formal usually suffices. Sure, if you can get Oxfords that specifically complement your overall look then you can do that.

As for a tuxedo – anything other than shiny black shoes, the kind that you would wear to a business meeting – should be approached with caution. Anything fancy can be a bit of a gamble, although some subtle satin details shouldn’t be worrying. 

A Final Word

We hope the tips we shared in this post will help you make a more informed decision when choosing between a tuxedo and a suit for a wedding. A tuxedo may be a safe choice, but a suit does allow you to be a little more flexible with your style but it’s important not to go overboard.