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Master the Art of Styling Semi-Formal Wedding Attire for Male

by Miguel 07 Jul 2024

The trickiest part after receiving a wedding invitation for men is figuring out what actually semi-formal wedding attire for male means. Most men feel confused about what to wear when they need to attend a wedding event and this is pretty common. Even most fashionable fellas find it difficult to strike a balance between formal and informal attire. You don’t need to worry about styling your semi-formal wedding dress because we are going to address all the queries you have about styling semi-formal wedding attire for men.

What is actually meant by semi-formal wedding attire?

An ambiguous dress codes for males that is more relaxed as compared to a formal wedding ensemble is called a semi-formal dress. In past days, weddings were only restricted to certain dress codes and people were not allowed to go for any modern wedding dress. However, modern weddings call for modern outfits that can let grooms express their style and exude sophistication. Moreover, they have the freedom to branch out with patterns, colors, and accessories to express the individuality of their fashion game. For instance, you can opt for a sophisticated blazer and pants outfit or choose a well-tailored suit and skip the tux. Have you heard the golden rule of wedding dress? It says “It’s better to overdress than underdress”.

Tips to choose a semi-formal wedding dress when no attire is listed on the invitation

Have you received a wedding invitation where no dress code is defined? You may be struggling to figure out the right kind of dress for a semi-formal wedding occasion. We will let you know the right tricks to choose a semi-formal wedding outfit to strike a balance between style and decency.  

· Semi-formal wedding outfit for groom and guests

Grooms and guests should select the right kind of outfit by assessing the venue. For instance, the best trick is to choose a relaxed and informal ensemble for daytime events whereas evening engagements call for a more formal dress code. Besides that, you may talk to the groom and bride to know about the dress code. You may opt for timeless elegance by choosing a well-tailored blazer or jacket in charcoal grey or navy color and pair it with a well-fitted crisp dress shirt for a polished appearance. Ultimately, grooms and guests should opt for comfortable footwear and accessorize thoughtfully according to the event

· Semi-formal dress for all occasions and seasons

Selection of the semi-formal attire depends upon the season. For instance, you need to opt for lighter fabrics and pale colors for weddings scheduled in summer and spring. Similarly, men should prefer darker hues and richer textured fabrics for winter and fall weddings. You also need to be familiar with the dress code etiquette for the occasion.

· Semi-formal wedding attire for men

Men should always go for a well-fitted and comfortable outfit to make a difference while attending a wedding event. You need to ensure your blazer or suit flatters your physique and fits comfortably for a refined look. When you are going to attend a semi-formal wedding, you need to be confident to express your style. For instance, you can choose statement pieces to express your individual style.

Tips for choosing semi-formal wedding attire for male

Following are some valuable tips for choosing a semi-formal wedding dress:

· Follow the wedding dress code if necessary

There are certain weddings where the bride and groom go for a particular dress code to make their marriage event the talk of the town. In such cases, most couples mention the dress code on the invitation card. However, if it is not mentioned on the card, you may talk to the couple to know about the dress code. Following the dress code is essential because ignoring it may spoil the overall theme of the event. Hence, it is most important to follow the dress code to ensure your outfit aligns with the wishes of the couple.

· Semi-formal outfit for the daytime event

Are you invited to a daytime wedding event? It allows men to experiment with neutral and lighter shades for semi-formal wedding attire. Suits are the best pick to attend more casual celebrations of daytime and outdoor marriage events. For instance, you can choose beige pants and pair them with a well-tailored blazer in textured chambray. Moreover, you can achieve a mod vibe by choosing patterned button-downs and grey chukkas. Micro florals are a dashing choice for men to wear at semi-formal marriage events. Daytime weddings where you need to choose semi-formal attire are a perfect opportunity to step up your fashion game. For instance, you may go for a head-to-toe matching ensemble in lighter colors such as pale pink, light grey, or others.

· Semi-formal attire essentials for evening wedding

Many men go for black suit color to attend evening weddings but these less formal gatherings are the best opportunities to wear dark-colored suits to make a statement. For instance, a selection of dark grey, midnight, and navy blue can work well for all occasions. Pick these shadowy colors to pair with a classic white button-down to make a perfect ensemble. Use these dusky-toned color schemes to dress to impress people meeting you at an event. Finish off your appearance by choosing loafers, brogues, or oxfords because they are all fail-proof dress shoe options. You also need to ensure the fit of your ensemble for semi-formal settings.

Tips to select suits, pants, and shirts

· Suits

You can never go wrong with a gray suit for a semi-formal wedding event. When you are going to attend a daytime wedding event, pick a pale or relaxed grey suit whereas you can go for charcoal or pewter for an evening wedding. For all kinds of semi-formal events, you should take black suits out of the table. A black suit offers a somber vibe that is not appropriate but you can use it for the wedding party. Selection of the navy suit is the best option for a polished and refined look. However, if you want to look fancier than normal, you may go for the dark blue suit to make a different statement. Hence, a two-piece suit and tie is the perfect combination for semi-formal events.

· Pants

An essential strategy is to pair your pants with the classic color of your smart blazer. Never think of joining a wedding event in pants and shirts alone. Similarly, jeans are also out of the table when you are going to select an outfit for a semi-formal wedding. Your possible options include well-pressed and smart chinos in lighter or neutral tones such as khaki, tan, and grey. If you want to keep the overall appearance dapper and clean, you should ensure your pants and blazer are of high quality and immaculately tailored.

· Shirts

There is no better option for men than to wear a dress shirt even for semi-formal weddings. You may attend certain weddings with a relaxed neck by skipping a tie. However, wearing a tie helps you achieve a more formal look. You may take your tie off when you need to hit the dance floor. You can also experiment with different shirt colors for semi-formal weddings. You are not confined to a white shirt with your suit. Instead, you may choose colored shirts without ignoring a smart match of shirts with the suit colors. Consider wearing pale pastels for daytime or outdoor events. Similarly, you can choose lavender and blue shirts for evening engagements.

Choose accessories wisely for your wedding attire

You don’t necessarily need to wear a solid necktie or bowtie with your semi-formal wedding outfit. Certain formal occasions call for wearing a bowtie or necktie. You can inject personal style into your ensemble through different kinds of accessories such as pocket squares, ties, and others. Following are some kinds of accessories you can pick to complete your wedding guest look and earn plus points for your style.

· Suspenders and Belts

Are you going to wear trousers or pants with belt loops? If they have belt loops, you should necessarily wear a belt. The best thing is to match the belt color with your dress shoes for a more refined look. Moreover, you can skip wearing belts if you are branching out with suspenders for your ensemble. However, you should don a slim-fit shirt when you are branching out with suspenders. Do you want to avoid extra bulk at your waistline? Choose suspenders instead of belts as it will elongate your frame.

· Choose Ties if necessary

Ties are not necessary accessories when it comes to semi-formal outfits for men. You will look more relaxed and comfortable by ditching ties. You can wear the tie when you wish and take it off when required to dance with ease. However, you can’t pick any tie randomly. Instead, you should follow a proper color matching to ensure your ensemble looks perfect.

The best types of shoes for semi-formal wedding attire

Selection of the shoes for your semi-formal wedding outfit is influenced by several factors. Following are some crucial tips to help you choose the best shoe types according to your dress.

· Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes feature formal silhouettes and closed laces to make them perfect to pair with suits and blazers. Their sleek and elegant design makes them a classic choice for semi-formal weddings. You can pick brown or black leather Oxfords to complement your semi-formal wedding ensemble.

· Loafers

Loafers are the best shoe option with no laces and low heel. These slip-on shoes are a versatile and stylish choice for all kinds of outfits to help you stand out among others. You should find loafers in suede or polished leather to add a touch of sophistication and class to your ensemble. Moreover, they are easy to wear and comfortable for long-lasting wedding events.

· Dress boost

Do you want to achieve a modern look by wearing traditional footwear? Choose ankle-length dress boots featuring a polished finish and sleek silhouette for semi-formal occasions to make a modern statement. Pick ankle-length boots in brown or black leather with minimalistic detailing for a stylish yet decent look.

· Monk straps shoes

Are you looking for an alternative to substitute traditional lace-up shoes? Monk strap shoes feature strap and buckle closure eliminating the need for laces. Choose single or double-strap monk-style shoes in suede or leather to exude refinement and elegance. They can perfectly give a polished finishing touch to your semi-formal wedding outfit.

What should you avoid while choosing wedding attire?

· Never ignore tailoring

A well-tailored suit is always a perfect choice for a relaxed look. You need to go for the fit for your outfit that suits you and keep your ensemble well-tailored according to your body measurements. Your shirts, vests, and trousers should look snappy because the suit that fits well looks great.

· Never go full casual

It is possible that a happy couple has asked you to come and join the event as you are. But you are going to celebrate a major milestone with them and it is essential for you to dress properly. Therefore, you should always opt for formal and stylish outfits to make a great statement and achieve a refined look.

· Being bold is not bad but overly bold dressing makes a bad impression

When you are going to wear semi-formal wedding attire, you have the opportunity to express your individual fashion game. You can be bold and choose stylish outfits with complete freedom. However, being overly bold can spoil the overall impression of your ensemble. For instance, you can’t be the peacock that has a fancier outfit than the bride. Hence, express your individuality and make a great impression by choosing stylish yet sophisticated wedding attire.

· Semi-formal attire is still formal

When it comes to semi-formal wedding attire, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, never forget that the semi-formal attire still contains the word “formal”. It means you are never allowed to join the event when underdressed. You don’t have the choice of wearing jeans, shorts, and joggers. Similarly, polos, t-shirts, sneakers, and half-sleeve button-downs are not good to be worn when you need to attend a wedding event. Hence, you should dress properly to impress everyone meeting you.

· Always support the union of the hosts

The most important thing is to understand that you are a wedding guest whose role is not to steal the show. You are supposed to support the union of the couple. For instance, you are not allowed to choose all-white or all-cream-colored outfits because they are only reserved for the bride and groom. Hence, you should dress as a guest so that the bride and groom may steal the show with their outstanding wedding attire.


We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you choose the right kind of semi-formal wedding attire for males. This guide is useful for both grooms and guests. This guide will also keep you in the loop with what’s happening in the gents suiting in the world. You can go through this guide to master the art of styling your semi-formal outfit to make an impressive statement. We have described all the tips to help you dress to impress.

You should never forget to choose the wedding outfit according to the event, the timing of the event, and the reason you are going to attend the event. Moreover, you should always select well-fitted and tailored ensembles as they can help you exude confidence and elegance. Colors of shoes, dresses, and accessories should complement each other and look good to boost your overall appearance.

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