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A seersucker suit isn’t the most popular type of suit, far from it actually. However, it’s one of the most unique suit styles, and if you look at the right places, you would find it in a modern look and feel, perfect for an extraordinary casual look that will make you stand out at any event.

But there’s a lot to know about this interesting suit type. So let’s jump in.

What is a Seersucker Suit?

Seersucker is one of the most unique types of suits out there. Although many believe it to be old-fashioned, it keeps making reappearances in a more modern form if you look hard enough, including here on Flex Suits.

A seersucker suit is a thin, tightly woven suit made only of cotton, and it typically comes in a striped style. Its characteristic to stay loose and not hug your body tightly like most other suit types allows for breathability and air circulation, making it a great choice for summers.

Coming to its name itself, it derives its name from a Sanskrit term that means “milk” and “sugar”. This is because of its unique combination of a smooth and rough texture, which also gives it a charming appeal.

The way a seersucker suit is woven is also unique, with the threads being bunched together, giving it a wrinkled look in some areas. This also means that it doesn’t need to be pressed and can be easily washed, another unique advantage you will be hard-pressed to find with any other type of suit, such as a standard slim fit suit.

These all features make a seersucker suit instantly stand out from the others – and if you put some thought into choosing the right one – in a good way.

History of the Seersucker Suit

The seersucker fabric was common in British colonies, especially the ones with a warm weather, such as India. This fabric was first introduced in India to help Britishers living there have a comfortable time with their outfit during the warm summers.

The seersucker fabric was used to make not only suits, but also a variety of other outfits like shirts, shorts, dresses and robes.

It later became popular in the United States, especially during the American Civil War, thanks to being a cheap and durable fabric in those times.

Is Seersucker Suit for You?

Well, let us be honest. A seersucker suit is not for everyone. It usually isn’t one of the more stylish suits, and certainly far from trendy. So if you’re a fashion lover who like to stay on top of the trends, even the most elegant of seersucker suits won’t interest you.

That said, if you’re someone who isn’t afraid to try out new looks and also have their own way with style – and also someone who could do with some more functionality with their outfits – a seersucker may totally be up your alley.

When to Wear a Seersucker?

Just like a seersucker suit may not be for everyone, it may also not be an appropriate outfit for every occasion. This is especially if you’re careful about the style statement you’re making, and wouldn’t want to wear something that may make you look a bit out of the place.

Talking of looking out of place, a traditional seersucker can certainly raise some eyebrows at something like a business meeting. In fact, seersuckers usually aren’t a preferred choice for anything formal.

That said, they can be a cool, out-of-ordinary choice for casual events. For anything ranging from a birthday party to a prom event where you want to try out something different than your usual prom suit, a seersucker may turn out to be a fresh, not-so-usual choice. It would be a particularly good choice for casual events for men that like to make their own personal style statement rather than sticking to the trends.

Finally, seersucker suits are only made to be worn in summers. Winter, on the other hand, is one of the worst times to wear a seersucker suit. As a seersucker suit is thin and leaves a lot of room for breathability and ventilation, it would leave you freezing in a cold winter.

How to Wear a Seersucker Suit?

There are actually quite a few different ways to wear a seersucker suit, but you sure can make it look much better if you put some thought into how to wear it the right way. For one, if you’re after a more modern, casual look, you can wear a t-shirt under your seersucker instead of going with the usual dress shirt.

Then there’s also another that involves putting on a jacket and trousers to get some sort of funky look that will definitely get the attention of people around you at any event.

If you’re donning a traditional look and need to go with a dress shirt, you need to ensure the fitting is right on spot. If the shirt’s fitting isn’t proper, it will greatly increase the chances of making you look out of place.

And while we are at that, let us go on to say that the fitting and measurements are of even more importance with a seersucker suit than with other types of suits. Even a bit of “here or there” with the measurements can make or break your seersucker look and experience.

If you’re shopping for a sear sucker suit from a reputed online retailer like Flex Suits, however, you do not need to worry about the size and fit as we get them right with pretty much everything with a wide variety of size options.

Color Options

As far as colors are concerned, the combination of blue and white is one of the most popular option for a sear sucker suit. That said, however, many modern seersucker suits come in fancy colors that are both classy and stylish.

Some of these modern designs come in pink, dark and light grey, and dark blue colors. There are also many different colors and color options seersuckers come in these days, but make sure you don’t get too experimentative with it if you’re wearing a seersucker for the first time.

Go with some of the reliable colors we mentioned above and you will likely be good to go.