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How to have a fantastic red and black suit wedding for grooms, groomsmen, or guests


How to have a fantastic red and black suit wedding for grooms, groomsmen, or guests

When it comes to suits and colors, picking a colored suit is one of the boldest things ad statements men can make. But, it is not excluded or forbidden. You just have to know how to wear it and style it properly and you will most definitely look cool and attractive. With color matching in question, one particularly strong and bold color that stands out is red.


Red is not an easy color to style. Especially when it comes to men's fashion and suits. One important question is how to wear a red suit. Well, it all comes down to several things that will make or break the look. But, with some pro tips and styling suggestions, and if you throw black into the look, the red and black suit for a wedding will become an attractive fashionable item.


  • Does red and black look good together?

Does red and black look good together


If you are looking for two strong and powerful colors that style well together, then, look no further than the red and black combo. Both dramatic and appealing, these are the colors that deliver a totally different aesthetic. Red is a color that is often associated with the greatness of life, fire, and power, While black is dark, grounding force, neutral, and somehow always calming. The balance of these two colors has been explored a lot through time. In the fashion industry, it is a common choice that delivers an elegant and chic vibe. Red is a great option for different types of events. Take prom for example. In terms of red shades, burgundy is a pretty common choice, Burgundy prom suit for men is something that is trending lately and the best red choice. When wondering what color suit to wear for prom, you will never go wrong if you spice up the look and go with some shade of red and black.


  • Red and black suit for wedding

Red and black suit for wedding


A red and black suit for a wedding is a non-traditional and very non-ordinary choice, however, it is not something that you cannot pull off. The black and red suit for a wedding is a bold choice to make, and it is best done with caution when it comes to styling. The first thing that you need to do is to look for the style that will suit the venue and be great for the wedding. Don't look for anything cheap that will make you look like you are a part of the Fire brigade. So, the color here plays a crucial role. Opt for a shade that will have more pink or brick undertones, since those are the ones that style best with the combination of black. The black details on the suit can appear in different forms, buttons, lapels, pockets...all of that is good and approved.


  • Red and black suit for grooms

Red and black suit for grooms

Opting for a red and black suit for a wedding and as a groom means that there is a strong personality behind the person wearing it. Although many would be scared to go with these color options, red and black can work great for a groom's suit if there is a proper suit in question. First of all, the color here is everything. It is best to find a red color that will not be too bold or too muted. Pick red as the base color of the jacket. Let the black be present as part of the pants. It should also appear on the lapels, pockets, and buttons. That way, the black will create the much-needed contrast and will keep the red-toned down. As for the tie, always go with a black one, which will look more elegant. The shoes should be black too.


  • Red and black suit for groomsmen

Red and black suit for groomsmen

The groomsmen are usually following the style of the groom. That means that they can be dressed similarly to the groom, but not overshadow him in the fashion choice. This might be a hard and challenging thing to do when the red and black suit is in question. If the wedding and the venue are suggesting formal attire, then, the groomsmen can be dressed almost similarly to the groom. The one key difference here that will stand out is the tie. So, if the groom wears a bow tie, it is a bet that groomsmen wear a tie and vice versa. If the tone of the wedding is a bit more casual, then, there are lots of different options for the groomsmen. One way is to go with a T-shirt instead of a shirt. Also, the dressy shoes can be switched with loafers or some other more casual ones. The color of the red suit can be more toned down, as well as the fabric of the suit too. All of that will deliver a nice look of the red and black suit for groomsmen.

  • Red and black suits for guests

Red and black suits for guests

If the dress code does require wearing a red and black suit for a wedding even as a guest, then, there are plenty of options to choose from. Many men are not big fans of the red color, especially not as a choice for a suit. But, with black, these suits can get both a more formal and more informal look and appearance. That applies to the guests' dress code too. As a guest, you can wear a red suit and look stylish. Pick a color that you like. Look for black details, like the back of the collar, buttons, and maybe cuffs. Style the red suit with black shoes and a black belt. Another option is to find a more laid-back red suit, add a white shirt for elegance and style, and add black loafers and a black pocket square.

Who should wear a red and black suit

The red and black suit might not be the most appropriate option when it comes to office and work wear. However, it is a great option for more formal events. All men who would like to stand out in a formal, chic way, especially during the nighttime can go for a red and black suit. An event like the red carpet, weddings, opening of restaurants and similar ones are perfect options to wear a red and black suit. This type of suit is perfect for men who have anything but an ordinary lifestyle and unique fashion sense. A bit of extravagance is what this suit brings, so, the events where you can wear this suit should be chosen wisely.

  • Accessories for a red and black suit

Accessories for a red and black suit

Accessorizing the black and red suit is a delicate thing. From the fashion perspective, it is best to take the less is more approach. As mentioned before, black and red are two strong shades that complement and contrast each other. On a suit, they are more than enough to create the entire outfit and look. An elegant tie is the best choice that you can go for, without making the red and black suit for a wedding look too much. Other accessories here might not be even needed, however, for a wedding, there are some options that you can go with. For example, a pocket square in some interesting pattern that will stand out is a good addition. Look for one in graphic prints. The pocket square should come in a contrasting fabric to the suit like silk or linen.

  • Where to find casual wedding suits

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What color pocket square to choose with the red and black suit?

The red and black suit is a statement outfit itself. It does not require lots of accessories and details that will make it stand out even more. That is why a pocket square is a wonderful option that will add just the needed dose of dressing up the suit. The best type of pocket square is the one that comes in silk. Always look for one in some interesting graphic print, that will stand out and contrast the suit. The best way is to go with a black base and let the print and the colors do the rest of the talking.

What is the significance of wearing red and black?

The significance of wearing red and black speaks of a personality that is not afraid to think outside of the box. These strong colors are complementing and contrast each other. They surely are reserved only for the braves. The combination of black and red is not new, it is even a common one. But, it speaks of a person who is confident, strong, sure in their fashion choices, and not afraid to break the rules and set new trends.