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What Color Dress goes with Navy Suit

Navy suits have been a timeless staple in men's fashion for many years and are a great choice for formal occasions. You can wear it any day and still strike a pose anyway. Navy pairs well with almost any color dress shirt too. You don't have to wear much with it, but a navy blazer will still look great if you do.

Different shades of blue can work on different occasions. Blue is the jack of the color wheel, as there are many ways to wear it. While lighter hues of blue suits go well with formal events, bright shades operate with parties smoothly. A darker shade of navy blue suit is a nice neutral look to wear at a business conference.

Navy suits are versatile and complement a wide range of hues. Almost every color combination you can imagine will be present at your wedding. But the brightest shades are our favorites. You can harmonize your suit with coral, yellow, brown, pink, green, burgundy, purple, mint, and many more bright colors.

Let's read more about these jewel tones, shall we?

Navy blue suit & Black shirt

Navy blue suit & Black dress shirt

A black shirt may work with a blue suit, but it depends on the overall aesthetic you're going for. A black shirt and blue suit may produce an incredibly sleek and elegant appearance if worn correctly.

Black dress socks with blue dress pants are a great dark blue suit combination for various informal events. Besides being stylish, they're also versatile since they work with any footwear, be it black or brown shoes. This color scheme works as well for a cocktail party as it does for a black-tie event.

Navy blue suits & White Shirts

Navy blue suits & White dress Shirts

Stylish men often contrast a grey or white shirt with a dark blue suit.

A white shirt matches a dark navy blue suit just fine. Gray is another option that can work but go with a lighter shade to prevent the shirt from blending in too much with your suit. Choose a collared dress shirt that fits nicely underneath your suit jacket.

You can match white shirts with navy blue suits much easier. They are formal plus easy to accessorize. Grey, on the contrary, is not as standard and is harder to match with a long tie.

Bold colors with a white shirt

Bold colors with a white shirt

Choose a dark crimson tie rather than a brighter one. A pop of red, orange, mustard, yellow, or pink (because real men wear pink) will make you stand out from the crowd without making you seem too casual when paired with your suit. You may also wear a blue tie with a pink shirt that matches the color of your suit. It's ideal for formal events where you won't be the focus of attention since it won't make you stand out as much.

A lighter blue or bow tie will help you gain more ground, though. If attention is what you need, unique textures could be your go-to.

Grey or Blue shirt & Navy suits

Grey or Blue shirt & Navy suits

True blue looks great with white. Wearing such a heavy suit is discouraged unless for really formal events. The colors gray or light blue might complement each other. It would help if you were sure to attract the desired attention before going with navy and bold colors.

Grey is a great choice for more relaxed events. Choose a light grey dress shirt, roll up your sleeves, and show off some color with your accessories. Light blue shirts add subtle elegance to navy suits.

The bright hue from the shirt will stand out against the dark navy suit and make the entire ensemble look sophisticated yet effortless. Pair it with a classic navy tie for an extra special touch. Alternatively, you could pair your navy suit with patterned dress shirts. A small checked shirt or herringbone plaid can bring more depth to your look and help it stand out from the rest.

Wedding colors

Wedding colors

Navy suits may be versatile, but you can go right with the right shades. For example, vibrant navy suits will make a careless impression in the workplace. On the other hand, you don't want to seem too posh at a relaxed event, so wear lighter colors, and pair it with a pink shirt underneath for a nice contrast. A gold or diamond-studded watch or a pocket square would accessorize your navy suit perfectly.

Blue is one of the most excellent wedding colors, especially for beachy summer weddings. Navy groomsmen suits are some of the most well-received wedding attires. We also found that favorite bridesmaid dresses often turn out to be a perfect royal or midnight blue. It would help if you did not go with navy suits at a hot summer wedding, though, as they might sizzle in the heat.

How to care for your navy suit?

How to care for your navy suit?

Navy suits are a staple in men's fashion. But due to their dark color, they can be hard to maintain and keep looking fresh. Here are some tips on how to care for your navy suit:

  • Invest in quality fabric – Make sure you invest in fabrics that have been treated with special finishes that help repel stains and wrinkles.
  • Dry clean regularly – To keep your navy suit looking new, dry it at least every 6 months.
  • Hand washes delicate items – If the suit contains any hand-knit or embroidered items, it's best to hand wash them separately so as not to damage the fabric.
  • Hang Suits up Right Away – Once you take your suit off, hang it up immediately to avoid wrinkles.
  • Store it properly – When not in use, store your navy suit in a breathable garment bag or closet organizer so the fabric will stay nice and fresh.

Whether you are headed to a formal event or just want to look sharp for work, you can never go wrong with a navy suit. With the right outfit and accessories, your navy ensemble will be sure to turn heads! Just make sure to take proper care of your suit and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Have fun experimenting with different color schemes and textures to create the perfect look. Happy styling!