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Patterns & Classy Styling: Checkered Shirts With Suits

by Miguel 07 Aug 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Checkered Shirts With Suits

Looking to add some personality to your suit wardrobe? Try pairing it with a checkered shirt in one of these amazing color combinations.

The checkered shirts are considered to be one of the most stylish and sophisticated outfits. They are also considered to be one of the versatile clothing items in men's wardrobe. There is a different way of styles, patterns, or elements available in checkered shirts for men, which you can choose according to your body type, taste, preference or occasion, etc.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the checkered shirts ideas with suits.

Types/Patterns Of Check Shirts For Suits

Types of patterns of check shirts are available in different blocks, sizes, checks. They are also available in different materials like cotton, wool, etc. Here are some of the checkered shirts that you can try for your next occasion.

Gingham Shirts

This pattern is fashioned by using horizontal and vertical stripes, commonly of identical color, that move every different on a white history to shape a checkered design.

There are others check patterns, which are closely knit to form a solid pattern. The gingham shirt is one of the most popular checkered shirts that will look good with your black, white, or blue suits.

Gingham shirts are perfect for a formal look. This pattern can also be used as a business casual or a semi-formal shirt by matching it with khaki pants, blue jeans, and chinos.

Madras Shirts

This pattern consists of extraordinary colored stripes that pass every different to structure erratically sized checks. A madras shirt is exceptionally suitable for informal or preppy put on at some point of the summer season months. 

Madras checkered shirt is fashioned with thick checks or thin stripes, made from lightweight cotton fabric. They are known for their distinctive patterns, which are mainly associated with India. This pattern usually comes in warm colors like reds, oranges, etc., but can be found in different colorways as well.

You can wear a madras check shirt to your office under a dark-colored suit. It will look stylish and decent at the same time.

Tartan Plaid Shirts

Tartan Plaid consists of vertical and horizontal stripes crossing every different shape to shape uneven checks. Tartan plaid shirts are high-quality acceptable for greater informal settings. They look very smart in the workplace and on some casual occasions.

Shepherds Check Shirts

Shepherds Check is a sample consisting of alternating colored stripes crossing every different to shape a checkered pattern, set towards a twill weave backdrop. This pattern is ideal for an extra formal, work setting. It will look perfect for your dark-colored suits.

This type of shirt is cut from solid color flannel fabric. They are also known as lumberjack shirts, which are perfect for the winter season. Although they are available in various colors, a navy blue shirt or forest green is an ideal color to pair with your black, grey, or white suits.

Houndstooth Shirts

This pattern (Houndstooth) is historically black and white however now comes in a range of shades throughout a variety of clothes and accessories. Houndstooth is mostly utilized in place of business put on, it gives the wearer a high-quality feel and looks excellent. It can be worn under your bifold or trifold organizer suits.

The Houndstooth check shirt looks very smart and sharp, especially if it is combined with a black or dark blue suit. It will look amazing because of its color combination. You can wear this pattern everywhere you go, but for an extra formal occasion, this outfit matches the best.

Windowpane Shirts

The windowpane consists of fantastically thin stripes crossing each different to shape a massive checkered pattern, reminiscent of the patterns of the pane on a window.  Given the two-tone, conservative coloration schemes of windowpane shirts, they are regarded as terrific apparel for the workplace.

Windowpane shirts are best for semi-formal or formal events. You can also wear them under your sports jackets to make a stylish appearance.

Graph Check Shirts

Graph Check is a sample consisting of strains crossing every different to structure small checks, comparable to plan paper pattern. The pattern is characterized with the aid of solid, thin, single-colored stripes that cross each other. 

Graph check shirts are quality-sensible and an effective choice for the workplace. They can be worn with or without a tie, match them with your suit pants to create contrast.

Tattersall Shirts

Tattersall checkered shirts are remarkable for an informal nighttime outing, however may additionally show up a tad much less than formal for your usual work setting. They are available in multiple colors and look beautiful in your black or blue suits.

Tattersall check pattern, normally in darkish colors, comes with thin strips of color that cross every different to shape a massive checkered design. This type of check is commonly found on sports jackets and vests for men.

Pin Check

This pattern normally consists of one color set towards white.  The complex nature of the sample creates an issue of texture and depth and is best for a formal work setting. It is a great choice for your dark-colored suits.

Pin check is an exquisite pattern that is mostly seen on formal wear like jackets, vests, and button-down shirts. It looks very stylish and will be perfect for your workday functions.

Here's a little more about men's suits to get your look on

Specific Elements For Matching Ties To Checkered Shirts

The matching ties to a checkered shirt involve seeking out two specific elements: tone and pattern. The pattern is a necessary element to bear in mind as a checkered shirt will have a unique, complex design which the tie should equal.

The other important factor is tone matching which means that you own to search out a match for your checkered shirt from among those colors that are used within the shirt design. Most importantly, ensure that the tone of your tie and checkered shirt remains constant as you progress from the neckpiece to the trouser.

The following elements are discussed below:

Color Scheme/Color Wheel

A shade or color wheel is extraordinarily beneficial in discerning which color scheme you would like to undertake to intensify your desired look. On the color wheel, there are three primary colors which are red, blue, and yellow. Any of these primary colors can be further combined to form secondary colors i.e. orange, purple, or green.

From this scheme, you can pick any color that matches your checkered check pattern shirt for example if your shirt is browns and whites, then you can choose a purple or green tie. If your shirt is blue and white, then you can match this with a yellow or orange tie for instance.

Complimentary Colors

They are directly across from each other on the color wheel and provide the starkest contrast e.g blue and orange, red and green, and yellow and purple. Complimentary colors are particularly helpful for polo shirts with unique color patterns.

Triadic Color

Triadic color schemes contain deciding on colorings that are equally spaced aside on the shade wheel and that shape a triangle. Triadic colors are derived from sets of primary colors e.g blue, orange, and yellow if they are equally spaced apart on the color wheel, they make a triadic color scheme.

Selection Of Pattern

When selecting a matching tie to go with a checkered shirt, then select the pattern according to the event or demand of someone. If someone wears a checkered shirt for a formal outfit, then the matching patterned tie should be sleek and clean. However, if someone opts to wear a polo shirt with tiny checks, then the matching tie should come in a large-scale pattern or design.

Most checkered is made up of a check and striped shirt, so it is advisable to opt for a solid tie that contains these patterns as well.

When you're looking at a checkered shirt, the pattern will usually be much more complex than your tie; however, you should try to match them as closely as possible in a pattern.

Thicker material like the woolen tie is best matched with thicker material shirts because they will create a cohesive look that is appropriate for business or formal settings.

If your shirt features an intricate pattern, then your tie should also feature some sort of texture such as embroidery or slightly raised patterns on the fabric. This will create a balanced look.

Ways Of Styling Checkered Shirts

Here we have different approaches to fashion your ordinary/normal check shirt to create an incredibly stylish look. Let's test what works and what does not with your check shirt.

Open Check Shirt Over A White T-Shirt

Dark colors like red, maroon, blue, and deep green are good to pair over white. Just make sure that you do not choose checks or stripes for your shirt. Therefore, opt for plain check shirts in light shades like beige, light blue, cream, off-white, and tan.

Fashion your checkered simple white shirt with well-fitted dark blue denim along with a brown leather belt or navy tie to create an extraordinary look.

Checkered Shirt With A Suit

We may also tend to suppose that whether or not tests and fits can go nicely with each other, strive to pair your mild coloration test shirt with a navy blue or beige suit.

For a dress code, you can add on a dark tie for additional polish. If your test shirt is plain and not too complicated in pattern, then you can match it with a basic solid color tie.

The combination of checked pattern shirts with plain suits looks perfect. You can attempt to match your polka dot tie with the shade of a shirt or suit. For example, try a pink tie with a silver-gray check shirt and a navy suit.

Alternatively, you can go for a contrasting color between the shirt/suit and the tie e.g if your shirt is green then opt for a pink tie or if your shirt is gray then opt for an orange tie.

Checkered Shirt With A Jacket

Try the maroon check shirt, brown jacket, and darkish denim combo to seem to be smooth as properly as casual. A jacket with a checkered shirt gives a smart look.

If you want to get the checkered shirt worn with your suit, then it is best to put on a dark blue or black denim jacket that fits well into the outfit.

No matter what color or pattern you decide on for your checkered shirt, it's essential to try and stick with similarly muted colors for the rest of the outfit. For example, if you put on a plain white shirt, then opt for a dark blue suit and tan shoes. If you wish to wear a polka dot shirt, then go for a pattern mixing knitted ties and a navy suit.

Checkered Shirt With Coloured Pants

A checkered plaid shirt will seem to be remarkable with camel or tan pants and you can test with bolder colorings too. Make it exciting with a tie and buttoned sweater vest.

Though if the pants are plain, then match your surplus with classic solid colors ties.

A checkered light blue shirt with colored pants is an exquisite choice for the summer months to get the look polished and stylish. If you choose correctly, it will provide you with a smart look that makes heads turn at parties or formal events.

Checkered Shirt And Waistcoat

Keep in mind the coloration of the waistcoat ought to be undeniable and darkish to keep away from crashing with your different patterned shirts. And pair them with contrasting pants too. Along with waistcoats, you can go for pleated pants to take your look into one other degree.

A checkered shirt will seem fine with a tie if it matches the pattern on the shirt. If the fabric of your shirt is as light as an off-white or light blue shirt, then pair it with dark blue or black ties for occasions. As well as, put on shiny silk ties with checkered shirts to make an appropriate informal look.

Checkered Shirts And Hoodies

Make an easy outfit by pairing your check shirt with hoodies. Hooded sweatshirts are so cool and casual, however, when you pair them with the plaids they are simply outstanding. With hoodies, you may pair your checkered shirt with shorts or short pants.

Checkered Shirts And Chinos

A tan color or yellowish beige chinos are ideal to pair with your mild checkered shirts. Just make sure to match the fabric of your shirt and chinos. If you wish to go more formal, then pair them with a dark blue or black tie.

Tuck In Your Checkered Shirt

It appears easy and humble when you tuck your check shirt into your denim or trousers. You can pick a quality belt too. A pair of lace-up leather-based boots and regular loafers are excellent to go with the look.

Remember to wear a watch. It will make you look more stylish and neat. So, these are the numerous approaches that you can strive to suit your checkered shirt into your persona without having too much effort.

Here are even more styling ways for checkered shirts

How To Wear Checkered Suits?

Wearing checks suits in the sense of different styles and mix patterns and tie combinations is to ensure the fabric of your shirt matches the one used in your tailored trousers/chinos. Check suits are not meant to be worn with adjacent colors of trousers. Make sure you match the color of your shirt, suit, and tie/pocket square one another for a trendy look.

Here's is a great article that gives you the DO,s and DONT’s of checkered suits

How To Wear Checked Blazers & Jackets?

A checked blazer or jacket is the most frequent and most secure alternative for gents exploring patterned tailoring. A jacket with textural tight checks in navy and black, over navy pants, a black tie, and a white shirt, is virtually work-ready.

The checked blazer can take you from day to evening, and the blazer's easy formality makes it a good transitional piece for changing into nighttime attire.

But it can get problematic when checkered shirts go with plain colored pants. In such a case, guys must wear solid color ties with their checkered shirts and plain pants. Overall, checkered suits are best worn with solid ties.

How To Wear Checked Waistcoats?

Checkered waistcoats for the two-piece or three-piece suit styles are a tremendous approach to add some attitude and panache to your formal attire.

You can wear a checked three-piece with a striped, paisley, or geometric tie for a refined look. Or go for solid ties when you're wearing striped or plain white shirts underneath your blazer.

Dark blue or black belts work finest with checkered waistcoats.

The checked top layer makes your midsection seen, so additional consideration to the subject is required. Ensure that your checkered waistcoat fits flawlessly and accentuates your physique shape. Otherwise, you can look too bulky or flabby in it.

How To Wear Checked Trousers?

Someone goes for a tartan or black watch trouser – in navy, gray or inexperienced – paired with a double-breasted blazer in a complementary shade such as darkish inexperienced or navy.

A checkered trouser is a good choice for men with an athletic or muscular physique type. If you've got a massive waistline, avoid wearing them since they draw focus to it.

When wearing your check trousers, ensure that the pattern fits and appears proportional to your body size and shape. Make certain there's no pulling on the shoulder seams or trousers clinging to legs. These are all elements that may make your outfit look too informal.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a practical and stylish suit, then checkered shirts are the way to go. To help you find your perfect match, we've provided a complete guide of all things checkered so that you can dress up in style without any fuss. Are you looking for something with a unique pattern or color palette that is going to stand out in a crowd? Check out Flexsuits to order your checked shirts with matching suits.
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