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Mens Patterned Suits: Show Your Unique Style

Mens Patterned Suits: Show Your Unique Style

Tired of blending in the crowd? Mens patterned suits are the perfect way to help you stand out at any special occasion. These suits are classic and versatile, but more importantly stylish.

Whether you’re dressing up for a wedding or attending a casual business function, or just a fun party (everyone likes a party!), patterned suits are designed to match your unique personality.

Dress to Impress At Your Next Event

Dress to Impress At Your Next Event

The appeal of a patterned suit for men is that there are just so many styles and fabrics for you to choose from. You have full rights to wear whatever ensemble expresses and enhances who you are.

Suit Patterns

Suit Patterns-Mens suit

Some common pattern styles for your men's suits include:

  • Herringbone
  • Pinstripe
  • Sharkskin
  • Windowpane

Depending on the color of the jacket, you can easily find an appropriate shirt and tie to coordinate it with. The fun part is adding additional items to dress up or dress down your look.

Fabric Options

There are two factors to consider when choosing your fabric: comfort and season.

If you often attend dance parties, you may want a wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric (polyester/rayon/spandex) for easy movement. If the event is outside in the cool of winter, you can opt for 100% wool to stay warm.

Jackets & Pants

First and foremost, the type of jacket that you choose should suit your body size. You may want slim fit, modern fit, or hybrid fit. Regardless, a properly fitted suit will be comfortable and flattering for your body. The jacket lining can also add to your look if it’s silk and gives a peek of luxury as you walk.

Lapels and pants are also an important choice. Jacket styles offer different types of lapels (notch, peak, shawl, etc.). Meanwhile, your pants are tapered to give you an overall refined and put together look.

Patterned or Solid Shirts

Some men may be bold enough to pair their look with a patterned shirt. If you're combining patterns, remember that a large pattern will complement a smaller subtle one.

If you’re not comfortable with trying to match patterns, stay safe with a single-color shirt. Choosing a simple neutral or understated shade for your shirt will make your jacket stand out. Traditional colors like blue or grey are often popular.

After you add the vest, it’s time to check out the accessories you need for the perfect men’s suit.


A captivating combination of accessories will help to set the tone for your patterned suit. You’ll want to search for jewelry, shoes, and a tie that complement each other as well as your overall look. Together, this will create the ultimate fashion statement that everyone will remember long after they've gone home.

Patterned Men's Suits Are In Easy Reach

Patterned Men's Suits Are In Easy Reach

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