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So you want to look prim and proper in a suit for an upcoming event? The right suit can make a boy or man look charming.

Men’s Suit Wearing Cheat Infographic

 If you do not wear suits often, then chances are you probably don’t have a clear idea on how you are supposed to look in it. So, let’s find out how to get dressed up properly.

The Jacket

#1. Lapels:

Choose a tie that has the same width as your lapels. Modern lapels are thinner as opposed to the old-school ones, which are broader.


#2. Darts:

These are the seams on a jacket that give it a fitted look. Make sure the dart’s are their thinnest around the main button.


#3. Sleeve Length:

The sleeve length should ideally reveal a half inch of your shirt cuff. You do not want it to be too long as this looks sloppy or too short as this does not look professional. We want an elegant, classy look.

 Sleeve Length

#4. Shoulders:

It is important that the seam on your shoulder fits your structure naturally. Shoulder pads should stop by the end of your shoulders.


#5. Armhole:

Choose a higher armhole cut since it enhances your physique, thus making you look classier. This is an obvious choice, but many do not take advantage of.


#6. Buttons:

If your jacket has two buttons, never fasten both buttons. If it has three always secure the middle button and never touch the lowest one, while you can fasten the top button sometimes. You always want to leave some room to move and having different buttons buttoned up allows for suit jackets to look unique.


#7. Pocket Square:

It should not exactly match either the pattern or the fabric of the tie. This is a nice accessory to add some style and flare to your suit.

 Pocket Square

#8. Length:

Relax your hands and see if the hem of your jacket touches the middle of your palm. If not then you have some adjustments to make as it should reach the middle of your palms.


Bottoms / Trousers / Pants

#1. The Seat:

Check whether it fits well by ensuring there are no horizontal wrinkles or u-shaped bunching right below your rear end. This helps from the embarrassment of having pants that wedgie up.

 The Seat

#2. Pleat:

Thinner men should avoid pleated trousers, but it is okay if worn in a suit. Always make sure you wear the pants on your waist. Do not let them fall below your waistline as this looks sloppy.


#3. The Break:

The break is the slight wrinkle at the base of your pants. This is where the full fall of the cuff is prevented by the top of the shoe.

 The Break


Suit Accessories: How to Choose and Wear Them


#1. Ties:

  • It is important to find a tie that blends well with your suit and shirt. It should look good, but non pop out too much. Avoid heavily patterned ties if you will be wearing it with a patterned shirt.
  • Your tie should hang low enough to touch the top of your belt’s buckle.
  • Silk is the ideal fabric for ties. When wearing shirts made of heavier fabrics choose a tie that’s also made of an equally heavy material.


#2. Tie Bars

  • Tie bars are stylish accessories that keep the tie in place.
  • Choose a tie bar that’s not longer than a ½ to ¾ of the width of your tie.
  • Ideally, this should be clipped around the middle portion of your tie.

 Tie Bars

#3. Lapel Pin

  • Match the lapel pin with your tie and pocket square. If they are too ostentatious, choose a lapel pin that’s smaller and not too loud.
  • The pin should sit tightly on your lapel so that it won’t rotate when you move.
  • The color of the pin needs to match the other accessories such as your belt buckle, watch or cufflinks.

 Lapel Pin

#4. Cufflinks

  • Wear stone studded cufflinks for the formal occasions.
  • Cufflinks made from glass, titanium or enamel are more suitable for office and black tie events.
  • You can wear silk cufflinks or cufflinks made of fabrics to the more informal events.


#5. Pocket Square

  • The color and pattern of the pocket square should not be the same as your tie, but rather similar.
  • Pick a color that either complements or contrasts the color of your tie, depending on your choice.
  • Try out different types of folds for different occasions, like the square fold or the puff.

 Pocket Square 

So now that you know what to look for in a suit to look like a style icon, it’s time to get yourself one now. 


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