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How To Wear A White Suit


Want to know how to wear a white suit? Look no further! We've got you covered with the latest tips and trends for wearing this elegant color.

Most men would not even consider a pale blue cotton shirt with a suit as an option let alone the thought of how to wear a white suit. It’s because they’re so comfortable with their conventional black and blue shirt easy-wearing options that they’re hesitant to try something bold. Well, the only way to go about testing your limits is by taking risks and this very article seeks to do just that.

Are White Suits Really In Style

Are White Suits Really In Style?

You may have been seeing more guys in a white suit lately and for a good reason, it has come back into favor. Many men do not want to risk wearing pale, but form-fitting suit because it has the potential to make us look too young. The trick lies in how and when to wear white suits so that you’ll stay comfortable and maturely dressed at the same time. It is all about getting the few rules right so be ready for an experience that will help you explore your style.

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When To Wear A White Suit

When To Wear A White Suit

White is the king of colors because of its formality and it is pretty cold when worn. You can easily be displayed to be cool at any cocktail event or even dinners in spring and summer. 

The following events are discussed below:

Summer White Suit

Summer Parties

The best rule here is that the suit must be worn in warm weather: specifically, only in weather above 22 degrees Celsius (72 Fahrenheit). The colors in the dress code will be either pastels or brighter colors and you can easily benefit from wearing a white suit. The color is also formal enough to wear at any event.

There are times when it is best not to wear the white linen suit after all even if some of us are warm enough. Try a light blue shirt with a sports coat instead.

Daytime Wedding Suits

Daytime Weddings

Any time the mercury rises, a white suit is an appropriate choice that will look smart for daytime weddings. The best thing about white is that it can be worn in winter and summer because it looks good all year round. The only rule here is not to wear the formal black bowtie and instead mix in brighter colors like pink and blue knitted silk ties.

Even during a wedding, you may also wear a gray suit with a white linen shirt, without the tie if need be. This will look amazing and you can always help yourself to a glass of champagne if need be for fun.

Tips for Wearing A White Suit

Tips To Keep In Mind While Wearing A White Suit

White suits are just as stylish and classical as their black counterparts. They can be worn on any occasion and are sure to leave an impression.

Shoes to wear with white suit

Wear The Right Shoes

Most white suit wearers assume that white shoes are the way to go. They may think like this due to people wearing black shoes when wearing black suits. The problem with white sneakers is that it draws away from the leg line and you will just look like a clown. The best color to team with your suit is black because it looks really classy.

Press The White Suit Jacket

Press The White Suit Jacket

Unlike their darker counterparts, white suits tend to show wrinkles and creases much more obviously. The last thing you want to happen is to sport your white suit in a special event. You will need to press the suit before wearing it and make sure that you do not find it difficult. A steamer will be required for creases because they can look unsightly on a white suit if left unattended.

Avoid White Shirts with white suit

Avoid White Shirts

Just like how you should avoid wearing white shoes, you should also avoid wearing a white shirt under the suit. The last thing you want to look like is a waiter or some person who works in the kitchen. A white cotton shirt is the best left for formal occasions because it will make you stand out from the crowd. A white dress shirt with a tie turns into something that looks too casual and not polished enough.

Keep An Eye Out For Stains

Keep An Eye Out For Stains

As with all-white garments, stains are just a regular ordeal. A formal white suit will easily show stains much more obviously than any other color will. You should plan to keep your hands in your pockets when you are walking around because things like lipstick can be rather messy. There is no need to hold anything while walking and it would be best if you avoided picking up anything for ease of mind.

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Different Styling White suits

Different Styling Options For Different Occasions

Here are some safe and easy tricks to keep your white version suits, jackets, and white pants clean and good-looking. Some of the most common styling options are as below so feel free to try them out.

Wearing A White Suit In Formal Way

Wearing A White Suit In Formal Way

When the mercury rises, so too do pale-colored suits in lighter fabrics. While white is perhaps the boldest amongst them, it’s also a great way to keep cool at cocktail events or dinners in the warmer months. You can wear a white jacket with jeans and a T-shirt, without the tie if need be.

Most white suit wearers assume that white pair is the way to go to business meetings. They may think like this due to people wearing black shoes when wearing black suits. The best color to team with your suit is black because it looks really classy.

Wearing A White Suit In Casual Way

Wearing A White Suit In Casual Way

A white suit is an ultimate hybrid whilst it can be dressed up, with some small tweaks it can easily transition to something more casual. Try a white suit with a T-shirt and sneakers.

White suits are just as stylish and classical as their black counterparts. You can choose to finish this look with casual shoes with a white suit like loafers or trainers.

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White Suit Materials & Shades

Not all suits are made equal and this is even more so the case for a white one. While a cotton suit may appeal to you, it’s worth considering how many times you plan on wearing your white suit. Fabrics like wool and paper-thin linen are much better at resisting stains. Some kinds of outfit materials are discussed below:

Synthetic Fabric

A synthetic can be harder to spot when it’s in a darker shade, with white you can spot the difference from a mile away. A synthetic fabric will likely be cheaper than cotton, but the trade-off is that you are more likely to require dry cleaning even after one wears it.

Natural Fabric

Look for cotton, silks, and light wool blends. These sometimes have a creamy colour to them which is totally normal and communicates quality and craftsmanship. Often with these fabrics, you won’t need to dry clean your white ivory suit as much.

Accessories To Wear With A White Suit

Accessories To Wear With A White Suit

Less is more with a white three-piece suit. The color is bold enough as is, so look for pocket squares in similarly pale shades or colors that complement whatever shirt you might be wearing. Some accessories are as follows, you can have a look:

Necktie And Pocket Square

Necktie And Pocket Square

If you’re invited for a daytime wedding, a white suit can give you a relaxed composure, while still looking dressed up. Charcoal Necktie and pocket square are two choices that would go perfectly with a white suit.

White tie is the most formal dress code of all. It’s only worn at events that are quite special, like weddings or coronations. The male guest has to wear a tailcoat with white tie accessories.

Final Thoughts

Would you like to wear a casual white suit? Just make a click on our Flex Suits to buy one or more white suits. It’s definitely a bold move, but if styled correctly, it can look amazing. Just make sure you keep the following tips in mind: choose the right shade of white for your skin tone, avoid wearing black accessories, and don’t forget to add some color with a tie or pocket square.