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Kids in Suits: 4 Ways to Suit-up Your Little Man

by Miguel 02 Aug 2022

Kids are adorable, and suits are adorable! This is why there are few things more adorable that seeing kids in suits. One of the things that are readily noticed is that kids do not need to try so hard to look good in suits, unlike most of us, and the reason is simply because they are kids and kids are adorable!

The same rules apply for kids’ suits as adults regarding how a suit jacket should fit. The two major accessories you need to make a kid look great in a suit are some swag and a smile. Children have an immense advantage over us - they can wear whatever we wear and can even pull off what we cannot. There is way more flexibility in the rules of suit fashion for kids and there is no reason you shouldn’t utilize this to make your little man look spectacular in that suit. Here are a few suggestions

  1. Suit up Your Kids in Full Formal

Dressing your boy like an adult is one way to go when considering how to dress your kid in a suit. This option is often suitable for formal occasions like weddings or dinners. You may not want your son tagging along in a T-shirt and jeans when you are dressed in a smart suit.

For these occasions, we prescribe the 5-piece, 2-button suit complete with matching vest, dress shirt and tie. We know just how amazing kids look in full attire and here at Apparel 99 we spare no expense to make sure that your boy looks absolutely perfect in our boys’ suits.

Did I hear someone say, ‘but he is just a kid?’ No! We do not share that sentiment. If you must do it, you may as well go all in! He deserves that dapper look standing alongside you, don’t you think? Besides, who wouldn’t want to go all in when you can get a great deal for the suits we offer?

  1. Suit Up Your Kids and Go Louder! 

It is a generally accepted rule of fashion to limit the number of colors you use when wearing a suit. The reason for this probably stems from the fact that suits are originally perceived as formal wear and because they just generally look better in formal colors. However, we may be able to, with way more effort, pull off a multi-colored novelty suit for themed occasions and special events if we really know how to wear it.  

For kids, however, the rules are a bit more flexible and you can get away with picking a loud novelty suit color. This option is often advisable for occasions like birthday parties, Christmas parties and other less formal gatherings. When men wear loud novelty suits, it’s called an ugly sweater for a reason, but when kids wear the same thing, it's called adorable!   

We suggest that your kid should have at least one novelty suit to add a dash of color and style to their wardrobe. The reason is simple; they can pull it off far better than we can.

Here is a little secret we don’t usually share, but we will just for you; you can pull of a loud novelty suit if your kid tags along in matching attire. Society will forgive you for looking corny if they feel you are identifying with your kid. Heck! It's even admirable!

  1. Spice Up The Kids Suits With Separates 

Suit separates has become a mainstay in men’s fashion over the last 15 years, and now it is becoming a budding fashion trend for boys. If you are considering a unique way to suit-up your little man, then you may want to consider trying a suit separate.

This option may come in handy when going to church or a quasi-corporate affair. You can also choose to deck your little man out in a multi-colored jacket and plain pants or you can spice it up by going for a plain jacket and denim or chino pants. Kids can get away with much more separate styles, for instance, you can even try out a three-quarter short with a jacket, vest and tie.

This is a way to put the suit jacket to good use. One suit jacket, many styles… the enduring benefit of suit separates.

  1. Spice Up your Kids Suits With A Variety of Shoe Types

Another advantage that kids seem to have over us when they wear suits is that they also manage to pull of the attire with almost any type of footwear. If you are looking for a way to make your kid look unique and amazing, the key may lie in his footwear.

Try a variety of footwear options, from corporate shoes to sneakers and even military type boots and moccasins. Spicing up the attire with unique footwear is one way make your kid stand out in the crowd. You can also spice up the colors; white, beige, black and perhaps even more catchy colors for novelty suits.

Whatever your choices are, and whatever the occasion is, your kid deserves to look amazing and if you want to achieve that with suits, then we got you covered.

At Apparel 99 we have amazing deals for your boys’ suits. You can check out our array of kids suits here.

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