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How to Wear Suspenders with a Suit

Men’s suspenders are a classic accessory for wearing with a suit. While wearing suspenders can be seen as an old-fashioned look, they can actually give you a modern and stylish edge when wearing a suit jacket. Suspenders help to keep your pants in place, keep your shirt tucked in and add an extra layer of style to your outfit. Whether you’re wearing suspenders for a formal occasion or everyday wear, there are a few key things to remember when wearing them with a suit. Let’s take a look at how to wear suspenders with a suit.


History of Wearing Suspenders

Suspenders, also known as braces, originated in the 17th century and have been a popular accessory ever since. They were mainly worn as undergarments, but later it became fashionable to show them off. Leather, the most common material for making suspenders today, was used to make the first known suspenders.

In the 1920s and ’30s, wearing suspenders were considered fashionable. In the 1950s and ’60s, suit pants became popular, and wearing suspenders was no longer necessary to keep suit pants from slipping down. However, in recent years, wearing suspenders has become fashionable once again for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

History of Wearing Suspenders

Types of Suspenders

Clip on Suspenders

Clip on Suspenders

Clip-on suspenders are the most common type of suspenders. These suspenders attach to your belt loops with metal clips or suspender buttons. This is a great option for wearing with a suit since it’s easy to attach and remove. The downside to wearing clip-ons is that they often slip down and require frequent adjustments. You may wear clip-on suspenders if you are wearing a thin belt.

Button Suspenders

Button Suspenders

Button suspenders, also known as “Y” back suspenders, are considered more formal outfit than clip-on suspenders. Button on suspenders come with two buttons on either side of the waistband, which can be used to attach them directly to your pants or jacket. The advantage of wearing button-down suspenders is that they stay in place better than clip-on ones.

Some Other Types of Suspenders Based on Styles

Some Other Types of Suspenders Based on Styles

Leather Suspenders

Wearing leather suspenders are often worn with a suit for a more formal look. Whether you prefer clip-on or button styles, leather suspenders come in a range of sizes to accommodate any outfit. Not only are they comfortable but they can also add an elegant touch when paired with formal attire such as suits. With their adjustable straps, these fashionable accessories make sure you always look your best. If you are looking for color, we suggest you get brown leather suspenders; they are classic and stylish.

Silk Suspenders

Silk suspenders are a great way to add a bit of color and pattern to your outfit. They come in various colors and prints, so you can choose the one that best matches your style. Silk suspenders are often reserved for more formal occasions but can also be worn for everyday wear.

Patterned Suspenders

Patterned suspenders are the way to go if you want to make a statement with your suspenders. From subtle stripes to bold prints, these suspenders add character and personality to any outfit. They’re perfect for wearing with a suit for an extra touch of style.

How to Wear Suspenders with a Suit (Step by step process)

How to Wear Suspenders with a Suit (Step by step process)

Pick the right pair of suspenders – Choose a pair that match your suit and shirt colors. It’s important to pick the right size, so measure your waist before choosing a pair.

Secure the back straps – Adjust the back suspender straps to fit snugly around your waist. Ensure they are not too tight or too loose for comfort and security.

Attach the front clips – Attach the front clips to either side of your belt loops on each side of your pants. If you’re wearing button suspenders, attach them directly to your pants or jacket buttons for a secure fit.

Adjust for Fit – Once you’ve attached the suspenders, adjust them for a comfortable and secure fit. Make sure that the suspender straps are not too tight or too loose. You should be able to move comfortably and freely without any discomfort.

Put your shirt on – Now, put on your dress shirt over the suspenders for a complete look. Be sure to tuck in the shirt so it does not make a bunch underneath your suspenders. You can put on a white shirt or a light blue shirt as it looks excellent with suspenders.

Add Accessories – To complete your look, add accessories such as a nice tie, pocket square, french cuffs, bow tie, clip on tie, etc. This will help you make the most of your stylish ensemble.

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Suspenders With Suits 

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Suspenders With Suits

 Invest in Quality Material

Investing in quality suspenders is a must if you want your accessories to look good and last longer. Opt for sturdy, high-quality fabric instead of poorly made plastic or nylon suspenders, which won’t stand the test of time.

Choose Neutral Colors

For formal events, the best suspenders are neutral colors like black, grey, brown, or navy suspenders. Not only will they always be in style and look great with any outfit, but their classic elegance will always be appreciated.

Play Around with the X-back or Y-back Design 

Suspenders come in two distinct designs - X-back or Y-back. The former is the most common and popular but opt for Y-back suspenders if you want to stand out from the crowd with your style. They are a bit more ornamental and will undoubtedly draw stares of admiration.

Take into account the Occasion

The Occasion you’re attending plays a crucial role in deciding which suspenders to wear. For formal occasions, opt for classic colors with minimal design elements. On the other hand, if you’re off to a fun and casual event, feel free to go all out with wilder prints and designs.

What Are the Don’ts Wearing Suspender?

What Are the Don’ts Wearing Suspender?

Don’t pair suspenders with a belt -You should never wear both a belt and suspenders simultaneously; this is considered a faux pas in fashion. Either choose one or the other for your bottom layer.

Don’t go too crazy with patterns – If you wear patterned suspenders, resist the urge to match them to your shirt, tie, or pocket square. Stick with solid colors and subtle designs instead.

Don’t fasten the top clips too tightly – Doing this can cause awkward creases on your shirt that don’t look right. Ensure they are attached firmly but not so tight that they create an uncomfortable fit.

Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves – You’ll want to show off your suspenders by rolling up the sleeves of your dress shirt. This will allow you to flaunt your style while still looking polished and professional.

Attaching suspenders with a suit is easy and can add an element of sophistication to your outfit. When done right, it will ensure you look dapper for any occasion! With the above tips and tricks in mind, you have everything you need to start attaching suspenders to your suit. So what are you waiting for? Choose suspenders according to your style, adjust for fit and look stylish!