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How to wear a suit casually

It can seem to some that suits are only business material, but casual suits exist. You need to know how to wear a suit casually.

What we should look for in a casual suit is relaxation. It can be fashion-forward or subtly comfortable. It is possible to wear casually a suit with many different combinations and colors. So drop the bows and ties with luxurious cuff links to add personality to your suit jacket. What we combine with a slim fit suit and what shape it has makes it casual wear.

What makes a dressed-down suit jacket


Knits- Tailored Jackets

Think cardigans. Think sweater. Think of a layer underneath the blazer. This look remains formal yet cozy and laid-back. The outfit looks very autumny and comfy, so add color, texture, and prints to the suit. Swap the dress shirt with a fitting sweatshirt if you must, but make sure it has soft shoulders. You can combine colors too, like olive green, brown, or burgundy to your tailored jacket.


Shirt-bold statement

Dress shirts are great for the office, but you can make a bold statement with a printed shirt outside. It's the best way to dress down any shirt. If you want to stand out, remember that larger prints are bolder than smaller ones. You can also take the top button off to insinuate an inherently casual look. This will easily blend in with a spring or summer party.

You can also try wearing a dress shirt with jersey, denim or chambray fabric under an understated leather bomber jacket. But make sure it suits your body type. This will suffice in the cool seasons aptly.


casual suit with jewelry

While you gotta do away with the formality, you can still pull off a casual suit with jewelry. We can replace the cuff link, tie, pocket square, and others with sunglasses, chains, bracelets, and rings.

You can even customize your belt with plaited leather, canvas or ringed belts. Rope belts are also quite the hype nowadays, making them an attractive choice. Then again, you can drop the belt, which makes quite a formal addition. A fitting pant is also you need to buckle up.


T-shirt-casual aesthetic

Shirts can be worn in an informal setting, but a polo shirt is the easiest way to transform your look with more personality. You can even wear a t-shirt to double down on the casual aesthetic.

Pair it with slim-fit trousers with no break, and you will look more relaxed. A graphic t-shirt, however, is a huge no. When picking your t-shirts to wear casually with your suit, look for a clean white or striped crew neck. Your companion on a date night will be thoroughly impressed.


Singlets-Dressing Suit

Dressing a suit can get a little more flexible with singlets, jeans, and accessories. We recommend a suit without piping for it to layer over a singlet though. It will also work more efficiently with a wool suit and shawl collar. This singlet can get printed too, because we need to open it up sometimes. Wrap a scarf around your neck to style it up.

Tailor your jacket sleeves to an appropriate length to avoid looking silly.


Footwear-unforgettable entrance.

Shoes formerly considered inappropriate with a suit are now widely accepted. Boots are finally seizing their moment in the world of formal. You can appear stylish and even a bit elegant in a pair of sleek Chelsea boots, and if your colors are spot on, you can rock a pair of military or hiking boots, too.

Loafers suit a suit more, but sneakers are worth the kick at a party. They make an interesting contrast, so work through the gates with longer pants and sneakers to make an unforgettable entrance.


Colors- Suit Yourself

There is a good reason why most tailoring is on the conservative side: the more a piece of clothing strays from the standard blue and grey color palette, the more it risks becoming an embarrassing white elephant in the room.

To avoid competing with your suit, it's best to keep your shirt and tie understated and versatile instead of a solid dark color and a white shirt from your wardrobe. Complementing your outfit with lighter or darker accessories may also look great.

What about other accessories?

What about other accessories?

Accessories such as pocket squares, boutonnieres and lapel pins are great for adding a bit of personality to your look. They can be used to bring out the colors of your suit or add an unexpected pop of color. Don't forget about ties – opt for something that is either single-colored or has geometric patterns like stripes or checks.

A tie clip is also essential if you're wearing a suit on a windy day. This accessory will keep your tie in place and add some character to your look. Lastly, hats such as fedoras or trilbies are great additions if you want to dress up your casual suit even more.

Tips you should remember when wearing a suit casually

Tips you should remember when wearing a suit casually

  • Make sure that your suit fits properly and is tailored to fit your body type.
  • Accessorize with sunglasses, chains, bracelets, and rings for a casual look.
  • Replace the formal shirt with polo shirts or t-shirts for a more relaxed style.
  • Footwear should be kept understated - try Chelsea boots, loafers, or sneakers if you want to add personality to your look.
  • Choose accessories like pocket squares, boutonnieres, and lapel pins to bring out colors of your suit or add an unexpected pop of color.
  • Consider hats such as fedoras or trilbies if you want an even dressier look.
  • Remember to keep the colors of your shirt and tie understated and versatile.
  • Use a tie clip when wearing a suit on a windy day to keep your tie in place.

Wearing a suit casually is an art that requires thought and attention to detail. To make it work, remember to keep the tones and colors understated while experimenting with accessories such as pocket squares and hats to add personality to your look. Remember the importance of tailoring your suit properly so it fits you perfectly, and remember wearing a tie clip if you're heading out on a windy day. With these tips, you can rock a casual suit that strikes the right balance between style and comfort. Good luck!