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How to wear a sport coat with jeans

There's nothing better than to see a man dressed up in a suit. But have you seen a man going about his day-to-day life, running errands, yet slaying in a sports coat with jeans? That's where more fashion-forward men are seen slaying, knowing their style on a quiet, mundane day.

Having said so, it's better to know the simple rules and tricks to this classic casual look, so you don't end up making a blunder with your fashion statement.


Pick the Right Sports Jacket

Finding the perfect sports coat to pair up with your jeans is a must. Afterall, if this goes wrong, your whole outfit will look like a disaster.

Whether you're up for a 2 buttons or a 3-buttons single-breasted jacket, or even a 3-button double-breasted one, here's a few key points to remember while getting dressed:

Tailored Fit

This is of utmost importance, as sloppy coats will only give off a distasteful outcome, and none of us want that, do we? Hence, make sure that your jacket fits well in the chest but also has enough room to allow you to layer underneath accordingly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the sport coats should be unstructured and soft-shouldered. We're speaking of a more casual look here, without any hint of formality at all.


For this, we'd suggest you try out casual detailing, such as patch pockets or elbow patches, to help you stand out uniquely. Accordion style pockets, although a little vintage, will surely look unique if you decide on earthy toned sports jackets.

As for the lapels, the rule of thumb is to opt for thin notch lapels instead of peak lapels to avoid any indications that it is formal wear.

In the case of buttons, although it's a personal preference, we'd suggest two buttons over three. This lays out more chest space and thus shows more of your shirt or t-shirt for a casual vibe.

Sports Coat Material

Sports Coat Material-Summer and Winter

Since we're talking casual to business casual here, your best bet would be to go for a textured fabric. For breezy summer days, linen or cotton sports jackets work best with jeans, while tweed, corduroy, etc. are suitable for cold winter days to keep you warm.

Colors and Patterns

In our opinion, solid colors are perfect! However, plaids, windowpane checks, and butcher stripes go quite well with a nice pair of denim jeans if you want to experiment a bit. Assuming that you want to go all in with the "do or die" attitude, abstract prints can be the way to go. A little funky never hurts anyone!

Know Your Jeans

Know Your Jeans-with Sports Coat

Imagine finding the perfect sports coat, but when your gaze falls to the bottom, the jeans are a complete turn-off. Let's learn how to avoid that:

Good Fit

Settle with a pair of denim jeans that are well-fitted from top to bottom, almost like a trouser. Assuming that you're into skinny jeans and can pull them off quite well, go for it without a doubt.

The Right Length

Always check the length of your jeans—they should fall right at the ankle without creasing at the bottom. Folds make your body seem disproportional and do the exact opposite of heightening your look. Please focus on this!


Moving on to the fabric, heavy-weight denim should be your go-to choice any day! Avoid any stretchy, light material, because it'll look off with the textured sports coat.

Jeans Color and Design

Our recommendation is to use a high color contrast. Maybe try on a light-colored sports jacket with dark wash jeans and see how that goes.

Additionally, steer clear of wearing jeans that are either baggy, faded, or ripped. Distressed jeans are a big no as well! The right jeans for a sports coat should be sophisticated and elegant to make those heads turn your way!

Find the Right Dress Shirt

Find the Right Dress Shirt

Sorting out the sports jacket with jeans isn't enough. Along with a dark denim, you might want to combine a lightly patterned dress shirt or solid colored t-shirts for a classic appearance.

Dark-colored dress shirts or a dark t-shirt will match perfectly when paired with a subtle, light sports coat, as you would with a suit jacket.

Try to make sure that between 1/4 and 1/2 of the cuff and 1/2 of the top of the collar show above the collar of the jacket.

Shoes Matter

Shoes Matter-With Sports Coat and Jeans

We've already talked about the entire outfit: the jacket with jeans, even the shirt to go with them. But what about a good pair of shoes? Provided that you don't emphasize this enough, your outlook will remain incomplete.

For starters, assuming that you want to stay on the formal side with your sport coat and jeans, going for oxfords, brogues, or even Chelsea boots plays by the rule.

Besides, a pair of skate shoes or sneakers will give off a youthful yet versatile attitude.

If you're going to a business lunch or a day out with your friends, grab some good quality suede loafers and you'll be fine. To spice things up, double monk strap shoes can surely be an ideal alternative as well!

Accessories are a Must

Accessories are a Must-with Sports Coat and Jeans

It's high time guys realize that concentrating just on the fit won't do the job. You also need to accessorize to achieve a polished look.

That being said, folding a simple pocket square in your sport coat can add definition without too much effort.

However, one thing to remember is to choose a fabric that is textured and a little coarse. Or else, options such as silk will make you look like a fashion disaster! Instead, fabrics such as wool or tweed are definitely suitable for the casual yet slightly formal hue.

During the cooler months, consider layering your dress shirt with a V-neck sweater.It'll create a dressy mood, too!


And so, we've reached the end. One last thing: be it casual business functions, interviews at a creative firm, or even a first date with someone you hit it off with instantly, always think through your outfit before wearing a sport coat with your jeans.

This might sound a little childish, but playing dress-up and learning what suits your style the best is a fashion skill all men should have. Practice!