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How To Wear A Scarf With A Suit

by Miguel 11 May 2023

How to wear a scarf with a suit

 A scarf is a versatile accessory that is commonly worn during the winter months of the year. You can accessorize most of your cooler outfits with a scarf. Even if you are planning to wear a suit this winter, you might want to adorn it with a scarf. The right scarf will complement the look of your suit while protecting your neck and head from the cold winter. You will get much cold protection.

Here is a guide on how to wear a scarf with your suit.

Overview of Scarves

Overview of Scarves

Scarves are accessories consisting of a single piece of fabric. They are designed to be worn round the neck. To properly wear a scarf, you could simply wrap it around your neck.

Like other accessories, scarf is available in diverse styles. Most of them consist of a traditional style that is characterized by a rectangular shape. Traditional scarf is basically rectangular-shaped pieces of cloth. With that said, there are also infinity scarf.

Infinity scarf still consist of a single piece of fabric, and they are still worn around the neck. However, the difference between traditional scarves and infinity scarves lies in their shape.

As previously stated, traditional scarves are rectangular shaped. Infinity scarf, on the other hand, are circular shaped. Infinity scarf basically consist of a looped piece of cloth, which you could wrap around your neck. They are identified as "infinity scarves" since they do not have any ends. Regardless, all scarves are fabric-based accessories that are worn around the neck.

What Kind of Scarf Should You Wear with a Suit?

What Kind of Scarf Should You Wear with a Suit?

Wearing a scarf with your suit, jacket or blazer not only add warmth but also personality. However, you perhaps spent a lot of time and effort to find a suit that is well-tailored and that sends the right message.

You do not want to just toss on a lumpy scarf that ruins that. Perfectly, pick a scarf around 60″ to 75″ — while infinity/loop scarf is popular, you will find they give you fewer options, more bulk and little aptitude to adjust your look.

Scarf combination, we know generally.

  • Folded scarf
  • oversized scarf
  • thin scarves or thick scarves
  • silk scarf
  • coarser wool scarves
  • polka dots and
  • long scarf etc.

When you are picking a scarf to wear with a suit jacket, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. For example:

• Formality 

Is it a conservative business suit or blazer, a casual sports jacket or colorful business casual suit jackets? Chunky knits look more relaxed while fine knits or woven scarf tend to look more formal.

• Cloth weight

While you do not have to match materials, you must match weights. If it’s a wool winter warmest suits, your winter best friend, match with a warm woven woolen scarf. A lightweight suit or blazer pairs fine with a silk scarves or made of linen.

• Color and pattern 

Color and Pattern -Scarf with Suit

This goes without saying, though, think complementary rather than matching. Often men consider they need a black or gray scarf to match the color of their navy blue suit jacket. Scarves offer you a chance to add contrast, color, and personality.


Ways to wear step-by-step instructions

It can be slightly confusing for many men to figure out how to wear their scarf. Most will default to the classic drape, wherever the scarf dangle parallel across each side of your body. However, this method does not keep your neck stay warm and is less creative than others. Instead, try the scarf knots that are extremely easy to pull off:

The wrap around style

The wrap around style- Scarf

The wrap around look is similar as the classic way but with a circular loop around your neck equally. To tie it, position the scarf thus it hang equally evenly on each side. Then take one side of the scarf and loop it around your neck once. Adjust the scarf ends so they are still even on both sides, and you are all done. Silk scarf is more formal. You can enjoy constantly readjusting the scarf.

The Shoulder Toss

The Shoulder Toss- Draped

You will likely read this knot’s name and instantly understand how to pull it off. Take one end of your scarf and throw it over the opposite shoulder. You now have half your scarf stylishly draped on your front and half on the back.

The Slip Knot

The Slip Knot- Silk Scarf

This scarf knot has cold-stopping power. You can use this knot in cold weather and silk scarf is appropriate. It is also easy to put on and take off. So your colleagues will not think you are trying to strangle yourself as you head out of the workplace in your suit and scarf.

The Ascot

The Ascot- Jacket Lapels

Wrap the scarf round your shoulders and let it hang equally. Take point ‘A’ and cross it over point ‘B’. Drag point ‘A’ throughout the opening formed by the cross point and adjust to even out the lengths of both points. Adjust the knot as required, insert in under your jacket lapels.

A Few Scarf with a suit Tips

A Few Scarf with a suit Tips

Before you purchase your first scarf, here are some guidelines you must keep in mind as per fashion stylist:

  • Avoid scarves with tassels or those that need scarf pins as these can come off as being tacky.
  • A patterned scarf can be slightly more challenging to pair with a suit. If you are choosing this route, guarantee your suit jacket does not have patterning on it, otherwise, the whole outfit might clash.
  • Select neutral tones for scarf you plan to wear in a professional setting. Grey or navy blue scarf is flattering and versatile. Instead, jet black or stark white scarf can be hard to pair with multiple outfits.

Final words

You might need to adjust your scarf while wearing it. Even with the slip knot, scarves can become loose. To tighten it, just pull the non-looped end of your scarf. There are other ways to wear a scarf with a suit and get complete effect, then again using the slip knot is perhaps the easiest and more comfortable. It will help you to include this versatile accessory in your suit outfit.

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