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How to wear a red suit

When it comes to men’s fashion suits, there is a special bond and relationship. But what happens when you introduce color to the mix? Well, most certainly, it results in the boldest statement a man can make with his suit and the entire outfit. The fashion today is so allowing and varied, that the colored suit is making its way up the fashion ladder.

Most men would not go past the neutral navy, beige and black shade of suit. However, there is no better time than now to try out the classic and forever fashionable red. The red suit for men might sound intimidating at first. But, with some styling tips and tricks, every man can easily flaunt the red suit and own it.

For all those of you wondering how to rock a red suit, this guide will help you answer all the fashion-related and styling questions and deliver the best look and outfit.

  • Red Formal suit for men

Red Formal suit for men

When it comes to formal suits and formal looks, that means that a formal dress code is simply a must. These types of events are usually business cocktail meetings, weddings, receptions, etc. To comply with the dress code, the shawl lapel tuxedo and the formal suits are one of the options to go with. However, it does not have to be a classic black suit. Spicing the look up with a red suit can surely deliver an appropriate and elegant outfit. When playing with the red shade, it is always important to be very careful with all the details and other color-coordinating garments. The best way to nail the formal red suit look is to look for a plain two-piece suit. Opt for a muted shade of red, since it is a far better option than the bold and strong red. It is also much more appropriate for the occasion since you do not want to look ridiculous. This type of muted red carries a lot of style and elegance.

  • Red casual suit

Red casual suit

Since it can work great for formal occasions, the red suit is also perfect for casual events. In terms of casual, it is a suitable choice for the modern gentleman going out for a drink during the day or night, or even as a daily outfit for meetings around the town. The casual tone here does not mean low-key. On the contrary, it lets the color of the suit set the balance of the entire outfit. Looking smart, sharp, and casual in a red suit depends a lot on the color and the tailoring of the suit. A well-cut and tailored jacket are what first comes into sight and defines the outfit. As for the pants, the slim version is always great.

  • Red suit for prom

Red suit for prom

As an event, prom is considered to be a formal one, requiring formal attire too. But, it also does allow some playfulness in the way to wear and style it. Young men who want to leave a fashionable impression can easily nail and flaunt the red suit. With a touch of sports vibe, like a sports t-shirt and sneakers, the red suit will get a runway look. Washed red and linen are the two things to look for in a red suit for prom.

  • Red suits for wedding

Red suits for wedding

Red is a festive color. Many cultures celebrate the red color and choose their outfits in red, particularly because of this reason. When it comes to weddings, a red suit for a wedding is something that you do not see often. It is simply not a suggested choice for the groom, but if you are a wedding guest, then you can easily go for it. Again, here we do not talk about the lipstick red shade, but more toned down and muted shades. The fit of the suit as well as the tailoring will add to the complete look, as well as the right choice of accessories too. The plain white T-shirt is a no miss, however, you can also wear a discreetly striped one or checkered for a more interesting look.

  • How to wear a red suit?

Now that it is safely established that you can wear the red suit almost everywhere and for almost all occasions, it is time to dig deeper into the matter of how to really wear a red suit.

  • What color goes with a red suit?

What color goes with a red suit

Red is strong and delicate color. It is eye-catching and vibrant, and it does impose a challenge when styling with other colors. Especially when it comes to the red suit, there are not lots of options to play with different colors. The idea of the red suit is to dominate the outfit but in a subtle and effective way, without being too much. So, the colors that come into play are white, cream, light beige, light gray, brown, and navy.

  • What color shirts go with a red suit?

As mentioned above, the color wheel on the red suit and the suitable shirt options is pretty challenging. So, a white shirt is an option that you cannot go wrong with. If you are wearing a washed-red suit, then, a light blue shirt can come into play, delivering a great summer look. A dark navy shirt is a great option for the night. Beige, light gray, and dark gray can also work really well depending on the occasion.

  • What color pants go with a red suit?

The red suit usually delivers a monochromatic look, so the pants and the blazer need to match. However, if you opt for a red blazer only, then, the color of the pants should be a contrasting color of the blazer. Look for light gray, dark gray, navy, cream, or sand pants. These colors create a great balance and contrast in the outfit.

  • What shoes to wear with a red suit?

Sneakers are an option if you want a sporty vibe. Espadrilles and moccasins and good for a semi-casual look, while the oxford shoes and the formal shoes are reserved for the black-tie and formal events. Loafers are also great as a daily footwear choice.

  • What accessories to wear with a red suit?

As mentioned above, the red suit is an appealing fashion set on its own. So, depending on the occasion, you should carefully choose suitable accessories. Ties and bow ties are great for formal events. The belt, the sunglasses, and the watch are must-have accessories. A silk pocket-handkerchief is cool and fashionable addition. Suspenders are also cool if you are nailing for the retro vibe.

  • Which events are ideal for wearing a red suit?

All the muted and toned-down shades of red look great as a version of a red suit. So, the events that you can wear and flaunt the red suit are dinners, business meetings, cocktails, work parties, receptions, weddings, movie premiers, opera, theater, etc.

  • Black and red suit combinations

Black and red suit combinations

Black and red are two very strong colors. When it comes to men wearing a red suit, the combination and pairing it with the black color should be kept to a minimum. In those terms, the black things that will look good on a red suit are the belt, the tie, and the shoes.

  • FAQs
    • Is a red suit professional?

Paired and styled with the right colors and accessories, the red suit can look professional, appropriate, and smart.

  • What does a red suit represent?

The red suit represents power, courage, fashionability, and the ability to stand for yourself. It speaks of a man who is not afraid to take chances and risks.

  • Can you wear a red suit to work?

Yes. As long as it looks smart and professional, the red suit is suitable for work.

  • Can I pull off a red suit?

Anyone can pull off a red suit. You just need to have an open mind and be willing to let some color brighten your outfit.