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How To Wear A Chain With A Suit?

by Miguel 18 May 2023

 How to Wear a Chain with a Suit?

When you're dressing up for a formal event, the last thing you want to do is stand out in a bad way. But if done properly, wearing a gold chain with a suit can make you look sharp and stylish. The trick is to ensure the gold chain complements your outfit instead of clashing with it.

Whether you're wearing a collared dress shirt or a t-shirt underneath your blazer, here's everything you need to know about how to wear a chain with a suit like a pro!


Type of Chains that Go with Suit?

When it comes to wearing gold chains with your suit, the most crucial factor is wearing the right chain type. A good choice is a small, subtle link chain that sits close to your neck and doesn't overpower your outfit. If you wear a larger chain, make sure it's relatively light in weight so it won't draw too much attention.

Simple Metal Chain/Gold Chain/Silver Chain

The simplest way to wear a necklace with a suit is to opt for small, delicate metal chains. These are usually made of gold or silver, and they look great when worn over a collared shirt. Ensure the chain you wear isn't too long and should sit discreetly underneath your collar.

Diamond Chains

Consider wearing a diamond chain if you want to wear something a little more eye-catching. A diamond chain adds a touch of sparkle and sophistication to your look and can make you stand out from the crowd. When choosing a diamond chain for your suit, opt for one that is discreet in both size and design, as too much sparkle can be too much.

Layering Chains

Layering is key if you want to wear more than one chain with your suit. To layer your chain properly, start wearing a small chain underneath the collar of your shirt. When layering chains, ensure none overpower the others and keep the overall length of the chain proportional to your body size.

How to Wear a Chain with a Suit and Tie?

How to Wear a Chain with a Suit and Tie?

If you're one to dress up in a suit and tie for special events, the secret to accessorizing with a chain is keeping it understated.

Choose the Right Length 

The chain length you wear should be proportional to your body size and not hang below your waist. Wearing a chain that is too long can make you look unkempt and draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Typically, 15–25 inches is a good length for chains worn with suits and ties.

Keep it Discreet

When you wear jewelry, try to keep the design as simple as possible, so it doesn't overpower your outfit. Too much metal can make you look over the top, so avoid chunkier chains and opt for something more discreet.

Choose the Right Material

Selecting the right jewelry for formal wear is essential, and it's a decision that should be taken seriously. Gold or silver chains are always best-suited, as they have an elegant look that pairs well with suits and other dressy garments. Also, avoid wearing heavy chains; these can bunch up underneath your clothes unkemptly. With careful consideration, you'll ensure that all eyes remain on your style rather than the chain!

 Be Creative

Feel free to use more than one type of chain! Get creative and explore different metals and textures that you find appealing. Furthermore, innovatively showcase your jewelry by folding a chain in half or pairing it with another necklace for a unique layered appeal. Like if you wear a bow tie, wear a simple gold chain to complement the style.

How to Wear Chain with Casual Shirts 

How to Wear Chain with Casual Shirts

A longer chain can be worn if you wear casual shirts such as polo shirts or button-down casual shirts. Longer chains can make casual outfits look more stylish and polished, so continue experimenting with different lengths and designs.

Religious necklaces such as a rosary or cross necklace are also great pieces of jewelry to wear with casual shirts, as they add an exciting touch without going overboard. Remember to keep the length proportional to your body size for the best results.

To give off a more classic style, unbutton your polo shirt and flaunt some of the chains around your neck. Buttoned-up polo shirts are fashionable for their classic preppy look combined with urban appeal. When it comes to the color choice of chains - gold or silver is timelessly stylish.

Alternatively, you could opt for one that stands out from the crowd if you're daring! To maintain an air of neatness when wearing other accessories such as pocket watches, rings, or bracelets, stick with only one shade that will complement what you have on.

How to Wear Chain with Collared Dress Shirt

How to Wear Chain with Collared Dress Shirt

When pairing a chain with collared shirts, the key is to keep the chain tucked inside your shirt. Achieve a fashionable and professional look with minimal effort by opting for a thin, delicate chain. To add extra glamour to your ensemble, go for a diamond chain – but be sure it's small enough not to distract from the rest of your outfit.

If you're feeling confident, experiment with different colors and textures. Choose something that will elegantly reflect your personal style, like a satin-finish silver chain for example. Be sure to exclude any large pendants or charms, as this can ruin the shirt's sleek look.

Do I Need to Tuck My Chain under Shirt collar or Not?

Do I Need to Tuck My Chain under Shirt collar or Not?

Depending on the length of your chain and the size of your shirt collar, it is best to tuck it in. Tucking your chain under the collar can create a subtle, elegant look that adds sophistication to any outfit. However, if you don't want to hide the chain, you can leave it out; be sure that it looks neat and tidy!

Chains are a great way to add an elegant, fashionable touch to your outfit. Whether you're dressing up a formal shirt or going for something more casual, it's essential to consider the chain's length, thickness, color, and material to complement what you have on. You can ensure that all eyes remain on your style with the suitable chain!

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