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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Suit as a Guest

Nobody wants to look outdated at a wedding, right?

Wedding season is the time of the year when everyone thinks about which suits to be dusted down. Choosing a wedding dress as a guest is easy for a lad; you can test suits hanging in your wardrobe for decades. 

However, if it has been a while since you haven’t attended a wedding, and you have the invitation to attend in a formal dress code, maybe it is time to take a detour of all clothing shops and give a little makeover to your wardrobe. 

In this blog, we will guide you on choosing the best suit as a wedding guest, and also we will narrow down the five best men's wedding suits a guest should buy according to the latest style & fashion trends so that you can shop them in any emergency. 

How Do You Choose the Right Suit For You And Not Regret it?

How Do You Choose the Right Suit For You And Not Regret it?

Traditionally, a man wears a suit or tuxedo and keeps his accessories minimal at loved ones' weddings. If you don’t want to go for traditional suit picking, you might want to try different patterns and prints before you select a suit as a wedding guest.

Here are a few things you might keep in mind while looking for a suit.

1. Do your research

It's not every day that you come across fashion and tailoring trends or that you have to distinguish between shades of black and grey. 

Visit designers’ outlets, go through fashion magazines, and visit formal dress websites to learn about fabrics and shapes to convey your outfit preference better. 

Save a few pictures of suits and tuxedo details that interest you and bring them with you when you go shopping for wedding guest attire.

2. Figure out the budget

Yes, talking about numbers is uncomfortable, but it will save you heartache later on. Fix the budget you want to spend on a wedding suit. 

It will narrow down the shopping list and will clear all the nervousness. You should always go for mid-range wedding dresses, neither too expensive nor cheap ones. 

A particular budget can save you from extra spending. Before shopping, you must figure out your budget and prepare a list of all the clothing items and accessories you require for a wedding event.

3. Perfect Fit Matters

Fit matters because it helps you to pull off a killer suit. It is essential to wear wedding guest attire that fits your body shape. 

  • Regular: This is for people who prefer classic style and have room for improvement. People with large muscles wear regular suits. 
  • Slim: This suit is ideal for a slim physique and typically for people with eight drops. 
  • Tailored: This suit is somewhere between slim and regular. It allows more movement than regular. 

4. Choose Fabric Carefully

Fabric depends on the weather. If the wedding is in winter, go for heavier materials, wool blended or worsted suits. The heavier fabrics are often associated with quality and expense. 

However, if it is the summer season, go for linen. Cotton and linen suits are easy to carry, light, and breathable. 

If budget is no issue, polyester is another reliable option for fabric.

5. Accessories

Accessories are as crucial as the outfit. They are symbols of good fashion sense. Make sure you wear matching or contrasting accessories. 

Cuff links can add a touch of sophistication, while printed ties look best against the dark suit. 

If the wedding is in summer, a plain silk tie will add brightness to your style. 

Matching or contrasting the selection of accessories is essential as they add a bonus to your style statement plus make you attractive and eye-catching irrespective of the crowd at the wedding. 

Following is the list of accessories you must select carefully:

  • Tie/ bow tie
  • Belt
  • Watch
  • Pocket square
  • Cufflinks

6. Bring Someone with you for side-opinion

Of course, you’ll want a second, third, and possibly fourth opinion when picking your wedding guest suit. 

Bring your best friend, girlfriend, colleague, or brother if he has great style. However, at some point, make sure their opinion doesn’t overrule your fashion opinion.

Select, try the suit, and then ask for an opinion. 

If the complement matches the outfit, buy it. 

7. Reflect on your style

Reflect on your style

Before heading to the clothing shop, take a quick look through your closet. This will also help your designer or shop manager to learn about your style.

If you have a lot of solid clothing in your closet, you should consider a clean, minimalistic dress. 

Choose a wedding dress that can reflect your personality and you feel comfortable walking around people. 

Confidence is the best outfit to wear in and out. 

8. Shop with an open mind

You might have looked on an online store or magazine cover and thought this dress looks great. Well, that dress might look great on a model's body but may not suit you. 

Everyone has a different body size and shape, so what you think will look great on you may not be flattering. 

When shopping for a formal suit, you should keep an open mind. There is a possibility that you might not like the dress at first, but later on, you end up falling in love with it.

While you should bring some wedding suit ideas, be open to other dresses that your designer may suggest.

9. Take the venue into count

The venue is essential to consider when choosing your wedding guest suit. Indoor or outdo event has a necessary effect on your looks i-e colors, pattern, and style. 

Couples either go for a garden party-themed or formal church romantic wedding. 

For any case scenario, choose your outfit accordingly. 

You should also check if the happy couple has requested for particular dress theme. The last thing you want at a wedding is to clash on outlook with the rest of the guest list.

10. Don’t over-rule Season

Another essential factor to keep in mind while choosing a wedding suit is the season. 

Think about the weather wedding will place in. If the wedding will place in autumn, or spring, go for the color combination that will stand the season, and you won’t clash with the rest of the wedding guests. 

In spring, the waistcoat is a perfect backup for unpredictable temperatures.

Top 5 Suits To Choose For Wedding

Top 5 Suits To Choose For Wedding

1. Flex Suits’ Green One Button Slim Fit Suit

Flex Suits’ Green One Button Slim Fit Suit

This stylish hunter green tailored formal outfit for men combines a vintage outlook with modern detailing. 

You can wear a men's church suit to a wedding season or any executive event.

The single-button design is comfortable enough for all-day wear. You'll look professional at work or in meetings in one of the darker shades with a black tie. Alternatively, a white shirt is a sophisticated piece of summer attire.

2. Flex Suit’s Grey Wool Modern Fit 3 Piece Suit

Flex Suit’s Grey Wool Modern Fit 3 Piece Suit

This grey wool modern 3-piece suit is so hot and high in the sale. There is already a waiting list for this outfit. The benefit of the doubt, this is wedding season’s must-have guest attire. 

These are stylish Italian suits to wear at weddings, parties, formal occasions, or any social event requiring a formal dress code.
The ultimate high-performance fabric, with a four-way stretch that, maximizes movement and comfort and is suitable for all climates. 

This suit is appropriate for all seasons.

3. Flex Suit’s Indigo Blue Wool Modern Fit 3 Piece Suit

 Flex Suit’s Indigo Blue Wool Modern Fit 3 Piece Suit

A formal look for men can be accomplished with a flex suit’s indigo 3-piece outfit. It will make you confident in any gathering and add bonus points to your style statement. 

This suit can complement any formal event, such as weddings, cocktail parties, traditional dinners, and business meetings. 

4. Knot Standard’s Burgundy Flannel Suit

Knot Standard’s Burgundy Flannel Suit

People prefer to wear comfortable, practical, and versatile suits that appear chic and timeless. You must be dressed nicely but comfortably, irrespective of your presence in the zoom or in-person meetings.

Luckily, this suit fulfills all those criteria. 

This outfit is made of 100% wool with natural stretch to withstand all-day wear without sacrificing comfort.

You can wear burgundy funnel suits for business events, weddings, and formal events. This can also be worn as cocktail attire. 

5. Next’s Motion Flex Stretch Wool Suit

Next’s Motion Flex Stretch Wool Suit

This is a sophisticated wool blend suit for formal events and weddings. It has a double button fastening and functional buttoned cuffs.

It is made of four-way stretch fabric for comfort in movement. Front and chest pockets are neatly placed. This is an ideal outfit for summer cocktail parties and beach weddings and a nice addition to your wardrobe.

The pant is designed to fit perfectly on the hips and has a regular opening on the bottom.

This motion flex suit is a sure way to look chic on the next occasion. You can wear it at any event because it goes with every moment. 


What color is best for a wedding dress?

The most appropriate wedding colors include charcoal, grey, midnight blue, and black. Of course, any dark color suit is always the best choice. 

Should guests wear a suit to a wedding?

For a wedding, suits or a tuxedo are appropriate; as the evening move and dance begin, you can lose the coat and get comfortable.

Is a three-piece suit appropriate for a wedding?

Three-piece suits are preferred to a two-piece. A three-piece suit is perfect for garden-themed parties or wedding events.

Bottom Line

FlexSuit is a stylish and luxurious clothing brand to choose attire for any formal event; wedding, business party, dinner, or cocktail party. Their dresses never go out of style.

However, we have narrowed down for best wedding suits to wear as a guest and ease your trouble. We understand how important it is to look fashionable and up-to-date for a wedding event. Therefore, above mention suits can complement your style for any formal occasion. 

All the options are excellent quality, affordable, and easy to carry. 

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