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A suit is a type of clothing that can be worn in a variety of settings. You might wear one to work, to an interview, or even on a date. It’s important to know how to buy a suit for this versatility. The materials in a suit can vary. You might find that a bespoke suit consists of either linen, cotton, or wool. However, some suits may be made from a combination of these materials. Before you buy a suit it's important to develop a plan of how you would like to utilize your new suit. You’ll want a suit that will fit in regardless of the situation.

Make a Decision: Buying Online or Offline

A great option is to buy a suit online. In fact, there are many benefits associated with this type of shopping.

First, you won’t have to deal with an intimidating fashion consultant or other customers in the store. You also have plenty of time to carefully consider your options. You can take your time, even go home and think about how you want to utilize the bespoke suit.

When you buy a man’s suit online there are typically plenty of photos provided by the seller which will allow you to get an idea of how it will fit. This is also great if you aren’t exactly sure how to get a suit.

However, it can also be beneficial if you go into the store and walk through the racks of clothing yourself. An off-the-rack suit may be a good option for you. In some cases, the cut on the man's suit may not fit you as well as a bespoke one. When looking at an off-the-rack suit, however, it can be difficult to tell how well it fits. You might even find that the material is not ideal for your needs.

The best advice when buying a suit online is to make sure the company provides detailed consider Your Budget.

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When you’re buying online it’s a good idea to think about what your budget is before making a purchase. You should also check any return policies

If you want to feel how soft or how heavy a fabric is then this is your chance. You’ll have more time to consider how you prefer the way it looks on yourself.

Set Your Budget

When it comes to setting your budget will depend on how you plan to use the new clothing. If money is an issue, there are plenty of great suits that are under $100 or even less than $50 if you buy online. You’ll have to decide how much quality matters to you.

Also, how often are you planning on wearing your suit? Buying a cheap suit will allow you to buy a new one every few months, but how much do you want to spend on how to buy a suit? Some people want the finest clothing money can buy, whereas others are satisfied with something that’s less expensive.

It all depends on how you plan to use your suit and how much you’re willing to spend. You can buy a suit that will last for years or just one that will be worn occasionally.

Pick out Your Fabric

When you buy a suit you’ll want to consider how the fabric feels against your skin and how heavy it is.

Buying a suit in the winter will be different than in the summer because you’ll obviously need something thicker in cooler climates. When you feel how heavy or how thick the fabric actually is then you can determine how often you’ll be able to wear it.

If how comfortable the fabric matters most to you, then you may want to consider buying wool instead of cotton or linen because it can keep you warmer longer.

Also, how the suit looks on yourself will vary depending on how different fabrics fit your body. If you have a larger stomach in a way that makes your legs look slimmer is important.

A navy suit can dress up your look, and be ready to wear suits, but if you want to go with something that’s more versatile then consider buying a grey or black. You can wear these colors for work and even on casual occasions.

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When it comes to what color or how to buy a suit you should also consider what color shirt goes best with it. A dark

Another thing will depend on how often you plan to wear it and how often you want to wash it. Some fabrics are more resistant to stains and wrinkles, which can save time in the long run.

The color of the fabric depends on how you plan to use a suit. For example, if you want a suit that can be used in a variety of situations, then it’s best not to choose one that is black. This color isn’t appropriate for every event so it may be better to choose one of the lighter colors.

How It Should Fit: Because Fit is King

When it comes to how a suit will fit your body, is important. If you find one that is too baggy, it can make it look like it was a mistake. However, if the fit is too tight then this isn’t going to be comfortable either. You want it to fit relatively close, but how to buy a suit that fits you perfectly?

The process of how to buy a suit can be made easier if you know how clothing should fit.

When looking at off-the-rack suits online, most will include a short description of how they could fit your body. You can take this information to heart and buy the suit that has the best fit for you.

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When you’re trying on suits make sure they are buttoned all the way up. This ensures that it is how to buy a suit that fits properly because this is the only way you can see how it fits around your neck. Or you can get a custom suit to ensure the fit. 


Starting at the shoulders, where the widest part of your shoulders is, you’ll want to make sure that it fits snugly. This is where many men go wrong because slim-fitting suits seem like the style trend to follow for this type of clothing.

However, this is where you’ll need to decide how the suit fits. If it is too tight, then this can cause problems because of your movement and how often you’ll be able to wear it.


The chest of a suit should fit well, but not so tight that it will feel uncomfortable. You should have space for one finger to slide into the gap between where your body is and where the suit ends.


The sleeve fits can be done in two ways. If you like where it goes beyond your wrist, then this is where the sleeve should end.

However, some people prefer where it comes down closer to their hand without going past when where they bend their hand when they wave. The choice is up to you and where you plan to wear the suit.


You want where your waistline falls where it should be without where how the suit fits being too tight or baggy. This part of where a suit should fit will depend on where your waist is and how often you’ll be moving around in the suit.

Suit jacket Fit

You want where the hem of the jacket lines up with your thumb and index finger when they’re held together. This is called the two-finger rule and allows you to see how well it truly fits.

When it comes to how a suit jacket should fit, this will allow you to get the best idea of where it ends and if there are many wrinkles in other areas.

Suit Jacket Length

The suit jacket should reach your waist where the suit ends. However, some people like where it slightly goes past where it falls so that where the side pockets are will be hidden. This is a personal choice and where you wear the suit often will depend on how this looks on you.

Suit trousers fit

When it comes to trousers, there are two types that you’ll have to choose between slim fit and regular fit. When it comes to how the waist fits, this will depend on where your actual waist is.

However, if you normally wear your trousers higher than usual then regular-fit suits can look good. If you like them low then slim-fit is what you should choose. The trouser’s fit is important because it can make or break how the entire outfit looks on you.

Suit trouser length

The suit trouser length should meet where your shoes end. This is because you don’t want this to look sloppy and too long can sometimes be more comfortable depending on how you feel.

How It Should Look

Overall, when it comes to how a suit should look depends on the person who is wearing it. What makes it look great for some people doesn’t mean that it will look as good on others. However, there are some things you can pay attention to when how a suit should fit and how it should look.

Function Over Fashion

The trend with dressing in a suit is to have a very slim fit. This is because the style now for this type of clothing is to be as close as possible without showing anything that you don't want to show.

Fashion will always change from time to time, but the trend is still very slim fit. Still even with a slim fit, if it doesn't look good on you then you should adjust away from that type of fit or get a custom suit.

Have you ever heard of a workhorse suit before?

A workhorse suit is a suit that can be worn for occasions other than just business or formal affairs. The trend in suits right now is slim fit, but this doesn't mean you can't have a very versatile look with a suit if it looks good on you. This trend is a great example of where fashion changes, but the function of a suit remains.

Suit buttons

Many suites will have buttons that are made of fabric material. However, some do not and this is where you'll need to pay attention. You want the buttons on your suit to be sewn on tightly because otherwise they can pull away from the fabric and fall off while you’re wearing them. Buttonholes should also be well-sewn and feel secure.

The classic suits have buttons that are made of gold, nickel, or steel. Avoid ones that are silver because they can go out of style quickly. Additionally, the buttons should be well-sewn on all sides and not standing out too far without looking like they’re about to slip off at any minute.

Suit lapels

Lapels should be pressed and without any creases or indentions. This is where you want the suit to look polished and not show that it has been worn a few times before.

Lapels that are casual and made for shirts and blazers will be larger than the ones on a formal suit. So if they’re too big, then they may need to be altered slightly so they don’t look like anything other than a suit lapel.

Suit jacket pockets

The suit jacket pockets should be sewn shut and the stitching should be straight. This, like the rest of the suit, should look fresh and new.

When it comes to the style of pocket you want there is a lot to choose from. There are horizontal flap pockets, no breast pockets and there are ones that come with a piece out of the side. The only time pockets aren't seen is if they are concealed in the back within the lining of your suit.

Suit jacket closure

The closure should close easily and not leave any pinching or pulling anywhere along this seam. This is because it shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose when you are wearing it, but it should be easy to wear.

Jacket pockets can also make or break how the suit jacket will fit. If you’re looking for one with extra pockets, then you should make sure that these are sewn shut as well so they don't appear too bulky.

Suit jacket Vents

The most common vent for suit jackets is the two-button style. This will usually provide enough space for your jacket to be able to fit below your waist. The one-button vent is another popular option that should allow you to move freely without having too much material in the jacket that can get in the way of things like walking or sitting down. A three-button style is also an option for those who want a bit more room in their suit.

The vents of your suit jacket should clear your thighs. If they are too high then you will have problems sitting down and if they are low then it will be a bit harder to move around without feeling discomfort.

Buy The Right Dress Shirt

One of the best tips to follow when buying a dress shirt is to buy one that is slightly tight. If the shirt cuff fits well, then it will accentuate things such as your belt and shoulder pads in addition to making you seem more put together.

Since men's shirts are smaller than women's, we recommend taking in made-to-measure measurements and choosing one size up from your chest measurement to make sure it has enough space between buttons and leaves adequate breathing room under the arms. Have them hemmed so they fit neatly yet comfortably when tucked into pants or trousers.

When you use made-to-measure measurements, it gives you the opportunity to choose not only the best fit but also the best fabric for your budget.

Made to measure means that your dress shirt will come in the exact size that you need. It is then tailored to fit just for you. There are two main benefits of a made-to-measure shirt - it allows you to purchase a great-looking high-quality dress shirt, and it saves money because you don't have to alter a shirt that doesn't fit properly.

Too much fabric bunched up inside your suit will make you look spanned out and uncomfortable; not flattering at all! You want to make sure that your dress shirt doesn't pull anywhere and that the sleeves aren't too long or too short.

The length of a man's dress shirt sleeve should reach about three-quarters of the way down his hand, past his wrist bone, and extend slightly past this joint towards his elbow. It shouldn’t be too close-fitting and it shouldn’t be too loose either.

The sleeves shouldn't be longer than your suit jacket's sleeve or shorter than what you would like to show when wearing a blazer with it.

You should also make sure that the top of your dress shirt reaches all the way to your belt line and that it doesn't pull anywhere along this waistline. It should fit snugly, but it shouldn't be too tight that you can see the outline of your stomach when wearing it.

Your dress shirt doesn't need to match your suit in color or pattern, however, it is important that they are complementary colors and tones so the shirt looks intentional with the suit.

If you plan on wearing the suit jacket to dress up slacks for business or formal occasions, avoid wearing a tie too. A tie will only overload on top of an already heavily layered outfit. If you are going to wear them together then make sure that the colors of your shirt and tie don't clash with each other because this can be quite awkward looking.

If you wear a tie, you should wear a French-end for your shirt. This means that the placket extends past the waistline of your pants and is cut straight across rather than slanting up towards your chest.

You can also do a mock undershirt or no undershirt at all underneath a dress shirt depending on whether you want to have a casual or formal look.

You should make sure to match the color of your belt with the shoes you choose to wear, but it shouldn't be too obvious. If you are wearing a navy suit or dark gray socks, match with black shoes. If you are wearing tan or light brown socks, choose brown shoes. If you pair a brown belt with black shoes then people might assume that you are wearing two different colored shoes; which is why it's important to match them as best as possible.


In conclusion, to make sure that you look versatile in your suit, make sure to buy one that has the ability to fit well and also fits with whatever shirt, tie, or accessories you decide to wear with it. Always try on suits when possible at the store because it's important that they are tailored exactly for you; otherwise, if you purchase online then be sure to look at the sizing charts for measurements or consider getting a custom suit.

When you put on your suit, don't let it bulge out in different areas because this can ruin the line of the suit and cause you to not look as presentable. Lastly, invest in the highest quality suit that will last many years to come! 

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Suits are meant for just about every occasion so it's important to have one that works for you.

We hope this article has been useful and we look forward to helping you achieve the remarkable look that you deserve!

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