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How often should you dry clean a suit?

Keeping a man's dress suit looking sharp and presentable is very important, especially if you want to make a good impression. With that in mind, it's essential to understand how often you should dry clean a suit to keep it looking its best.

Getting dry cleaning done on a suit is integral to taking care of your wardrobe. It's not something you can skip, but dry cleaning your suit too often can wear out the delicate fabrics, especially if you're wearing the same suit frequently.

In this article, we will discuss how often suits should be sent off to professional dry cleaners and how to spot dry cleaning needs and properly store suits.


How Does Dry Cleaning Process Work?

The history of the dry cleaning process involves using solvents instead of traditional water to remove dirt and body oils from the fabric without causing damage. Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene) is the most common solvent used to clean clothes, but it's important to note that there are new and improved solvents that are environment friendly.

When your suit is sent off for dry cleaning, the professionals use wooden suit hangers to hang up the garment. They spray it with the liquid solvent and then put it in a giant washing machine-like drum to clean. Lastly, the suit is air dried before steaming with a steam cleaner for final touches.

Some modern dry cleaners now offer "wet cleaning" or "eco-cleaning" processes that are more environmentally friendly and still do a great job cleaning the fabric.

How Often Should I Dry Clean A Suit Jacket?

It is recommended that a suit jacket be dry cleaned in between every three to four wears. However, spot cleaning may help prolong the need for dry cleaning. Spot cleaning involves using a spot cleaner or spot remover on ink stains, spilled food and other small surface-level blemishes. It will help prolong the life of your suit and prevent it from having to go through the dry cleaning process too often. Although it differs from person to person based on how usually they wear suits, every three to four wears is a good starting point.

Business Suits

Business Suits- Dry Clean

Frequent dry cleaning is a must if you wear the same suit to frequent business meetings or events. Business suits are essential elements of most professional settings, and first impressions count when it comes to these meetings — so making sure that your custom suit looks sharp at all times is very important.

In this instance, frequent dry cleaning every four to five wears is recommended. It will ensure that the fabric of your suit looks good and remains in mint condition for longer.

Formal Suits

Formal Suits- Dry Clean

Formal suits should also be dry cleaned every two to three wears. This is especially important if you attend frequent formal events such as weddings or charity galas. Most of the time, the fabrics used for these suits are delicate and need to be cleaned often in order to look sharp and put together.

Suit pants

Suit pants- Dry clean

Suit pants can be worn a few more times than jackets before they need to be dry cleaned. You should wear the item five to seven times before sending it to the dry cleaner. But you can hand-wash them with cold water and a gentle detergent.

Factors That Influence How Often I Need Dry Cleaning

Factors That Influence How Often I Need Dry Cleaning

A few factors can affect how often you need to get your suit dry cleaned. For example, your climate can cause sweat stains and odours to set into the fabric more quickly, making frequent cleaning necessary. Suppose you are living in air-conditioned places, then routine dry cleaning may not be required.

Furthermore, the fabric of your suit is also a major factor when it comes to frequent cleaning needs. Fabrics such as wool and linen absorb more sweat and dirt than synthetics, so frequent dry cleaning will help keep them looking sharp.

Do's and Don't about Dry Clean Your Suit


  • Make sure to ask your dry cleaner what type of solvent they use and check that it is not too harsh.
  • When storing your suit in a closet, hang it up on a special suit hanger so that the weight of the fabric, especially the shoulder area, is evenly distributed and will stay balanced over time.
  • Use the lowest heat setting when steaming your suit. This will help prevent any damage to the fabric and ensure it remains in pristine condition for longer.
  • Make sure to air out your suit after frequent wear, as this will help keep it fresh and prevent the need for frequent dry cleaning.
  • Always go to professional dry cleaners when cleaning your suits to avoid any potential damage, as it's worth the extra money and time.


  • Don't try to spot clean with household cleaners as this could further stain lose the colour of the fabric.
  • Remember about steam cleaning. It is an important step in the dry cleaning process as it helps to remove any odours and wrinkles from the fabrics.
  • Never put your suit in a regular washing machine, as this can cause irreparable damage to the fabrics.
  • Check the label on your suit before you take it to the dry cleaner. Some fabrics are delicate and need extra care, so tell the dry cleaner this information.

Dry Cleaning work is vital to maintain your suit's life and ensure it looks good for longer. You should follow the guidelines above and get your suits dry cleaned at least every four to five wears. It will ensure that the fabric remains pristine and that you look sharp no matter where you go. Remember, the impression you make will always count when it comes to men's suits.