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How Long Does it Take to Get a Suit Tailored

by Miguel 11 Jan 2023

How Long Does it Take to Get a Suit Tailored

Tailoring a suit can often feel like quite a daunting task. After all, every time a suit is cut and fit to perfection, a man's looks become sharper as if he could take on the world is a one-man army.

With so much pressure to appear your finest, it's definitely a win-win situation if you have a guideline to follow up and reach your desired goal.

Keeping this in mind, we've prepared a list of things to help you up and running for the job of getting your suit tailored. End result? You'll flawlessly make an impeccable impression on those around you just with a nice suit and a pair of polished shoes with matching belts.

Facts to Know About Owning a Suit

Facts to Know About Owning a Suit

Whenever you get a suit tailored to readjust its measurements, it's necessary to grasp a few key points in mind.

Therefore, we've put forward such common queries and tried guiding you through them before you end up with needless spending.

How Many Suits Should One Own?

How Many Suits Should One Own

Practically speaking, a bunch of 3 perfectly tailored suits should suffice- a classic black suit, a blue suit, and a gray one to have you ready for any occasion.

However, if you want to be more “event specific”, these 5 suit fits will get you looking all classy and sharp-

  • Navy single-breast, also known to be men's “little black dress”

  • Charcoal single-breast, the middle daughter who manages it all!

  • Dark double-breast, to flaunt that swagger of yours

  • Summer suit, light and unlined to beat the summer heat

  • Dinner suit, to look your absolute best

Considerations While Paying to Tailor a Suit

Considerations While Paying to Tailor a Suit

Although this might seem to be a pretty straightforward issue, it's actually quite the opposite.

When it comes to getting suits tailored, there are much more intricacies and nuances to it-

  • The quality of the bespoke suit:

    As expected, suits with cheaper fabric will leave you shining like sands on a beach and surely cost you lesser.

    Conversely, clients who demand a finer choice of fabric will have to pay the tailors quite more.

  • Tailoring Skills:

    As opposed to a local tailor, a professional tailor will cost you to a greater extent. After all, what you pay is what you get!

    So, make sure you opt for a good tailor and not just any, to avoid ending up with ill-fitting suits.

  • Fabric Stock:

    The most important thing when it comes to tailoring a suit is the fabric pricing.

    But why the massive differences in cost at different tailoring shops, you may ask?

    Unless your tailor buys and stock their own material for a new suit, it will definitely require you to pay some extra bucks.

Suit Alterations

Suit Alterations

When getting simple alterations done for your ready-made suit, many tailors will estimate different budgets to get the task done.

Hence, you might want to take account of a few things before you take to tailor your suit. Knowing your suits alteration measurements beforehand will allow you to keep your expenditure in check-

Trouser Length

Trouser Length

Your trousers hem should end up just about ½ to ⅔ down the shoe line. To gain the desired length for a classic look, make sure that it creates a slight fold on the bottom.

This is well-applicable to all kinds of suit trousers, starting from classic pleated ones to flat fronts and even cuffed pants.

Sleeve Measurements

Sleeve Measurements

Oftentimes, jacket sleeve alterations cost is another thing to consider when the suit has a well-fitted chest but requires hemming sleeves.

This could be due to the sleeves being much lengthier, or if it needs a cut to show off the shirt sleeve in the right amount.

Suit Jacket

Suit Jacket

This is another common scenario in the alterations department. Therefore, be certain that the bottom edge of the suit hits right below your posterior.

The chest circumference should be measured in inches and determined, pulling the tape across the broadest part of your chest.

During all of this, remember to keep the tapeline parallel to the ground to obtain the ideal measurements before you take to tailor a suit.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Suit Tailored

Getting a suit tailored to a perfect fit can often be a time-consuming process. Nevertheless, this requires a few considerations beforehand.

Firstly, being that you're a new client to your tailor, a tailored suit will typically take a bit longer than usual. Hence, you may anticipate at least 2 to 4 weeks in total since your placement of order.

Besides, unless you opt for a high-end tailor, you can easily get your suit jacket in a matter of 2-3 days at max.

Another thing to consider is whether you're in a hurry or not. Assuming that you are, it'll surely require you to pay some additional cost as a rush fee and get it tailored within your desired timeframe.

Final Words

Since we're at the end of our guidance on how long it takes to tailor a new suit and its whereabouts, we hope to have helped you in every possible way.

In brief, don't forget to settle down for a decent tailor to get your suit made and provide accurate measurements.

And please be patient! Don't rush your tailor to cut and sew the suit hastily. Good things like an exquisite suit take time, after all. Stay polished!

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