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When thinking of a suit option, a champagne-colored suit is never the first to come to mind. But we believe it’s actually a highly underrated outfit option for men although for a very limited number of occasions.

A champagne suit certainly isn’t something you can wear every other day or to any type of occasion. However, it’s a powerful outfit for specific events or themes and can help you stand out like no other suit or outfit.

Let’s discuss some important points about this unique outfit option for men.

When to Wear a Champagne Suit?

As we mentioned above, a champagne suit is not something you would wear every other day. It’s a powerful outfit best reserved for certain specific occasions.

One type of event a champagne suit is fit for is weddings with a formal theme. If it’s a wedding where you can wear a shiny suit with no second thoughts, then it would be a perfect chance to don something like a 1-button champagne tuxedo or suit.

In fact, it can give you exactly the type of look you crave for in certain types of weddings. But weddings aren’t the only occasion a champagne suit is suitable for.

Glamorous parties, important exhibitions, and any event where you can carry a touch of extravagance with ease are all events suitable for donning a champagne suit.

Consider Your Style

If you’re someone who has a personality of sticking to time-tested classic, traditional suit options, the champagne might make you a little nervous. It’s a type of suit that’s definitely well out of the ordinary.

If you don’t like to experiment with your outfits or try some courageous style options, then you may not find yourself comfortable in a flashy champagne suit. However, if you’re open to bold fashion sense, a champagne suit is exactly your type.

It will not only naturally blend in with your personality, but also enhance it.

How to Accessorize a Champagne Suit?

With any powerful suit option – such as pinstripe suits – you need to go subtle with your suit accessories. Just like with a pinstripe suit, accessorizing lightly is going to be the preferred approach with a champagne-colored suit as well.

As you can tell from everything we have discussed so far, a champagne already has a “loud” appeal. If you try to add some eye-catching accessories on top of it, you may end up going overboard and getting the kind of attention you do not desire.

Pick neutral colors wherever possible, try to avoid unnecessary accessories, and choose a neutral-colored shirt with no unusual modern patterns.

The Fit is King!

The fit is indeed the king. But it’s not just for a champagne suit. The fit is an extremely important aspect of any type or color of suit.

However, it becomes all the more important when it comes to a champagne-colored suit. This is because everything about this suit is highly noticeable.

It’s easy to get away with a little here or there with any other suit, but not with a champagne suit. Everything needs to be perfect with a champagne suit, starting with the fit of course.

The Confidence Factor

Let’s face the truth. There are certain types of suits that aren’t for everyone. The champagne suit is one of them.

You would get all the attention you can when dressed in a champagne suit. So you better be comfortable with it.

If you’re someone who likes to stay low-profile at important events and avoid being noticed by random strangers, you might want to reconsider including a champagne suit in your wardrobe in the first place.

However, if you’re a kind of extrovert who can easily handle a fair bit of extra attention and doesn’t mind getting in the mix of things, a champagne suit will compliment your personality really well.

So at the end of the day, remember that you need to give a fair bit of weightage to your personal preferences and personality.

It’s not just about the design, color, and patterns. It’s also about what kind of style and fashion you like to associate with and aligns well with your overall personality.

More Modern Suits

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There are more of them. Just go and explore!


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