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Do you wear a suit jacket under graduation gown?

Graduation ceremony attire is a personal choice. Some graduates graduation gowns, while others opt for more casual clothing option wear a suit jacket or blazer underneath of gown.

But In most cases, wearing a suit jacket under a graduation robe is not necessary or recommended. Most institutions have academic dress codes for graduates that do not include the requirement of an additional layer such as a suit jacket.

Doing so may be uncomfortable in warm weather and add bulk to your attire and can even be distracting. The most appropriate attire consists of a dress shirt wear underneath a gown, along with a tie, dress pants, and brand new shoes.

Men's dress for graduation ceremony

Dress shirt

For a graduation ceremony, it is best to wear a white shirt, preferably white. Avoid wearing bright or bold colors and patterns that might detract from the cap, gown, and other classmates' outfits.

It is important to consider the color of your outfit when choosing what to wear under a black gown. Avoid wearing a black dress shirt if the gown is dark in color. Instead, opt for something that will contrast the gown, such as white or light blue. However, if the gown is burgundy, green, or red, a black shirt would be suitable as it will complement the gown.


Choosing to wear a tie can enhance the sophistication of your outfit, but it's not mandatory. To select the right tie, ensure it complements both your shirt and the color of your graduation gown.

If you wear a dark gown, it's best to go with a neutral-colored tie, such as black or navy blue. For lighter shades of gown, you can choose a colorful or patterned tie. Some may wear bow tie, but it is more traditional to opt for a standard tie.

Dress Pants

it is advisable to wear comfortable and well-fitted trousers instead of jeans or shorts. Navy blue. Navy blue or black colored trousers or chinos are the preferred options to meet the dress code standards. However, if you want a more casual look, consider wearing khakis or corduroy trousers.


Black leather dress shoes are usually the go-to choice for college graduation ceremonies. It is best to avoid wearing sneakers or sandals as it will give off a more casual look instead of formal attire. If you want to add some personality to your outfit, you can opt for loafers with tassels or oxfords in brown or burgundy.

Female wear for graduation day


Skirt is a great way to show up in style and set yourself apart from the crowd. Skirts come in varying lengths, depending on your preference. If you prefer a more traditional look, knee-length is the most suitable option for graduation days.

But if you want something that will make a statement, try wearing an asymmetrical or pleated skirt.


A dress shirt or a blouse in white is the most common choice for graduation ceremonies. However, if you want to add a bit of personality, you can choose a subtle print or pattern, such as stripes or polka dots. Avoid wearing bright colors as they may clash with your gown.


Instead of a skirt, a pair of pants will give you a more polished appearance. Wearing black pants/ trousers to the best day is the proper way to show off your new degree with style and formality. Do not wear distractingly bright hues like pink, yellow, or green, as these will draw too much attention away from the gown.

Other traditional wear

For example, if you are attending a graduation ceremony in South-East Asia, it is appropriate to wear a colorful saree. Similarly, a traditional abaya is a suitable choice if you are attending a graduation ceremony in the Middle East.

Wearing such clothing allows women to showcase their individuality while still respecting cultural and religious norms and appearing formal.

Key things that you shouldn't write off in this day

Mens Graduation Day Suit Attire

Check the weather first before wearing cloths underneath

Summer Graduation ceremonies can get quite hectic under the sun, so it's best to skip the blazer or suit jacket under your cap and gown.

Cotton or linen are good choices since they allow air to circulate while yet looking formal. If your classmates wear graduation regalia over their suits, you can always back down and opt for the same.

For cooler weather, layering is key. A well-fitted blazer or suit jacket over a dress shirt or blouse will help keep you warm while still looking formal.

Avoid wearing bright colors

The objective for today is to dress elegantly without being too conspicuous. It is suggested to refrain from wearing vibrant colors or flashy designs that may divert attention from the graduation gown You may prefer a simple white shirt to match the overall ceremony dress code.

Don’t forget the necktie

Put on a classic tie for that extra touch of sophistication at your formal event. These accents have the potential to elevate your look and draw attention to you in a crowd. To prevent looking out of place, choose a tie that isn't too flashy and choose colors that go with the occasion's theme.

Graduation guests dress code

Graduation guests dress code

Guests are not required to wear a graduation gown but should be dressed in clothing that is appropriate for the location and event. Suppose graduate parents should wear formal or semi-formal attire. Some schools may have a specific dress code for guests, such as dark suits and ties, while others may be more lenient, allowing business casual attire.

Men may opt for slacks with a collared shirt and dress shoes while women can choose modest dresses or trousers and blouses with either heels or flats. Guest should avoid wearing casual clothes such as T-shirts, shorts, and jeans, as these might be disrespectful to the graduating class.

The bottom line

So now you got the idea about wearing suit jacket on graduation day; simple answer is it depends on the season & weather and your school dress code. Do not forget to wear comfortable clothing that will help you look great in photos and keep you feeling relaxed throughout the ceremony.

Following proper graduation attire etiquette can ensure you have dressed appropriately for the occasion and show respect for the graduating class. Congratulations on your success.