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Do You Wear a Belt With a Wedding Suit?

Every man dreams of looking the best and wearing the best during his wedding. But a simple mishap might stop you from looking good. Imagine going to your wedding with empty belt loops or wearing a belt with a suit that does not need a belt. Now that would be a fashion disaster, and you would not want that. So, do you wear a belt with a suit or not?

The simple answer is yes and no- it depends! Normally, formal occasions do not require you to wear a belt, but there are instances where you can and must.

A belt is surely a fashion accessory used for ages, especially for casual wear, but the simple truth is that you cannot wear something everywhere even when wearing a belt is like second nature.

The Belt Dilemna

To belt or not to belt- this dilemma exists due to 20th-century fashion. Suits and suit trousers were made bespoke before- what that means is that every suit and pants was made to suit the person they were tailored for. A tailored outfit fits you perfectly, but as time goes on and suits became suits came into mass production, and therefore many suit pants now do not fit you correctly.

Why You Should Wear a Belt

Why You Should Wear a Belt

You Have Empty Belt Loops

A belt is a must if your suit trousers come with belt loops. Empty belt loops look odd and may give your appearance an "unfinished" touch. You surely do not want that at your wedding!

This usually happens with tailored separates rather than a dressed down suit.

Loose Dress Pants

If your wedding suit suggests that trousers are loose, then belts can help to make them fit properly. Loose pants can make your entire outfit unappealing- the last thing you want during your wedding, even though it is an instant style penalty.

If You Have Lost Weight

Belts can cinch your weight if you lose weight and cannot fit into your pants anymore. They are also great for tall or skinnier men, providing a visual break.

If You Want To Look Smart Casual

A belt worn with suit trousers for a casual look is not blasphemy if you are wondering. Smart or business casual looks good with a belt and blazer.

Why You Should Not Wear a Belt

Why You Should Not Wear a Belt

It Looks Modern and Out Of Place

If you wear a traditional suit and pants, your belt will look outdated and modern. Belts are better avoided on formal occasions- any fashionable man will tell you that. They will draw attention to your waist and break up the overall vertical look.

Most tailored suits are for more formal look and as we mentioned before, belts are more of a casual look- especially with jeans. That is why a pair of jeans always come with belt loops.

If You Are Wearing Tux Pants

Wearing tuxedos with a belt is a big no-no. Most tux pants also do not come with belt loops because they are meant to fit you perfectly. You really do not want to go out with tux pants and belts as that will be a fashion disaster. Even skinny belts with stand out and draw away attention from your tuxedo.

Alternatives to Belts

Braces or suspenders are the way to go if you do not want to wear a belt. Suspenders will hold your pants in place and, at the same time, give you an elegant and classy look without the hassle of loose pants that will give you a "plumber's back." You could also wear braces to stop the pants from sagging down.

You can wear side adjusters They ensure that your pants drape you well and no attention goes to your belt.

But as it is with most styles rules, this no-belt-with-suits can be broken too. Just because most men prefer suits without belts, that does not mean you cannot wear belts too. You can and must always avoid a style advice if it does not suit your situation.

How To Style Suits With a Belt

The Correct Belt Choice

Avoid bold and colorful belts that take away attention from your suits. You also need to ensure the belt fits your suit's color scheme and the shoes.

Black Leather Belt

Black is the color that just goes with everything. A toned-down black belt with a silver buckle is one of the few accessories that can elevate your outfit to a new level.

Brown Belt or a Brown Leather Belt

A brown leather belt with brown shoes will make you look dashing. Brown and black belts are the best options for casual wear or formal attire.

You can also wear other colors, though matching your belt with your shoes is a simple rule that is best not broken.

How To Buy The Right Belt

The right style can always be achieved with the right belt size. A perfect belt should leave behind two or three inches once it has been buckled and an extra one or a few more holes so that it can be sized still. You can also add an extra hole if the belt is not fitting you perfectly.

Also, the belt should not be too tight as it will cause discomfort and may even leave a mark on your waist. A common mistake many men make is to buy belts that are too large for them- this makes their outfit appear lost or wonky, so be sure to size yours properly.

In the end, all of this trickles down to you. Though formal attire is better without a belt, you could still wear it and who knows- you might rock it! People break fashion rules all the time- even the most fashionable men, and they look fabulous, and even set new trends.