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Different Suit Cuts | Choose the Right cut

by Miguel 26 Jun 2024


As men, knowing your suit cuts and styles is a must After all, they are known to be a man's best friend, just as diamonds are to women. right?

That being said, you must at least know the basics before heading off to a tailor for your brand new formal suit. This will help you get the perfect fit as well as become accustomed to which style suits your persona.

And once you've mastered both, you'll find your confidence skyrocket in no time, and that's a guarantee!

Different Suit Cuts | Choose the right cut

Suit Jacket Fit Guide: Cut to Perfection

Suit Jacket Fit Guide: Cut to Perfection

Suits for men are supposed to be tailored to perfection, especially when it comes to the fit.If this goes wrong, your whole look will be a disaster, and we're assuming you know this much by now.

So, let's take a quick glance at the suit fit guide, shall we?

Slim Fit Suit

Slim-fit suits are like soup or chocolates—comfort foods for everyone on every occasion. Literally any body type can pull off these suits without having to worry about showcasing their bumps, lumps, and other such flaws.

Besides, if you aim to stick to one suit only, this would be the ideal choice to choose. This easy-to-wear formal style will have you effortlessly ready in no time for weddings, interviews, meetings, and even funerals.

Hence, you can opt for slim-fit pants and jackets, as their fabrics are quite commendable for year-round wear.

Classic Fit Suit

The name says it all: this cut is a timeless classic for all men who like to stay in style with a hint of tradition. This is a quality suit that most men can blindly put their trust in.

And the biggest advantage? They provide utmost comfort (regular fit and lots of breathing room) and aesthetics too—the best of both worlds!

With these, you can even go smart casual for semiformal events or meetings. Simply grab the suit jacket and style it with some good-quality chinos and a fine polo t-shirt, and you'll be ready to slay.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a classic-cut suit is that they fit perfectly for men with a fuller body build. Thus, if you fall into this category, make sure to get one of these!

Modern Fit Suit

Modern Fit Suit-Three Piece suit

In case you're wondering if there's any suit that could fall between the aforementioned styles, this is it. The pants come in a flat-front style, while the matching suit jacket is contoured to a shorter length.

Moreover, by providing enough room to breathe yet giving a flawless fit to enhance your body features, modern suit styles will work for any sort of event.

The only prerequisite, however, is to pair it with dainty accessories and ensure the right suit fabrics.

Tailoring a Formal Suit: Lapel Cuts

Tailoring a Formal Suit: Lapel Cuts

Modern suit styles come in a range of varieties—different lapels, numbers of buttons, and other such variations. Depending on the type of suit lapel you select, the suit cut can change your whole appearance.

Notch Lapel

Here, the "notch" or indentation along the meeting line of the suit's collar and lapel is what gives it its name. Although they are formal, they can be worn casually if accessorized correctly.

Furthermore, these kinds are commonly seen in single-breasted suits and are known to be the conventional lapel style that most go for.

Shawl Lapel

Imagine this: a smooth, uninterrupted lapel lining with rounded sides and no hard edges. Reminds you of black-tie events, no? If it does, then you're heading in the right direction.

This elegant lapel cut, tailored in tuxedos, is simply aesthetic and gives the wearer a classy appearance. Be it a fancy dinner suit or a wedding suit, this will bring out your sophistication from every possible angle.

Peak Lapel

An ageless lapel cut that takes you back to the 16th century's peak lapels How do you identify one? Well, you'll notice the top lapel has high peaks and faces upwards right where the collar ends.

With such lapel designs, double-breasted suits instantly exhibit a lavish look that is well-suited for formal occasions.

Know Your Suit Style for Special Occasions

Know Your Suit Style for Special Occasions

Single Breasted Suit vs Double Breasted Suit

Although most of us are familiar with the various types of suits that exist, men's suit styles can massively differ on the basis of intricate details.

Single-breasted suit jackets are made with an even expansion throughout the jacket edge and typically consists of two buttons, sometimes even three.

On the other hand, double-breasted suits have an overlapping front closure with two parallel columns of buttons. To be quite frank, a double-breasted suit is a perfect cut for those who prefer to be in the spotlight without much effort.

As for the lapel style, single-breasted suit jackets look best with notch lapels, while the other kind mostly pairs best with peak lapels.

Formal Suits: Pick the Pockets

Formal Suits: Pick the Pockets

If suit pockets seem to be something you're interested in, you should first become familiar with the various kinds that are on the market.

Patch Pocket

While a patch pocket is merely an exterior pocket, sewn separately on the suit jacket with the same fabric, it's considered an excellent option for smart-casual affairs.

You could even put on a suit jacket with patch pockets and head out to a daytime wedding in confidence.

Jetted Pocket

Jetted pockets, on the other hand, are more formal wear and are the most common type you'll come across. To describe it properly, such pockets are sewn inside the jacket's lining, which gives it a more polished look.

Flap Pocket

Again, flap pockets are similar to patch pockets but, in our opinion, are more functional and formal.

Here, the pouch exists beneath the jacket surface like a jetted pocket, while the flaps hang outwardly, similar to a patch pocket.

Suit Pants: Differences in Cut

Suit Pants: Differences in Cut

Moving on to discussing matching pants with your suit jacket, it is essential that you learn the fundamentals before deciding on a suit pant cut. 

Flat Front Pants

Its distinguishing feature is that the pant fabric lies flat and gives off a slim contoured fit that most men prefer and is thus considered a standard for most suits. 

However, if you're struggling with some extra fat around your belly and want to avoid flaunting that off, you might want to go for a comfier fit with more space to relax.

Pleated Pants

As the name implies, these suit pants are tailored with pleats along the belt line or waistband. We're guessing that you're unaware of what pleats are; these are folded creases that naturally provide your thighs with more breathing room when sitting.

Due to their snuggly fit, bigger and chubbier men look great in them, while it gives skinnier men the illusion of widened hips and thighs.

Cuffed Pants

Men's pants come in two basic styles: hemmed and cuffed.

While hemmed trousers have the bottom fabric sewn to the inside, cuffed style pants, as seen mostly in pleated pants, have the bottom fabric turned to the outside. This adds more weight to the trousers and smooths out the fabric for a more refined finish.

In closing, all we have to say is that whichever suit cut you decide to aim for, always pair them up accordingly with the right shoes, belt, and tie. And unless you do so, all your tailored efforts will go in vain.

Choose wisely and stay stylish!

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