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Can You Wear Brown Shoes with a Black Suit

As opposed to women's clothing and styling, men's fashion can be quite the opposite-uptight rules with very little space to wiggle around and experiment. Especially when it comes to formal wear, aka, suits, the options to test and trial are quite limited.

For this, the best way to troubleshoot day-to-day discrepancies of wardrobe mismatches during formal occasions is to know more about dress codes and accessorizing.

Some of the most common questions we come across include "Can I wear brown shoes with black pants?" or even so, "Should it be dark brown shoes, tan shoes, or lighter ones?"

Hence, we've put forward some basic protocols to wear a classic black suit, as well as what shoes and belt to top it up with. We hope that you'll save the embarrassment of looking like a dowdy dude with the help of our tips and tricks.

So, let's get started, shall we?

When to Wear a Black Suit

When to Wear a Black Suit

Before we cut straight to the chase with today's topic, it's of utmost necessary to know when to pick up that fine black suit from your closet and nail it without a sweat.

Even so, the real question is, what's the best time and events to put on a show with your dashing black suits?

To jot down, such suits are best suited for a nighttime occasion and are usually left out of the list during the daytime. No one wants to experience your washed-out version in a black suit during daylight!

Nevertheless, you can bring out the classic vibe with a black suit easily at weddings, funerals, or any formal occasion during the night hours.

Still and all, a fancy date night with your woman surely requires your lustrous appearance in an all-black suit!

Can you Wear Brown Shoes with a Black Suit?

In simple words, our interpretation of this query is- "it depends".

Opting for All Black

Opting for All Black

The safest bet, however, would be a pair of typical Oxfords to achieve that sharp and elegant outlook. In formal outfits, black suits with black shoes are the best way to send forth a bold statement of being a gentleman.

Besides, when you choose to wear a tuxedo to a night gala or any such black tie event, your only preference should be black shoes. On top of that, when picking pinstripe black suits for the night, shoes with a black shade should be your only solution.

Wearing Brown Shoes With Black Pants

Wearing Brown Shoes With Black Pants

Anyhow, when wearing a black suit jacket with black jeans as an informal means of putting yourself out there, it's a no-no for black leather shoes! Instead, opt for a different shade of brown leather to appear well-put.

Now, moving on to the legit subject. How do I know if my brown shoes would go with my black suit?

The answer's quite straightforward. If you intend to reduce the zest of your formal outfits and instead go for an easy-to-go casual look, you should definitely hand-pick a nice pair of brown shoes, be it dark brown or light brown shoes.

Furthermore, which one's the right shade of brown to go with black suits?

This is totally conditional on the overall appearance you desire to achieve. To create a perfect outfit with a black suit and brown shoes, you need to be conscious of the different shades of brown complimenting the casual spectrum of clothing.

In essence, the general rule for brown shoes for different outfits is- "The more formal the event, the much darker shade of brown should be picked".

So to explain, brown shoes are the best choice for semi-formal occasions, such as a cocktail party or even a casual business dinner.

Think of a soirée, for instance. In order to look sophisticated yet give off a "fun" vibe, wear darker shades of brown shoes with your dark suits, specifically a black one.

However, assuming that you're bound to wear a black suit during the daytime, the best bet would be to avoid wearing black shoes at any cost.

Instead, settle on wearing brown shoes with lighter shades. Supposing that you want to wear tan brown leather shoes or even a light brown one with black suits to a matinée, you have our approval!

Matching Belt with Black Suit Brown shoe

Matching Belt with Black Suit Brown shoe

This is something most men get perplexed about. But hang on! We have your back.

The simplest way to pick a belt to go with your black suit pants, remember the simple "no black and brown" for belts and shoes.

In basic terms, always match your brown shoes with a brown belt, to stay in coherence with the neutral brown palette. Leave the black belt off the list unless you wear black shoes too.

FAQs for Pairing Belts, Shoes, and Black Suits

What type of belt should I wear with a suit?

What type of belt should I wear with a suit?

In order to dress up more formally, grab a thinner belt. So to speak, the thickness should be anywhere around 1¼ to 1¾ inches wide. If you decide on going a bit casual, select a wider belt and make sure it's a brown belt with brown shoes instead!

How do I find the right size of the belt for black suit pants?

With the aim of finding the perfect belt measurements, go one size larger than your black trousers. This is obviously applicable for any other suit pants as well.

Just for general knowledge, standard guidelines suggest that your belt should fit aptly on the third hole of your belt.

Can you wear a braided belt with a suit?

Can you wear a braided belt with a suit?

Oftentimes, braided belts may be your preferred option since they're quite simple to spot and even more inexpensive.

But here's the catch-Avoid them at all costs with suits! Not only is it a bizarre combination, but it'll also clash with your suited-up style.

Alternatively, given that you do want to give these a try, balance it out by wearing loafers, black chinos, and a sports jacket instead.

What shirts go well with a black-suited up style?

We highly recommend a simple white shirt or even lighter shades of blue. Nonetheless, for suits sewn into a slim-fit structure, you may wear a dark blue or navy shirt to radiate a formal wear mood.

For leaving an everlasting "go bold or go home" impression, you can also single out a black shirt to pull off an all-black outfit-black tailored coat, black trousers, black shoes, and even black socks!

If done correctly, this choice of style will surely leave everyone in the room drooling and gasping.


Final Words

To conclude, take a deep breath and remember these little handy tips. In no time, you'll end up looking stunning and being the center of attention in the room.

Best of luck on stealing the limelight, your classy black suits, and glossy leather shoes!