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Can You Wear a Navy Suit to a Funeral?

by Miguel 22 Mar 2023

Can You Wear a Navy Suit to a Funeral

Funerals call for the dark and somberness within us, to bid farewell to someone we will continue to love and cherish, even after death. Since there's a mixture of emotions involving memorial ceremonies, appropriate funeral attire is a must, as a tribute of respect for the deceased.

And when speaking of funeral attire, dark colors is the way to go. You can wear all black, that's definitely a staple. But frequent confusion arises while thinking of a substitute to black clothing.

In such cases, most might wonder if navy blue suits will be a dealbreaker. Our simple answer would be, no. It's perfectly acceptable!

However, you must stick to a few rules at all costs. But before that, let's discuss as to why it's appropriate.


Why is a Navy Blue Suit an Alternative to a Black Suit?

At least since the Roman Empire, when wearing dark togas served as a symbol of sorrow and distress, people have worn plain, dark clothing as a sign of mourning.

A funeral or memorial service therefore mandates a dark suit to express one's innermost heartache and high regard to the departed.

Hence, a black dress is considered to be the foremost choice for all.

The neutral undertones offered by a navy suit is known to be the second best, right after the classic black suit. Funeral etiquette conveys that the color navy blue symbolizes grief and depression. And so, this is undoubtedly an ideal alternative.

Some other logical reasons that might help you to stay confident with your choice of suit:

  • You don't own a proper black suit for the occasion. It's alright, a dark blue suit is the easy way out!
  • It's the perfect option for those who aren't personally related to the deceased or even a distant relative.
  • The color navy is as unoffensive as it gets, especially for funerals and such.

On another note, a dark grey suit is often approved as dark gray represents neutrality or balance. Even a light grey suit can be somewhat appropriate if the church service is less formal.

Why is a Navy Blue Suit an Alternative to a Black Suit?

How to Pull Off a Navy Blue Suit at a Funeral Service

By now, we all understand why wearing dark colors to funeral services is so crucial.

In case you refuse to wear black suits for whatever reason and want to opt for another dark color such as navy suits, keep a few things in mind!

How to Pull Off a Navy Blue Suit at a Funeral Service

Navy Suit Patterns

Go Plain or Go Home!

We'll be pretty straightforward on this one. Funerals aren't the right place to play around with your suits. You need to be in your best formal attire and dress appropriately. Therefore, we would suggest you to maintain the dress code and stick to a plain yet polished suit.

Nevertheless, slight and sober patterns, such as stripes and dots, are approved by funeral etiquette and can be worn without hesitation.

Say No to Bright Patterns

On such occasions, avoiding bright colors and over-the-top flashy patterns should definitely be at the top of your "what not to-do" list.

Dress Shirt with Navy Blue Suits

Dress Shirt with Navy Blue Suits

Given that you're confused on what to wear to a funeral with navy blue suits, our simple advice is to think of it as a job interview situation. Stay sophisticated yet elegant!

Avoid Colorful Shirts

At all costs, say no to vibrant shirts, unless and of course, a family member demands that guests wear bright colors. I mean, you wouldn't fancy the idea of people looking decorative instead of formal at your dad's funeral, would you?

Go for a traditional color

As for getting formally dressed with a navy suit, the perfect go-to choice should be a white dress shirt.

Like any other suits, dark blue or navy blue suits blend in just right with a white shirt to offer that clean look. Besides, as mentioned before, the color white reflects mourning in terms of funeral attire.

Moreover, they can also be paired up with a black shirt. The catch however, is to dodge yourself from looking too well-dressed. To balance it out, skip wearing any additional accessories like French cuffs or pocket squares with it.

A muted color shirt such as, dark blue, dark burgundy or even brown are often acceptable to wear to a funeral. Remember to confirm the dress code before you pick one of these though!

Pick a Nice Coat

Assuming that the weather's shivering and you need to grab an overcoat to wear to a funeral, always pick solid dark colours! Not only will they blend in well with your formal attire, but also add a hint of melancholy to it.

As for a rainy day, apply the same rules with a trench coat when wearing a suit to a funeral.

Funeral Etiquette: Some More Tips and Tricks

Funeral Etiquette: Some More Tips and Tricks

  • Assuming that you're puzzled about what dress shoes to wear with your suit, an easy fix is to opt for black shoes. Pair it up with a solid black tie, and you'll be good to go!
  • Dark brown shoes can also be a decent substitute, but never tan or lighter shades.
  • Dressing up smart casual to a funeral is a major disrespect to the departed souls and their family. Therefore, don't even think about wearing flip flops and t shirts to one.
  • Adorning your suit with a pocket square is fine as long as it's monochrome and folded into a simple straight edge.

Lastly, we'd earnestly request you this one thing- choose your outfit appropriately when going to a funeral, be it of your close ones or someone you've known only for a day. Always remember, your attire will showcase your respect to the deceased and their relatives. So be wise!

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