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Can You Wear a Grey Suit to a Wedding?


Wedding season can be dizzying, and choosing the right suit even more so. Can you wear gray suits to weddings? Gray suits are a common sight at weddings. They are considered one of the best choices for wedding suits and can be worn at formal and casual weddings. But of course, some rules go with everything.

When to Wear a Gray Suit?

Grey suits can be worn on many occasions, depending on the shades.

For a Formal Wedding and Black Tie Event

A dark grey suit is best for formal weddings or weddings with a black tie dress code.

A darker shade of grey is a great black tie wedding attire, especially for winter weddings. Pair it with a classic white dress shirt - both of which fit the formal dress code.

We suggest grey suits made from heavy fabric such as wool or flannel for a winter wedding to keep yourself warm but at the same time look like a wedding guest attire.

For a Semi Formal Wedding or Casual Weddings

A light grey suit is the best for a casual wedding or smart casual dress code. It provides a more relaxed look.

For a more casual wedding, opting for a light-colored shirt, such as light blue, can create a casual and trendy look.

This is also a good choice for summer weddings which also ensures that you will feel less hot as the color is lighter. Go for suits made from light fabrics such as cotton or linen so air can cool the body down. Pastel-colored shirts are also a great pair with a grey suit for a summer wedding.

Medium Grey For Both

Medium grey is a versatile color suit, fitting both black tie attire and casual weddings.

Go for a light grey suit with a baby pink/ soft pink or light blue dress shirt to create a different look but still appeal to the dress codes. White dress shirts are still a good option, though.

This color is best for a spring wedding. We suggest wearing a suit made from lightweight wool or wool blend fabric for chilly wind and pastel colors to embody the spring theme.

For fall weddings, medium gray with wool blend fabric or lighter wool and fall-related colors enhance the wedding suit.

Finding The Right Accessories

Accessories for a gray suit

Avoid Striped Tie

Striped ties are great for office-related events, but even for a black-tie wedding, stripped ties can look a bit too formal.

Instead, go for other colors, such as a midnight blue tuxedo (or a tie) or a black tie or tuxedo. Luckily, grey suits with every color, so depending on if it is a black tie wedding or a casual one, you can opt for any color- depending on the seasons and if it is a day or night wedding, of course.

A Lighter Pocket Square

It is always better to go for a pocket square that is a lighter shade than your tie. Pocket squares are great accessories that can completely enhance your style. Go for a patterned pocket square to add a flare of individuality to the look.

Silver -colored Tie Clips, Cuff Links, and Lapel Pins

Silver complements grey, no matter the shade. A touch of silver on grey attire can create a remarkable difference in the wedding attire. White gold is also a suitable option if it suits your style.

The Right Tie

Most people prefer solid-colored ties with gray suits.

As light grey suits are more reminiscent of summer, opt for light blue or light pink. Butter yellow and other summer-beachy colors fit perfectly too.

Medium grey suits are better suited for yellow oranges and coral if they are being worn during fall or spring,

Dark grey suits are better fit for darker colors, such as jewel tones. Deeper jewel tones like forest green, navy, burgundy, etc., are also great.

The Correct Shoes

Any color of shoes goes with great suits, but keeping the color palate of the entire outfit in mind is necessary.

For a dark grey suit, black shoes are the most suitable. The formal appearance of dark grey goes well with black.

For light grey, choose the color of your accessories, shirt, and tie—or tan shoes, as they go well with medium colors.

Medium grey goes well with burgundy shoes as it is a bold color.

Other Types of Wedding Suit

Types of Wedding Suit


If you feel gray is too common or doesn’t fit your style, black and navy suits are an ideal choice for formal weddings.

Other colors like beige, cream, light brown and baby blue are great options for a casual wedding.


Wedding suits don’t have to be plain. Grey suits are usually solid colors, but there are also subtle and bold patterns like windowpanes, plaids, glen checks, etc., that can spice up your look.

Fabric Types

Not all fabric types fit for weddings. Fabrics such as linen, cotton and lightweight wool blend is best for wedding suit attire in any color.

Avoid corduroy and tweed fabrics for a formal events; they are more suitable for casual events or family gatherings.

Time of Wedding

The time of the wedding influences many factors in styling a suit. For day weddings, lighter colors are better, and for night weddings darker colors work best.

The fabric also depends on the temperature outside, lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen are great during summer while wool-based fabrics go well with winter weddings.

Gray suits are great choices for formal and casual weddings. Depending on the shades, you can choose to wear a grey suit in any occasion. It is important to remember that details matter when it comes to wedding attire so accessorize according to the season and color of your suit. If you feel gray is too common, you can choose from other colors and patterns.