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How Can You Put A Suit In The Washing Machine- 6 Easy Steps!

Waring clean cloth highlights your personality. You need to wear a clean suit on every occasion. Most people wash their suits with a dry cleaner. But sometimes you need to clean your suit or blazer immediately. What to do then?

Yes, you can use washing machines to clean your suit. There is a simple process to follow to avoid any damage to your suit.

Here is the step-by-step guideline, on how to wash your suit in the washing machine. Keep continuing to know more.

What's the Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning?

What's the Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning?

As the names imply, these are different processes for washing clothes. A professional dry cleaner cleans garments and accessories with a dryer. The dry clean process uses a chemical solvent to dissolve the dirt from your clothing and make it fine. In the laundry, the solvent can remove stains with a high-pressure water spray.

Then your garment is hung up to dry clean. But you can not do it at home easily. On the other hand, wet cloth cleaning takes place in a washing machine, while the garment is entirely wet and cleaned with detergent. So, cleaning your suit in the washing machine is called wet cleaning. 

It is the best way to remove dust and stain. Both methods of cleaning are effective. You do not get other methods for it. So, it is up to you to decide which method is most beneficial for your needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Put A Suit In The Washing Machine?

Step-by-Step Guide to Put A Suit In The Washing Machine?

Having a very clean suit by washing is not a very tough case, but it is time-consuming. And you can wash your suit in machine wash. So let's know about the steps with how you can wash your suits in the washing machine.

  • Step 1: Put Your Suit Jacket In Washing Machine in a mesh bag

Remove tags and other decorations in order to deflect excess agitation during washing. Fold and roll your suit jacket and Pack it in a soft garment bag to diversify get there. Put the suit into the washing machine. Because it is the basic cleaning step of washing clothes. But make sure, the water should not hot. Or the color of your suits can fade. You can also use a cloth bag to keep them safe.

  • Step 2: Choose Mild Detergent

After that, you should add a soft cleaning agent to clean a suit. Using mild cleaner maintains the softness of the same suit as before. You can use a gentle baby shampoo or a specialty shampoo for wool fibers and cashmere shampoo for fiber-like hair. For heavy stains or any spot treatment, you can use lemon juice and vinegar additionally.

  • Step 3: Avoid Using Spin Wash

Next, you should choose a gentle wash option. Use cold water and never use hot or warm water to keep your suit away from fading color. Choose the short wash cycle, not more than 30 minutes. Because machine washing can take a lot of time and makes your suit harsh. Please avoid selecting the spin option to save your suit from being hostile.

  • Step 4: Add Fabric Softener

In the end, you can add a little fabric softener to eliminate the harshness. But ensure, it shouldn't too much strong. Otherwise, it will damage the fabric of your suit.

  • Step 5: Let it Dry In A Shady Place

Use wire hangers to dry your suit. For this, a wooden hanger can be the perfect thing for hanging the suit jacket. You can put your suit in the shade and remove the excess water after washing. Hang it on a hanger to air dry naturally. Try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, which can make your suit color fade and the fabric harsh.

  • Step-6: Iron It Using Low Temperature

Try to iron at a low temperature. Please keep it on the iron board and cover it with a soft, thin cloth or a clean towel to avoid direct heat from the iron. Then iron it with the setting. 

Make sure, you are not ironing it at a very high temperature or pressure, as it will change your suit color. Make sure you stop ironing simultaneously as indicated in your instruction manual. Iron it only when necessary, and don't keep too much time in one place with your clothes.

Note: Try to use clothes brush or suit brush repeatedly. Because brushing suit regularly can extend their life and keep them away from stains and food particles. To take care of your suit use the right hangers and avoid heat sources. Try to maintain them in their shape. After you've brushed out your clothing, you can use a lint roller to completely clean it.

What Happens If You Put Suit Jackets In Washing Machine?

What Happens If You Put Suit Jackets In Washing Machine?

Normally, you can wash your suit in your washing machine. But you should be careful about washing it. Sometimes, cleaning suits in the washing machine can ruin the fabric and lining of your suit. Furthermore, putting the delicate fabric in the washing machine can also cause damage.

Besides, using regular detergent can also make your suit hard and rough. To avoid stains, you should wash the clothes with cold water. Drying process the clothes after washing them using cold water is not necessary. Before washing your suit in the machine, you should know about the precautions.

Final words

Cleaning suit jackets is not easy for many reasons. Because suits are usually made up of many different materials, and each requires a different cleaning method. If you are still confused about how can you put a suit in the washing machine, you can scroll up and read again.

Moreover, some fabrics are susceptible, so do not iron them with direct heat from the iron, or else you can spoil the fabric, or its color may fade away. Try to follow all these steps carefully to keep your suit clean and new for a long time.