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Wedding Suits for Boys: How to Measure, Order, and Find the Perfect Fit

When it comes to tuxedos or boy suits for weddings, it's known that everything revolves around sizing. Incorrect measurements will only destroy your look at someone's formal wedding. 

Maybe you're visiting the nearest mall to have a sales associate measure your inner thigh, or you're interested in the basic renting option. Or perhaps you are making an online purchase, which is quite safe if you have the proper size of your body. 

Before getting too deep in the weeds to measure for a suit, there are some basics to learn regarding reading sizes. 

How to Measure a Boy for a Suit? This Step by Step Guide will unveil all the answers you are hunting for. Keep on reading to find your fit.

How to Measure Yourself for Your Wedding Suit

How to Measure Yourself for Your Wedding Suit

A suit is one of the most crucial wardrobe purchases for little boys. Who doesn't want to look good on their best friend's special occasion? 

So, it's important to invest in the right one. 

Ahead, you will go through a useful brief guide to measure yourself. Here is some handy Advice on buying a suit for a teenage boy:


Let's start with your chest. Ensure that the measuring tape lies comfortably against the body. Then, record the measurements in this manner:

  1. First, horizontally measure your chest. 
  2. Afterward, measure over the shoulder blades and under the armpits.
  3. Moving forward to the waist, just measure around the navel point. 

That's it!

Jacket Length 

  1. Measure from the end of the collar to the point where the jacket length will finish. 
  2. Preferably, the jacket is supposed to cover your hips. However, it can vary based on the style. 


  1. Ensure that the measuring tape isn't riding up the waistband. Same as the chest, horizontally measure around the waist - ideally where the trouser waist is supposed to be.
  2. Lastly, measure the inner thigh from the crotch bottom to where the trousers end.

These simple instructions are sufficient for measuring your trousers, chest, and jacket length. 

Decide Whether to Order Online or Buy From a Store

Now that you've grasped an idea of sizing wedding suits, ask yourself whether the purchase should be from an online or physical retailer. And the answer lies in what YOU value. 

Ideally, if your little boy desires maximum options in brands, fabrics, and styles, simply refer to online stores. It is also highly convenient as one can surf through the diverse availability and purchase a customized dress anytime and anywhere quickly without any mess.

However, if you cannot wait for your suit to be delivered in a few days, ask the store's online support if they cantilever you before the time they generally use to deliver or just walk to the nearest appropriate store. 

And if you require expert guidance, visit an elite menswear store. A mere ½ an hour is enough for an expert to guide you through the best shades and styles suitable for your physique. 

Do you have all the time in the world until that formal event occurs? 

See the below section with 3 upscale suit options. 

3 Best Wedding Suits for Boys 2023

3 Best Wedding Suits for Boys 2023

Navigating the wedding suits for little boys can be dizzying owing to the neverending variety. Especially in online stores, customers find it difficult to choose one piece. To erase your confusion, this section will showcase the 3 best boys' 5-piece suits [Interlink: X Best Boys 5-Piece Suits].

Brought by the renowned Flexsuits, consider your formalwear search over. 

1. Boys Plum 5-PC Suit Set

This is a one-of-a-kind outfit with superior finishing. From the cut to the color, everything is unique and perfect for little boys. 

It includes a fully lined, 2-button closure, and single-breasted jacket. There is also a notch lapel on the jacket to exude charm. On the bottom, we have single-pleated pants in the same shade with an elastic waistband to maximize comfort. 

This suit is best appropriate for cooler months and is made of 30% Rayon and 70% polyester fabrics. There are 4 sturdy buttons on the vest and a flexible back strap. 

All in all, the attire makes your boy look handsome and feel confident. But if you are searching for a formal look, here's a better option:

2. 5 Piece Navy Boys 2 Button Suit

Dress up your little one efficiently with this extravagant 5 piece suit. It includes a matching tie, shirt, and vest, so you don't have to roam around stores to shop for complimentary pieces. 

The most striking feature is definitely the traditional yet formal cut, which will make the boy appear divine for standard occasions. The imported suit boosts the formal appeal with the pants that can be hemmed to the exact length. 

3. Beige Boys 2 Button Suit

Beige is your best friend if you want something formal but don't want to wear black. This shade is compatible with any setting and skin tone. It looks even better on little gentlemen who want to impress everyone with their appearance. 

This outfit displays a pleasant beige pant, vest, and jacket with the right amount of room to allow movement yet look crisp. 

If these suits were not your cup of tea, or perhaps you want to be the boss of yourself, it is time to discuss the art of choosing the right style, fabric, and shade of your attire. 

Choose the Right Fabric, Style, and Color

Choose the Right Fabric, Style, and Color

Choose Appropriate Fabric According to the Season

Congratulations! You have decided to purchase online and are aware of how to measure yourself. Now, it is time to select the right fabric. Different factors must be considered when choosing a fabric, and the most important one is the season. 

You wouldn't wear a woolen suit for a summer wedding, would you? That's what it means to pick up fabric seasonally. Other factors depend on the nature of the anticipated event - whether it's smart casual and whether it's a destination wedding. 

Here are some choices:

1. Cotton 

This natural go-to fabric is affordable, widely available, and comfortable for movement. However, it isn't the best option if you want to look crisp. Another downside is that it forms wrinkles quickly.

2. Linen

Picture a summer wedding on a sunny day. Linen is ideal for such a season, especially if it's casual. Same as cotton, it offers maximum comfort. 

3. Silk

Want something luxe? Blindly choose this high-end fabric sold at a high price point. Boys also love how shiny it looks. The only cons are that silk is not breathable, so keep it reserved for cooler months. 

3. Velvet 

This is another luxurious but less pricey fabric. Not only does it look soft, but feels plush too. While tuxedo jackets are mostly made of velvet, you can wear a complete velvet suit to strike a fashion statement. 

5. Wool 

Do you want something which is breathable and resists wrinkles? Consider the natural wool fabric, which is commonly used for making suits. This versatile material comes in either a shiny or matte look. 

Plus, it resists creases. Boys can wear this comfy fabric in any season and look badass at any type of event. Oh, and you can re-wear it continuously. 

6. Tweed

This variant of wool is famous at autumn weddings. Owing to its rare look, it is best suited for informal events. 

7. Worsted 

Let's wrap up our options with another elite and pricey fabric. Worsted wool enjoys great popularity due to its soft finishing and smoothness. If you avoid regular wool because of its fuzziness, you won't have any complaints wearing worsted. Not only this, but it's also more lightweight. 

Let's discuss the different styles now. 

Pick the Style That Is Made for You

Did you know three cuts exist in boys' and men's suits? All 3 are suitable for varying physiques and are equally attractive. It's time to walk you through these cut styles.

Classic Fit

This cut has a waist room and sufficient chest space - enabling movement generously. The classic suit cut perfectly fits the body contours. 

These outfits are anything but form-fitting or baggy. Hence, they strike the ideal balance between the two. Among the three cuts, this is the roomiest style if that's what you are going for. 

Slim Cut 

Being more body-hugging, there is barely any additional fabric left in the suit. In simple words, you will only have room for movement without feeling constricted. 

European countries usually wear a slim-cut tuxedo. Its jacket is slim on the chest and includes narrow shoulders. When it comes to trousers, they are quite slim and straight.

Here you can explore the slim fit suit collections from Flexsuits.

Modern Cut

Between the above-mentioned two styles, the modern cut is a compromise. While it is slim, the aesthetic is still not as body-hugging as a slim cut. 

Similar to the classic cut, it is forgiving and presents more room to move. These attires are rising in popularity and are commonly observed in USA weddings.

Explore the Flexsuits’ modern fit-suit collection

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Go for the Colour That Compliments Your Skin Tone

You are aware of the three primary cuts of wedding suits. But another factor to consider is color, as it strongly determines your aesthetic. Follow us to these famous color choices:


Do you want to go for a super formal look? Black it is. This color is the most suitable for black-tie weddings where all gentlemen wear similar clothing. 

However, black suits don't give you many chances to re-wear them for future events. And if you want to celebrate the day instead, choose a merrier shade. 


This trendy shade is highly classic without appearing stiff or strict. It can also experiment with other shades. For instance, whatever your color scheme may be, like red or green, navy blue is an effortless option. 

Boys claim that midnight and navy blue suits are the best alternatives to black ones. Gentlemen usually wear a white dress shirt, black bow tie, and a white pocket square with a navy suit. 


This shade is more casual than navy but still quite dressy. The flattering blue shade is cheerful and joyous. Moreover, blue suits are very versatile and can be worn repeatedly on different occasions. 


Lying on the casual side of the spectrum, the lighter shade is amazing. Gray suits boast a vogue vibe and can be worn many times. 

Other Varieties 

The rest of the options depend on the season, setting, and time of day. 

Maroon or burgundy is a creative alternative for formalwear. Wear it with a black bow tie and a white dress shirt. On the other side, brown is perfect for daytime or autumn celebrations. 

For destination or beach weddings, pull out a beige or white suit. Another decent option is green, best suited for nature settings with greenery. 

Choose Accessories That Match With Your Wedding Suit

Choose Accessories That Match With Your Wedding Suit

Remember, boys, accessories can either make or break your outfit. So, if you want to stand out in the crowd, surf through the accessories below that won't make you feel like just another suit clone. Personalize your look with these pieces:

Decent Neckwear

A tie is the first noticeable and most prominent accessory with suits. While the options are dizzying, pick an understated and classic one. 

Of course, only a black bow tie is appropriate at a black-tie wedding. In other formal weddings where tuxedos are the norm, neutral tones are best. 

Another useful rule is to match the tie shade with the suit. For instance, ivory or navy blue. Want to look dapper? Splurge on silk neckwear.


Do not underestimate this tiny accessory, as it packs a punch. An attractive yet discreet set of cufflinks can truly optimize your look. The best cuffs to pair with dress shirts are French and single cufflinks. 

As for its color, it should be similar to the suit. Boys usually prefer silver or gold material. 

Pocket Square - A Must Have

Seal the deal with this basic add-on to the special suit. Aside from the tie, the simplest way to achieve color is by throwing in a sharp pocket square. 

But be careful to comply with your aesthetic. And make sure that its shade and material don't feel out of place with the remainder of your outfit.

Suspenders & Belts

Belts can only be worn with wedding suits and are preferred over suspenders. As a rule of thumb, opt for a formal and decent belt to boost your look. A common hack is to wear a leather belt in the same shade as your footwear. 

And if you are insecure about fitting your pants and a suit jacket, don't forget suspenders. This accessory becomes even more important if you're wearing a vest. 

Personalized Socks - The Cute Gesture 

The cult favorite way of adding cheekiness or personality to your attire is through unique socks. Literally, anyone can pull it off. 

Nowadays, men pick erratic patterns and funky colors for their socks to bring a vibrant flair. But if you want to stick with traditional rules, choose neutral or black colors.


Can you measure a suit with a tape measure?

Yes, it's possible to measure a suit via tape measure. Ensure to run the tape beneath the arms rather than over them. While the tape is parallel to the ground, place it over your shoulder blades.

After measuring the circumference, plop your arms at the sides. Position the end of the tape on the collar seam and let it drop down the jacket end. 

Where can I get measured for a suit for free?

Visit any physical store selling men's formalwear in the vicinity and request a complimentary measurement. The store's customer service will measure you for free. 

How long does it take to get measured for a suit?

When it comes to customized suit appointments, the required time can vary from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. It's advised to recheck the measurements several times. 

Visit at least three times for final adjustments. Insert a few fingers beneath the measuring tape prior to finalizing the suit size. This will allow room for movement. 

When should I get fitted for my wedding suit?

Since you only get married once, looking your absolute best is critical. Therefore, don't delay your suit fitting; have it between 6 weeks to 6 months prior to the big day.


We have gone over all the essential rules and tips to score an ideal suit for formal occasions. But don't let this surge of information overwhelm you, as you know your aesthetic the best.

Just remember to enjoy yourself to the fullest and be confident in your choices

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