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Blue Suit for Wedding - Best Blue Wedding Suits for Groom, Groomsmen, and Guests.

by Miguel 08 Feb 2023

Blue Suit for Wedding - Best Blue Wedding Suits for Groom, Groomsmen, and Guests.

Every modern man looking to have an ideal wardrobe should own at least one blue suit. Why? This prime staple piece is versatile and can frequently be dressed up and down depending on the event.

Moreover, a blue suit is complimentary on every man's complexion, and it matches perfectly with a broad scope of colors, making it a no-brainer option for any wedding party, which means for grooms, groomsmen, and wedding guests.

As flexible as the style, blue wedding suits run the spectrum from traditional and timeless to captivating and confident and are available in a broad range of fabrics, silhouettes, and colors to suit all seasons and styles.

If you want to dress your groomsmen in something classic and eye-catching, a timeless navy suit will always look flawlessly polished - particularly when styled with a snow-white shirt.

As for grooms who are not afraid to exhibit their fashion-forward elegance, opt for bold pattern houndstooth suits or bright cobalt and powder blue with unexpected colors.

And when you want a seasonal dressing, look for heavy fabrics such as wool for winter and fall weddings or permeable fabrics like linen and cotton for spring and summer weddings.

7 Ideas for Blue Wedding Suits. 

7 Ideas for Blue Wedding Suits.

Many gentlemen shop for their blue suit combinations for the office to informal, weddings, or a crucial first date. Blue is worth giving a shot for a sophisticated or elemental look. However, even though wearing a blue wedding tuxedo is sassy, you must do it the right way. Here are some essential ideas.

Ensure it is a Blue Wedding.

Ensure it is a Blue Wedding.

As the groom, you must be sure that the blue suit is the agreed choice, while for groomsmen and guests, knowing the dress code is a vital part of wearing a blue suit to a wedding.

The dress code will affect many factors in wearing a blue tuxedo to a wedding, including the shade of blue, acceptable shoe color, and tie.

Deciding and knowing the dress code is essential, as a blue suit could be perceived as too extravagant or not necessary in some cases.

Usually, blue suits are most suitable for semi-formal events. Meanwhile, you can wear a dark blue suit to a strictly formal occasion.

Always adhere to tradition by avoiding blue suits at a black-tie wedding party, as they are far overly informal.

Avoid Patterns As Much As Possible.

You should do as much as possible to avoid wearing pattern suits such as dots, stripes, and checks to a wedding. Often, people also think that a patterned tie can replace a plain tie, but they are wrong.

Where a blue wedding suit is involved, do as much as possible to steer clear away from patterned clothing – including ties.

Other accessories are bowties, socks, and shirts. None of these accessories should be a pattern at a blue wedding suit.

Trendy Fitted Suits Are Better.

Wearing a well-fitted suit is an integral part of a blue suit wedding. While this also applies to women, it's particularly true when wearing it to a wedding; putting on a smart suit can upgrade your style to the upper level.

Though, darker blue colors are more forgiving than light blue colors. Meanwhile, your blue suit should fit well, irrespective of the shade of blue.

Knowing if your suit fits well can be challenging, which is why I highly recommend finding a tailored suit store. Though it can be more expensive, getting a custom suit will make you stand out.

Brown or Black Shoes Are Perfect for Blue Wedding Suit.

Although black shoes are typically considered the best option for blue wedding tuxedos, brown shoes can also blend.

Black leather Oxford shoes are versatile, and you can wear them with most colored suits, including blue tuxedos.

Black shoes are the most suitable for a navy blue suit. Combining two dark colors adds a sense of sophistication and formality to the outfit.

On the flip side, brown shoes match any shade of blue because brown shoes come in different shades, just like blue.

Since the blue suit offers many shades of color, colored shoes are neither critical nor appropriate.

However, guests should avoid too much color at the wedding because it would distract attention from the couple.

Observe The Different Shades of Blue.

There are shades of blue, navy, royal, dark, cobalt, light, cyan, and midnight blue. It's therefore essential to think about the shade of blue you're wearing to a wedding.

Choosing a midnight blue, where a navy suit is required, could make you look entirely different at the event. A standard is that the lighter the blue, the more informal it is.

White Shirt Work Best.

You can be tempted to wear different shirt textures, colors, and patterns on the market, and if you fall for it, you will be wearing the wrong shirt to the wedding.

However, the best shirt color to accessorize a blue suit is a plain crisp white shirt. No patterns, colors, spots, or stripes. Just a simple white shirt.

Snow white shirts are impressive to ensure your outfit looks stylish and crisp. The most favorable materials for your white shirt are linen, silk, and cotton.

The white shirt should also fit, slim but not tight or restrictive. A shirt fit is vital because an oversized shirt could visibly fit underneath your suit.


Though some may see it as unorthodox, a pair of silver cufflinks accessories can include another layer of fashion to your personality.

I only recommend this for lighter-colored blue tuxedos and semi-formal weddings, but for a casual event, you can avoid accessories.

Cufflinks and tie clips are the significant accessories that you should consider. Meanwhile, lapel pins may be suitable too.

Then make sure your pocket square color complements the tie, and a simple puff or presidential fold would be excellent.


A blue suit, the modern-day black suit, can be an excellent choice that gives you a timeless look on your big day; so far, it's done right. Hopefully, you now have some ideas on how a blue suit goes with a wedding.

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