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Blue Suit for Men - Blue Suits You Can Wear to Office, Weddings, and The Accessories That Match.

Blue Suit for Men - Blue Suits You Can Wear to Office, Weddings, and The Accessories That Match.

Blue is versatile in winter and summer and suitable for pleasure or corporate. Blue has never been more popular, and it's the new black.

Although not quite as harsh as black and slightly more fashionable than grey, the men's navy blue suit has long been a tailoring color of choice, with an intrigue that cuts across any single event. Among the choices of color, the navy suit is the most versatile and easily enhanced for casual, corporate, or downright awesome aesthetics.

Knowing what to blend with a blue suit can be challenging and sometimes daunting. You can wear another blue, or you may choose some random color and mess the outfit up. Then you'll ask, should I wear black or brown shoes with a blue suit? What about the shirt, will white or pink work? So many unanswered questions. Until now.

In this complete guide to blue suits, I will help you find an answer and usher you through the intricate details. If you master and have this wardrobe essential, you will have a collection for every dress code and occasion.

Types of Blue Men's Suits.

Types of Blue Men's Suits.

When choosing the ideal shade of blue for your suit, consider some things before talking to your tailor. First, consider opting for a darker or more neutral color, especially for attending a formal event.

Meanwhile, a few shades of blue match pretty much any occasion – such as royal or navy blue – I'm not writing off electric or sky blue; there are occasions and times for a bright blue suit.

Classic Blue Suit.

The evolution classic blue suit is for the present-day man, who is trendy, and likes to extend beyond the established norms. This type of blue suit is the supreme dress-down or dress-up color.

Pairing a classic blue with a pair of brown or black oxfords demonstrates a level of heroism; however, dressing down the suit with a pair of leather sneakers is creative. Classic blue goes with a wedding and any formal event.

Navy Blue Suit.

A modern combo, the navy blue suit can enhance the look with a black tie when worn with a white shirt. While the navy suit is a contemporary option, it also complements the man who is not interested in having an extensive collection of suits.

You cannot get away with one suit as a modern man, but you must; it must be a navy suit due to its adaptability. You can dress down the navy blue suit with some sneakers and slacks, or it can be formally strict with a three-piece set with a flash of color on the tie.

Royal Blue Suit.

The royal blue suit is for a gentleman who wants to catch the eye of admirers in the crowd. You cannot get lost or be ignored with this suit color; it perpetuates the self-confidence levels you can't find in other blue suits.

Whatever you do, turn it down on the accessories; underemphasized shoes and tie combos work best with royal blue suits; think black and dark brown.

Dark Blue Suit.

Dark blue suits are not much different from black suits; some people call them blue-black, making it the choice for blue suit lovers who don't like black. The globally accepted principle is that if the matching pair of shoes is darker, the accessories ought to be dark, including shoes, socks, glasses, ties, and watches.

You wouldn't want to be seen in dark blue suits with a highly contrasted tie, or a pair of light brown shoes, so organizing this combination is the key to a successful outing.

Light Blue Suit.

Light blue suits are an excellent source of happiness for a prospective suit consumer. I will not recommend it if it's your first suit of choice. Meanwhile, if you already have a classic or navy suit, you are ready for a light blue suit.

If you like accessories, this one is for you, and if you have not decided yet, the light blue suit gives some style inspiration.

The Accessories That Match Blue Suits.

The Accessories That Match Blue Suits.

I want to share the blue suit dress code with you to know the general rule of thumb regarding ties, shoes, shirts, and blue suit clothing. 

Some accessories and colors go with a navy blue suit, and others match with a royal blue suit; I break it below.

Perfect Ties to Wear.

Blue suits seem to go with any tie color; if you are wearing a darker or neutral suit, I've good news for you. I always ensure that I stick to neutral and solid shades such as navy or dark, but you may go for the red tie and navy suit combo, which also works.

Here are some other blue suit and tie combos:

  1. Yellow Tie: for a man with a peculiar personality.

  2. Red Tie: red tie and dark blue suit combo.

  3. Grey Tie: stylish in nature.

  4. Black Tie: classic and safe.

  5. Burgundy Tie: deviating from the non-standard line and distinctive.

Ideal Shirts to Wear.

As for a shirt, white is perhaps your best bet, apart from white. If you want to be adventurous, you may rock a light blue or light pink shirt. The dark grey or black shirt with a navy blue combo also goes together.

Here is a breakdown:

  1. White Shirt: a 100% cotton white shirt is the best.

  2. Pink Shirt: a brighter pink shirt goes with a neutral or dark blue.

  3. Blue Shirt: a light blue shirt will match a dark blue suit.

  4. Black Shirt: perfect for dinner dates and informal affairs.

Best Shoes to Wear.

The darker your suit, the darker your shoes, so they say. The blue suit and brown shoe combo are outstanding; I recommend you put on either black or brown shoes.

The specific type of shoes for a formal or semi-formal moment are brogues, loafers, monk straps, or oxfords.