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The Black Suited Man: 10 Iconic Figures

by Miguel 09 Dec 2022

The Black Suited Man: 10 Iconic Figures

The Black Suited Man: 10 Iconic Figures

There is nothing quite like a black suited man. A classic black suit exudes elegance and refinement. From Cary Grant to James Bond to the Black Panther, a man in a black suit says power, class, and masculine grace.

This look is not just for formal events. And while not all suits are created equal, any variation of a black suit goes a long way to create respect, even on screen.

Here is a list of the 10 most iconic figures who wore a black suit in cinema.

James Bond

James Bond- black suited man

Perhaps the first man that comes to mind when you think of a black suit is James Bond. Regardless of which actor is playing the character at the time, Bond is most recognizable for his signature tuxedo.

The shiny lapels of the slim-fit black jacket, the white dress shirt, black pants, black shoes, and the black bow tie. You know who you are looking at as soon as you see it.

The Men in Black

The Men in Black

Another iconic duo that is associated with this charismatic formal wear, is the Men in Black. The simple but smart and polished suiting in this movie series immediately identifies the affiliates of this quasi-government organization.

The clean-cut lines of the suit with its peak lapels, white shirt, black tie, and black glasses help this suit stand out. Their dress code might require them all to look the same, but the suits also help fans immediately identify the characters.

The Men of Pulp Fiction

Not all black suits are the same, and the details are what set them apart. The unique slimmer ties worn with the men's black suits in Pulp Fiction are iconic. Such a small distinction helps create a different vibe for these characters.

While clearly dressed for business, these characters shock the audience with their violence, their language, and the blase way that they go about talking about life and eating lunch after an exciting morning at 'work.'

The Black Panther

In recent cinema, the black suit has been updated to add additional colors and texture. Chadwick Boseman's character T'Challa offers a unique update on the suit separates through a style unique to Wakanda.

The intricate details on the lapels as well as the black shirt help his formal suit stand out from the other professionals in the movie. And that isn't even getting into the black suit he wears as the Black Panther. But that's a wardrobe topic for another blog.


Let me introduce you to another iconic character in a black suit: Scarface. Al Pacino apprised this impossible-to-forget role in his variation of the classic suit. His suit separates feature a pinstripe pattern.

Over the course of the movie, the suit does lose a little bit of its clean and professional appearance. Bloodstains tend to have that effect. But the sense of power through fashion doesn't fade.

The Godfather

I think it is a truth universally acknowledged that mobsters have the best style of fashion. In this classic series, the Godfather gets to deliver both gifts and warnings during formal occasions like weddings, wearing class suit separates.

Throughout the movie, different suits are featured with accessories unique to the world of 1940s New York. The clothing perfectly suits not just the time but the mood of the film, with its black and white elegance.


The Great Gatsby has been adapted into film a few different times. Robert Redford played this character in patterned Ralph Lauren suits in the 1970s. Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in classic tuxedos in the 2013 film.

Regardless of the adaptation, the fashion of the versatile black suit is intrinsically tied to our ideas of the glamour and elegance of the roaring 20s and the world of Gatsby.

John Wick

Are you picking up on a theme yet? John Wick is another character--an assassin who has gotten out of the game--who is dragged back into a world of violence and mayhem. He seeks revenge against those who hurt him and took something precious away.

But, because he is wearing a black suit, even going so far as to mix it up with a black shirt, he looks great doing it. John Wick embodies power, precision, and the ability to get the impossible done. All while wearing a great outfit.

The Blues Brothers

Even goofballs get to wear suits. The Blues Brothers are a more comedic example of the power of a black suit. They wear them as part of their profession in a blues band, and their black fedora and glasses combination has become an instant Halloween costume favorite.

Agent Smith

Even the villains can't get away from wearing black suits. In this film, the black suit serves to identify all of the 'agents' in the world of the Matrix. The ties in this film have the added accessories of tie clips to set their uniform apart.

While black suits in this film tie all the villains together, they also emphasize the power of the system over those trying to get out. Even in a futuristic world, this style of clothing is associated with power.

Exude Power With your Own Black Suit

Because of characters like Bond, Gatsby, Vito Corleone, and more, a man in a black suit carries with him an association of power.

In addition, in every movie, these men are surrounded by beautiful women who succumb to their charisma--and the exquisite tailoring of the black suit is certainly part of that power.

You really can't go wrong with this look. Access your own level of power and prestige by adding a black suit to your wardrobe. Find everything you need to complete your outfit, from shirts to pants and jackets. Browse around our shop today to find your unique style.

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