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Big and Tall Prom Suits Ideas for the Guys to Look Charismatic

Prom is the time of the year when all the senior high school students gather to bid farewell to their school life. It's the time of celebration when you are about to end a chapter of your life and planning to start a new one. 

Traditionally a prom involves many activities like dancing, dating, and partying in which all the attendees are supposed to be in formal attire like tuxedos and prom dresses. You can wear anything between a suit, tuxedo, or blazers with solid pants unless the prom event has asked you to follow a specific dress code.    

Making a striking appearance on prom night is nothing less than showing up on the red carpet. Choosing the prom suit to wear like a style icon in the event involves great effort and time. 

Picking up the right attire for your prom event can be daunting. You must work from scratch in every aspect from head to toe, from suit to shoes and other accessories. Everything has to be perfect and wow-worthy. 

Prom events don't come, again and again, so make such a classic statement for yourself that no one can forget. if you learn the art of How Do You Wear A Tux Or Suit To Prom, you can be a prom king for sure!

Who Should Wear Big & Tall Suits:

Who Should Wear Big & Tall Suits

Big & tall suits are for big and tall guys. Most boys in high school are generally less particular about their physique. Usually, they are tall with an endomorph type of body at this age, which means having the same measurement of hips and waist as of shoulders. 

Men with such big and tall bodies need to be prudent with their clothing. They need to focus on custom-tailored suits. Otherwise, normal suits that are bigger than usual will only make you look sloppy and bigger. There is another thing that big & tall guys should do to make a dapper appearance. Rather than opting for a full suit, they should wear a blazer with trousers to cut down their height. Blazers with wider lapels styled with a wide necktie can get you an envy-worthy silhouette. However, the thin and tall men can afford to wear a bit longer tailor-fitted blazers, making them look slimmer and quite in shape.

Clothing is not limited to covering the body only. It plays an important role in maintaining your self-esteem. You would notice a drastic difference in people dressed in a well-fitted suit in prom events compared to those not dressed well. 

Here we have jotted down a complete guideline of prom suits for men with different body types. 

Prom suit ideas for tall guys:

Prom suit ideas for tall guys

Tall guys just can't wear regular suits as they have long arms and regular fitted suits won't fit well to their hands. For a high-spirited event like prom, they are meant to be dressed dapper, and for that, they require long prom suits. Tall guys need suits that have extra length in the sleeves, so it perfectly fits the wrist bone and covers the torso.

Being tall and thin is something that everyone admires, and that surely is modern-day art, so you need to dress up according to to make most of your attributes. Attire at prom can be semi-formal, like wearing a tuxedo or black-tie outfit, since boys at high school don't want to look formal but wickedly sharp at the same time.      

Prom suit ideas for overweights:

Prom suit ideas for overweights

The fashion world is not limited to any size and type of body. It's certainly spot-on that they never take big men as fashion models, but there are surely many more ideas that can help an overweight man look their best on prom night. 

Anything can make you look dapper that is well fitted and comfortable. Big men should wear classic-fitting two-button suits with wider cuts and notch lapels. They are also recommended to pick dark colors for their outfits like navy blue or charcoal that would look perfect on them. 

However, to make a classic statement, these big men can always make a semi-formal appearance by pairing dinner jackets and vests with solid trousers accompanied by all the other head-to-toe accessories to enhance their overall look.  

Prom suit ideas for slim guys:

Prom suit ideas for slim guys

A skinny-fit tuxedo with a peaked lapel or three-piece suit would be the best choice for slim guys to sport a sharp and sleek silhouette. To make a sassy appearance at prom, team up your black slim-fit tuxedo with a black placket shirt and style it with a red bow tie, and finish off this classic get-up with black leather loafers. 

Big & Tall Suit Combinations: 

Big & Tall Suit Combinations

Before picking what to wear to your prom, you must first know what you should avoid on this unforgettable evening. Avoid going for anything shimmery, plastic-like, or made of cheap fabric, be it a three-piece suit, tuxedo, or two-piece. Style yourself in pure elegance and sassiness by wearing black and white combinations with hints of colorful accessories.  

This attire will surely give a sleek and sharp silhouette where most of your peers would be sporting a goofier look. So opt for a tuxedo-style satin shawl lapel jacket and pair it up with matching tapered trousers with a crisp white shirt. This sleek ensemble will give an eye-catching appearance. Your prom look should be complete from jacket to cufflinks; everything should perfectly complement each other. 

Suit and tie combination:

Suit and tie combination

The ideal menswear that guys generally choose on prom events revolves around either dinner suits, tall tuxedos, business suits, double-breasted suit jackets, or even sports jackets. In most instances, a necktie is an effortless choice except for a tuxedo that goes remarkably well with bow ties.  

Your suit and tie combination plays an important part in making a wow-worthy appearance. You are suggested to opt for a tie with bright colors and catchy patterns to spice up your overall attire.  

Big and tall suit separates:

Big and tall suit separates

It is also suggested for big and tall guys to opt for separates rather than full suits on prom events as full suits make unbroken vertical lines, making you look taller. Pairing up separate jackets and pants gives an elegant look. Something like a navy jacket with wide lapels and charcoal trousers can make you look sophisticated without spending much on the full suits. 


Shirts-prom suit

A prom is a formal event, so you are supposed to get a look that oozes style and sophistication. In this regard, you are suggested to wear a white placket shirt with either a basic collar that you wear with a tie or a stiff wing-style collar that goes best with a bow tie. French-style cuffs, also known as double back over cuffs, are best for these shirts as they allow you to wear cufflinks. Some tough students prefer to wear colorful shirts with their suits which can also look good if the lighter shades are worn with dark suits but traditionally, it's a white shirt to make a classic statement.



A black leather dress shoe is the best choice if you are planning to wear a full tuxedo or black suit. However, for casual wear like blazers and trousers or dinner jackets, you have a large variety of shoes to choose from. Nevertheless, if you are pepped up in all traditional colors like the blue and gray suit, you can effortlessly style it with any of your tan brogues, monk straps, or Chelsea boots.   

A useful tip for everyone is that prom is dancing night, and if you are planning to buy a new pair of shoes, then you must know that it can be troublesome, so try getting used to wearing shoes before hitting the dance floor.  

Accessories for prom suit:

Accessories for prom suit

Your prom look is incomplete without the right accessories, as these small details take your look to a new level. Although we don't suggest you overdo it, styling yourself with a tie that matches with a pocket square and boutonniere is extremely stylish and fashionable. To add a bit more spice, team up your suit with stylish cufflinks, patterned socks, a cummerbund, and a nice belt to complete your elegant silhouette.  

How to Wear

How to Wear-prom suit

We have already discussed what we should wear to prom but to make it all appealing. You would have to wear an outfit that fits perfectly on your body. A well-fitted suit is a key to an ultra-modern look. It makes you look neat, sleek, and of sheer elegance. 

Apart from fitting, suit color is also a vital ingredient in making you look great so always pick a color that flatters your skin tone. Learn What Color Suit to Wear For Prom for a loom that you would want to rock - whether traditional or modern. 

If you want to make a traditional and versatile statement, make sure to use prom staple hues like gray, black, and blue that can never go wrong and can be used again and again on other occasions as well. It would be great if any piece of your clothing matches your prom partner's outfit, be it a tie, bow tie, or vest. This will just add flair to your chemistry and make you guys stand out.   

Moreover, you can also look for The Ultimate Guide to Rocking a Prom Event with a Burgundy Prom Suit for a modern glow. 

Perfect fit: 

Perfect fit-prom suit

The perfect fit clothes are those that make you feel comfortable and look best on your body, they can be slim, tailored, or even smart fitted, all depending on your body type. Generally, men that have a slightly slim or medium physique opt for slim fit suiting. The slim-fit suit gives you a sleek and modern silhouette in which the area around the shoulder, chest, and waist is narrowly fitted.

As discussed earlier, tailored fitting is ideal for guys with large builds. It can look great on guys with slim and regular builds as well as it gives you a wide stylish appeal. Tailored fitting suits are best for those who like to wear suits that have some room to breathe. The jackets of a tailored fit suit have tapered waist and classic lapels, which look great on guys with large broader shoulders and chests. 

Wear it with confidence: 

Wear it with confidence

Self-worth is something that makes you feel confident about yourself. There is no doubt that young people struggle a lot with confidence, and they take much stress regarding their looks for prom night. To overcome this societal pressure, one needs to wear clothes that are comfortable and that make them confident. We would recommend not to wear anything that you can't handle and make you a butt of every joke. Rather, pick styles that make you confident about yourself and give you an air of sophistication. 

Who Should Avoid Big and Tall Suits:

Who Should Avoid Big and Tall Suits

Big and tall suits are for men with a larger stature. These suits make it comfortable for plus-size men to fit in. Generally, these suits are for those individuals who are 6'2 or longer with larger body measurements. However, those guys who are shorter than the given height with a medium build are not supposed to be wearing these suits as it would make them look sloppy and clumsy.