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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Big and Tall Suits for Attending a Christmas Party


The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Big and Tall Suits for Attending a Christmas Party

The spirit of Christmas involves everyone, whether an adult or a child; everybody wants to look their best in this festive season. Christmas parties are the type of event where you have to dress up like a professional. It's the time of the year with many holiday events like catching up with old friends, attending annual corporate events and even grand family dinners. So for occasions like these, you would have to level up your game by sporting stylish attire.  

Here we have listed some guidelines so you can nail your Christmas party look for different occasions this year. 

Big and tall suit style guide for men:

Big and tall suit style guide for men

Some sophisticated styles of big and tall slim-fit suits for guys for Christmas. Big and tall guys are suggested to make a classic statement by wearing separates at Christmas parties. A dark color turtleneck with a blazer and combination pants can actually get them an envy-worthy look this season for almost all types of casual and semi-formal parties. However, for formal attire, a well-fitted tailored suit of dark brown, gray or navy with a matching waistcoat is ideal for big and tall guys as they need to wear suits that have room for comfort and style.  

What to wear to the Christmas event:  

What to wear to the Christmas event

Christmas is not limited to just an event anymore but an entire festive season which involves many events like casual Christmas parties, formal and semi-formal Christmas parties, and the list goes on. These events call for different attire according to the spirit of the party; for a casual Christmas party, you are supposed to wear a blend of casual and smart wear. You can wear a dinner jacket or suit jacket with a printed shirt and pants, or pair your ultimate suit with some chic style graphic tee and pair it with stylish sneakers; these are all good get-ups for a smart casual setup. Similarly, for a formal Christmas evening, you are either asked to follow a dress code or a black-tie attire. Generally, an exceptionally tailored tuxedo with a dress shirt and tall suit pants can do wonders for you in an event like these.   

Sometimes you are asked to wear semi-formal in a Christmas event, which means you have to be dressed up as sleek and stylish in such cases, you can easily make a dapper statement by wearing suit separates. Style any blazer with a different color combination of pants or chinos; it can be a blue blazer with white pants or a gray jacket with black pants attire like these can look perfect for semi-formal parties. Wearing a tie or not is completely optional in semi-formal setups, so it entirely depends on your preferences. 

Christmas season also has some cocktail parties where you wear a cocktail dress which is a unique combination of modernity and formality, so whenever you are invited to such a party, just style yourself with any ultimate suit of navy, gray or cobalt blue hues as they can get the wow-worthy attire you are looking for. 

Suit etiquettes for Christmas

Suit etiquettes for Christmas

It's the festive season when everybody wants to don his super glamorous and stylish silhouette. Just like any other occasion, there are some etiquettes for Christmas party suits for men as well. The most important one is you must wear a suit that fits your body perfectly, a two-button fitted suit can be the best choice for most events, and an ill-fitted suit is a big turn off and can be disastrous for you. After the suit comes the shirt that needs to be fitted according to your body type with pointed collars and French cuffs that allow you to wear cufflinks. A simple etiquette for a two or three-button suit is to never button up the bottom; it also makes you easily unbutton your suit with one hand while sitting. A decent pair of matching dress boots or shoes can make you look class apart and super elegant. Everyone notices these few things, and following them can transform you from an ordinary guy to a wow-worthy silhouette.   

Choosing the right accessories  

Choosing the right accessories

Accessories play a key role in elevating your appearance; some vibrant pocket square socks, classic cufflinks and statement watches can get you attention grabbing and envy-worthy looks. The running accessories that go best in all Christmas parties are pocket squares and statement belts. These two just enhance the overall look of your suits; however, a classic watch can always flare up your sassy appearance. 

Color combinations for big and tall suits for Christmas

Color combinations for big and tall suits for Christmas

Although Christmas is all about vibrant colors and liveliness, too many bright shiny hues do not go well in menswear; the softer tones work best for these occasions. A man certainly needs a couple of good suits to wear on different occasions, charcoal gray, black, and navy blue are some versatile colors that go best with almost all lighter coloured shirts and in all seasons. For Christmas parties' men's clothing, other events are quite straightforward. You can always add a pinch of seasonal spice to your attire by wearing vibrant colors' bow ties, ties and socks.

Consider the place and time: 

Consider the place and time

Right clothing at the right time always gets you some extra points. There certainly are some pros and cons of every holiday season. Similarly, on Christmas, you can't wear a suit all the time; there are always some occasions where you need to don casual blazers with a graphic tee or Christmas sweaters. For instance, at a cooperating business party, people don't expect to see you in an attire that gives them a serious boardroom-style look. Always blend your suiting with a touch of casualness, like style your double-breasted suit with a contrast roll neck, and you will see how elegant it looks at a business Christmas party.

Similarly, nobody wants to be overly dressed on a night out with friends as you don't have to impress anyone there, so always dress according to the event. In such an outing, you can opt for sweatshirts or bomber jackets with some nice pair of jeans to make a peppy yet super comfortable statement. These are a few examples where you must consider the place and time. 

Big and tall Christmas suit ideas:

Big and tall Christmas suit ideas

There are undoubtedly unlimited ideas for Christmas party suits for men; however, whenever you are confused about what to wear, remember that a well-tailored three-piece suit is something that you can do best for yourself; pair it up with a tee for an informal event. For formal wear, any darker color suit with a crisp white shirt can do wonders for you; just add flavors to it by wearing cool accessories like a belt, pocket square, or cufflink, and you are all pepped up for a super sassy appearance.  

Mistakes to avoid:

Mistakes to avoid

There are common mistakes you must avoid when planning to attend any party; one of them is always dressed according to the weather. Some people wear an untucked shirt with a blazer and suit well this is also a thing that should be avoided. A polished shoe and an ironed outfit are the things that enhance your overall look, so always make sure that your shoes are well polished and your suit is ironed before time.