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Are Cuffs in Style for Men's Suits in 2023

by Miguel 31 Jan 2023

Are cuffs in style for men's suits in 2023

When it comes to classic men's clothing, one of the many things that keep on ghosting us like the dead over and over again is the evergreen-cuffed pants, also known as turn-ups.

Be it for formal attire or just as a pair of casual pants to bring out the 20s or 80s style, cuffed trousers and pleats can give off a very classic look.

But the real question is, are cuffs in style for men's suits in 2023? Or are they already out of the list for black ties or any such formal occasions? Before we get into our fair share of judgment, let's get a little into its antiquity of it first.

Cuffed pants as Men's Fashion

Cuffed pants as Men's Fashion

Speaking of men's dress pants and French cuffs, these type of folded edge at the hemline of suit pants gives off a turned-up contour along the pant leg, hence the term “turn-ups”. It isn't the traditional “cut and sew” sort of folds, but simply the extra fabric of the trouser bottoms being doubled up into a clean yet sophisticated shape.

The additional perk that comes with it, when compared to a slightly shorter hemmed bottom fabric, is that it can be worn in two styles. Let it flow with the cuffs off and show off an elongated flat front look, or merely turn it up to wear cuffed pants and let your polished shoes do the rest.

With regard to different cultures, cuffed pants drape has been a staple when recalling mainstream men and their bespoke tailors since the 1890s, escorted by King Edward the seventh, the infamous playboy child of Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales.

Starting since then, these have been in fashion every so often, serving as a fashion forward for the 20s, 30s, 60s, and even the 80s.

Are cuffs in style for men's suits in 2023

Fast forwarding to the current fashion and trends of men's suit pants in 2023, what's coming back into the show and which ones are you forgoing? Or more specifically, besides slim fit and flat front pants, what other options are we keeping for suit wear?

Well, to be very frank, flat fronts and suit jackets, even though worn by most men for the basic purpose of looking high-toned yet elegant, one thing that's reemerging into a dress rage is wearing cuffs.

Wearing a classic suit with style is a gentle reminder to have enough fabric to sew up and pull of cuffed dress pants or single pleated pants and simply live the good old days. However, when you intend to wear cuffs, flat front trousers or pleated trousers can be the perfect choice to ensure that one rule- “simplicity is elegance”.

In spite of that, in comparison to trouser cuffs, one type that we really don't appreciate much is the fashion of cuffs on jeans. Personal opinion, they make you look shorter than you are, and who wants that really?

Now, straight to our actual discussion, do we have enough space to give some credits to the ever-so-traditional cuffs or is it a nay-nay situation?

We've put forward our two cents on this, both pros and cons, with the hope for you to figure it out on your own-

For Pants with Cuffs

For Pants with Cuffs

Additional Fabric

Due to the extra fabric along the hem, it's quicker to come up with easy-to-go damage control. Simply cut off the excess and use it along the damaged or stained bottom fabric without the need to spend more money behind a tailor.

Extra Weight

Having cuffs on your flat front pants or trousers with pleats bestows your fabric with some added weight and thus helps in maintaining a sharp drape.

Casually Elegant

If and when you decide to wear cuffed pants, it'll flawlessly offer a more sophisticated look. Without any sort of adornment or forcing yourself to wear odd trousers, simply cuff up and pair with a gray or beige pair of a flannel shirt and blazer to rock the lazy informal look.

However, avoid a tuxedo at any cost with cuffed pants to avoid embarrassment.

Taller Appearance

Men with a lean and tall body type, it's your time to be in the limelight with cuffs on pleated pants. It'll instantly accentuate your proportions and bring in a healthy body-to-torso balance. Besides, it's a laid-back approach to stand out in the crowd, since they're just getting into a trend nowadays. So, be the first to steal the show!

Against Cuffed Pants

Against Cuffed Pants

Heavy on the Pocket

Given that you're a little on budget, getting tailor-made cuff pants will surely cost you some extra bucks due to the added fabric needed for the folds. However, the money spent on such clothing will definitely not be a regretful choice.

Hard to Handle

Owning a pair of these might be troublesome to some when walking on puddles or a muddy road with the cuffs unfolded and not sewn into place.

Inclined Towards a Casual Look

As much as these are totally worth the trend, you cannot wear them to formal interviews, business meetings, black tie events and such. These might sound like quite a bummer to some, but we'd suggest you to get one anyway and flaunt it at a casual party or date night.

Body Proportions

Since these cuffed pants tend to draw attention and add more weight to your waistline as well as the legs, slightly bulkier or shorter men might want to rethink their decision. Besides, if you're intending to pair it up with a white dress shirt, the proportions will confidently assemble and highlight your body type.

Nevertheless, getting them made by keeping the body proportions in mind will keep you safe and classy!

Tips and Tricks When Wearing Cuff Pants

Tips and Tricks When Wearing Cuff Pants

Cuff can require quite an effort if you're a newbie to this, especially because these tend to bring you out to the spotlight. Hence, here are a few golden principles you should consider when having one custom-built-

  • Such pants should have the hemline just slightly over the shoe's heel to give it that sharp look.

  • Be certain that the length is enough, so your socks aren't apparently visible while taking steps.

  • Another tip to keep in check is to stitch the pants wide enough to hide the shoe strings when dressed up to put on the show.


With this, we have reached the end to our discussion on whether cuffs are making it to the trend list of men's suits in 2023 or not. In brief, this is a must-own piece of clothing to style up with a double-breasted suit or wear it to an 80s party!

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