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A blue plaid suit can be a powerful addition to your wardrobe. Check out these ideas for combining different pieces in different ways.

Blue plaid strikes a great balance between being a bold and colorful pattern as well as a traditional one, which means you can wear it effectively in many different settings. The lighter plaid pattern is visually interesting without being too bright, since the navy ground balances and tones it down.

So, here are some ideas on how you can wear this great pattern.

How To Pull Off A Plaid Suit

Inspired by English and Italian tailoring traditions, these bold patterns are no longer relegated to fancy pants old men and are on the backs of the most stylish men on the planet in all conceivable forms.

The good news is that a plaid suit can be worn by anyone, and it works even better when the pattern breaks out of its stuffy confines and onto a more casual silhouette like the cool weather-appropriate double-breasted coat. Some points to consider are as follows:

The Plaid State Of Mind

It takes some confidence and courage to make the move into plaid. Guys often grow up believing (or having taught to them) that they cannot wear this pattern and it should only ever be worn by older men who are very wealthy.

If you like the look of a traditional tartan or other large-scale plaid but think that wearing such a bold outfit is beyond your fashion comfort zone, start by combining just a few patterned elements into your outfit.

A plaid state of mind can be achieved easily. A great approach is to wear a plaid shirt and trousers, which many guys do successfully quite regularly. If you're up for expanding your plaid horizons, try a plaid suit made from subtle colors and patterns.

Know Your Patterns

There’s a wealth of plaid out there for the taking, and it’s important to know your Glen Plaids from your Gunchecks so you know how to put it all together.

The first step is to identify your plaids. This being a traditional Scottish pattern, you should start by looking for the color red. Few other colors are as versatile as this one when it comes to mixing with blue suits so having red in your tartan will help you pull off many daring looks without standing out too much.

To master this pattern, you need to know the difference between the terms glen check and uncheck pl; Glenoid is a more informal look, while a gun check is more formal and traditionally worn with business suits. For our purposes here, we are looking at how you can wear these different types of plaid.

Style It For Success

You might be taking more of a fashion risk here but ultimately it’s easy to style these patterned blue suits if you start simply.

Avoid wearing anything other than a solid white shirt under your plaid jacket if you are wearing one with a glen check, as this will further emphasize the red color. Instead, wear an open-necked shirt with your uncheck or gun check patterns to let it shine against your blue background.

For example, teaming a light blue glen check suit with a light blue shirt, dark tie, and tan brogues instantly invokes images of traditional British style.

Different Types Of Plaid Suits

A plaid look is coming back in style. What was once considered an old grandpa’s look is now regaining much popularity among young people. The following types are discussed below:

Window Pane Plaid

The type of fabric has horizontal and vertical lines that create boxes. The width of each box varies with the color filling inside the boxes. Windowpane plaids are ideal for informal dressing. Further, it provides a masculine look.

Wear a dark-colored shirt or a bright tie for a more casual impression. Some types of windowpane patterns have contrasting colors which enhance the overall impact of the plaid. However, you can also wear darker shirts and ties to control the impact of the plaid. 

Use this image as a reference.

The Glen Plaid

The glen plaid is one of the most popular types of plaids. It is woven with pure worsted yarn and has a soft texture. The glen plaid comes in two varieties: the tartan and the plain glen check.

The glen check fabric is generally light blue, but it can be found in other colors such as red, green, black, and brown. The plain glen is generally found in navy blue shade with red lining inside the boxes.

This fabric is a tight twill with broken checks. Glen plaids can be worn for both casual and formal dressing. 

Use the below image as a reference,

Prince of Wales Plaid

This type of fabric combines both the Window Pane and the Glen Plaid. It is woven with pure worsted yarn and has a soft texture. It comes in dark shades like black, green, tan, and gray. The Prince of Wales plaid is ideal for both formal and casual dressing. 

Use the image of the prince of wales plaid suit as a reference.

Trendy Color Combination With Plaid Blue Suit

A blue suit can’t easily be mistaken for a basic black number anymore. It stands out. Once considered an old man’s style, it has recently become a statement of youth and freedom. This is all due to the versatile color combination possibilities blue offers. Some of which are discussed below.

Trendy Shirts

You may have gathered that the navy blue suit acts as the perfect add-on. The larger issue that remains is what to wear underneath this powerful staple. In this case, a dress shirt with different colors is your best bet. There are multiple ways to go about it.

Trendy shirts with navy blue suits generally come to a particularly stylish combination that can be adopted for both formal or casual occasions.

You don’t need to stick with the classic blue, you know. If you want something more daring then team your blue suit with an emerald green shirt to take advantage of the color wheel.

Combinations With White Shirt

For dark blue suit combinations, a crisp white shirt would be a great accompaniment.  The navy blue suit with a white shirt combination goes supremely well when it is teamed with the right style elements.

Combine a crisp white shirt with your bright blue suit and make an obvious statement by accessorizing with either a long or short necktie. This look is most suitable for casual occasions such as parties, coffee times, etc.

If you want to emphasize the whole stylishness of the blue suit with white dress shirt combination then chose dark brown shoes and belt to go along with the look.

Combinations With Pink Shirt

Think of a blue suit with a pink shirt for an element of playfulness to your attire. A pink shirt will help to increase your fashion quotient and turn heads at the same time.

It is an ideal choice for summer events such as luncheons, weekend outings, and so on. You can pair a pink shirt with a casual watch or any other accessories of similar colors.

Combinations With Orange Shirt

Orange is a hot color in plaid clothing these days. It is one of the most preferred colors for shirts to be worn with a blue suit. A printed or checked shirt in this color would help you look vibrant and youthful when combined with a black blazer and tie.

It is a perfect choice for casual occasions, especially on the weekend. It is also often considered one of the best color combinations for a wedding or even an official engagement requiring formal attire.

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Combinations With Lilac Shirt

Lilac goes well with a blue suit. The two colors are so close on the color wheel, they can seamlessly complement each other without looking out of place. Combine a lilac shirt with your blue suit to look stylish and sophisticated at work or any formal occasion that might come up later in the day.

It is a great choice for the summer as well as autumn seasons. With a lilac shirt, you can even do away with wearing neckties but that depends on your profession and the occasion.

With Gray Shirt combination

If you want to look stylish and different from the rest of the blue-suited men around you, why not combine your navy suit with a gray shirt?

It is suitable for casual occasions like dinner parties, lunches, and summer events. It gives you that special formal look that can also help you stand out in the crowd of other stylish men.

Color Of Ties With Blue Suits

Ties are essential to menswear because a single tie can reinvent your blue suit look’s appeal. If you want to add an element of fashion in your blue suit combinations then choose a tie with either the same shade or another tone of blue.

If you’re looking for something more striking and yet fashionable, why not try your tie combinations with one of the shirts. Both provide ample color choices that won’t fail to make heads turn.

You can also choose a tie with a striped pattern to add that extra element of style to your look. Just make sure the colors don’t clash and go well together in terms of tone and shade.

Pink Tie Combinations

A pop of pink can do wonders for your overall appearance. Try a pink tie with a blue shirt. It can be worn on casual to semi-formal occasions and is an eye-catcher.

A pink tie with a blue shirt is considered more classy than just plain pink. This is because it looks stylish and bold at the same time.

It is important to ensure that the tie’s shade of pink isn’t too bright or flashy as it can take away from your entire outfit’s style.

Red Tie Combination

A royal blue suit with a red tie is a combination that can prove to be a very sophisticated pick. This is definitely a great choice for formal events such as weddings, night outs, etc.

This doesn’t mean that it can’t be worn on casual occasions. You can always go for this combination when planning to hit the town to have drinks with friends or attend any other party of sorts. It will provide you with an extra edge and an increase in your overall fashion quotient.

Black Tie Combination

While closing in on the perfect tie with dark blue suit combinations, you can try a black tie on a black shirt combination. It is a stylish and elegant way to add that extra element of appeal to your entire look.

This combination will work best on more formal occasions such as weddings or any other black-tie event. It is not recommended for casual wear though you can certainly wear it when going out with friends on a weekend.

Blue Tie Combination

A navy blue suit shirt and blue tie combination is a winner among all blues. It is a popular choice among professionals as it exudes a sense of formality and sophistication.

A blue suit with a blue tie will look best when worn on formal occasions such as conferences or business meetings. A blue tie can also be tried for all those interviews you have been getting from time to time.

Shoes To Wear With A Navy Blue Suit

You can style your navy blue suit look with brown and black shoes. If you’re opting for brown shoes then ensure they are either dark chocolate or mahogany.

Of course, there are several other types of shades available in the market but mentioned below give off an elegant yet stylish look that is perfect for your navy blue suit combination.

Brown Shoe Combination

Blue suit and brown shoes certainly go together. Pick a smart checkered shirt to wear underneath the blue suits and team it up with a smart pair of brown oxfords.

It can also be worn with a casual watch or bracelet to add that extra element of style to your look. Make sure the shades of brown complement each other in terms of tone and color.

Black Shoe Combination

A blue suit can look supremely stunning when paired with a black formal shirt and dapper black dress shoes. Ensure the shoes are polished and well-kept, preferably leather to give off a stylish look.

It is not recommended for casual occasions so unless you’re headed to an important event or fun dressed-up party it is best to keep this combination out of your wardrobe.

One Navy Plaid Suit, Three Outfit Ideas

Here I’ll show you three different ways to wear a bolder navy suit. I love mixing and matching suit jackets and pants, as well as pairing with more casual pieces to downplay formality. Navy plaid suit with a denim shirt and leather boots for an easy-going look, which is perfect for when you don’t know where your day will take you.

Some of the navy suit looks are discussed below:

Full Suit, Simple And Straightforward

The one concern you may have about wearing a bold suit is appearing too “loud” or attention-grabbing. To avoid this, you can go for a straightforward look by opting to wear all the pieces together: a suit jacket and pants.

To be simple and elegant, wear dark navy pants and complemented them with a medium blue suit jacket. To bring out the intensity of your outfit more, include some vivid colors in there. For instance, you can wear red shoes or accessories.

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Mix And Match

Separating basic suits to create new outfit combinations offer a great way to change up your suits. Go for separates in subtle, tonal shades—matching or varying browns work well. This will not only create several different looks but also give you the opportunity of mixing tailored trousers with casual sweaters, shirts, and jackets.

By mixing and matching, you can create an entirely new outfit and impart a fresh look, which is considered the obvious trick to spruce up your blue suit combination.

Dressy Casual

The usual day-to-day outfit consists of something very similar to the pieces in look three. Chinos, a dress or a sports shirt (sans tie), and a pair of cognac loafers. However, you can freshen things up by wearing a suit jacket with beige chinos and moccasins.

Moreover, you can wear a tie and dress shirt while keeping the jacket on or simply opt for a sports shirt and denim jacket. An awesomely versatile look that you can experiment with different pieces to explore your style.

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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Whether you’re looking to buy a blue plaid suit or just want some ideas on how to style one, we hope this article has been helpful. Be sure to check out our online store for the latest in men’s fashion, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below. Now that you know everything there is to styling a blue plaid suit, it's time to go shopping!