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Advice on Buying Suit for Teenager Boy

Every teen boy needs a suit for special occasions, such as party, wedding, graduation, and job interview. Finding the perfect suit for a teenager boy can be challenging; after all, boys' suits come in various sizes, styles, and colors. But with the right advice on buying suits for teen boys, you can find one that fits properly and looks great!

In this article, we will discuss some tips to help you buy the best suit for your teenage son - from things to consider when choosing boys' suits to tips for getting the perfect fit. We'll even offer some options from Flexsuits, so they look sharp while staying comfortable. So let's get started.

Things to Consider Before Buying Suits for Teenager Boys

Things to Consider Before Buying Suits for Teenager Boys

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying boys' suits:

1. What Is the Occasion?

Consider the occasion for which the suit is being purchased. Whether it's a wedding or any other formal event, make sure to choose the right color that suits the occasion. You can take inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest to help you pick the best design and color.

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2. A Decent Fabric According to Weather

The fabric of the suit plays a crucial role in its comfort and longevity. Wool is a versatile option that is perfect for all seasons as it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It's also wrinkle-resistant and breathable. If you're looking for a summer-friendly suit, opt for linen. However, be aware that linen wrinkles easily. On the other hand, polyester suits are affordable but not as breathable as wool.

TIP: Check the material's weight to ensure it won't be too heavy or too light for your teen's wear.

3. A Comfortable Style

A Comfortable Style

There are various styles of suit jackets to choose from, so make sure to select one that fits your teen's body type and personal style. Here are some popular options:

  • Single-breasted suits feature one row of buttons, while double-breasted suits have two rows and look more formal.
  • Two-button jackets are classic, while three-button designs are modern and edgier.
  • Ensure that the fabric doesn't pull or stretch when the jacket is buttoned. The jacket should end at the wrist, with sleeves sticking out about an inch to a quarter inch. The shoulders should fit comfortably and not squeeze.

4. Choose an Appropriate Pant Style

Don't overlook the pants when choosing a suit. Suit pants are different from casual trousers and are worn at the natural waist. Every pair of suit trousers has cuffs, and a slight or medium break makes for the perfect match. In other words, when the hem of your pants meets with the top of your shoes, it will create an immaculate crease that provides for a dapper look.

5. Choose Cool Colours 

Select a color that looks smart but not too dull. Navy is a suitable choice for teenagers unless black is required for a specific event. For summer wear, you can pick brighter colors like light blue or grey for a more casual look.

6. Cuts Look Better on Teenagers

Experiment with a range of cuts and more fitted styles to achieve the perfect fit for younger figures. This way, you can avoid having your little boy's suit look too loose or unstructured. Slim-fit suits are more flattering on boys, and they look better when paired with a shirt and tie.

7. Choose Durability Over Fashion

The wear and tear of a suit will depend on the quality of the fabric. So, always go for quality fabric that is durable enough to last through wear and tear. Also, buy pants with reinforced pockets and wear-resistant fabrics.

Essential Accessories for Teenager Suits

Essential Accessories for Teenager Suits

Although the suit is the star of the show, accessories can be used to add a personal touch. Here are some classic and timeless accessories for teenage boys:

1. The Right Shoes

Oxfords are the epitome of sophistication and effortless style, making them the most popular shoe choice. However, to truly complete your look, you need to find a pair that complements your suit perfectly - invest time in finding shoes that will help make that ensemble perfect.

2. Ties

Once you've found the right suit and shoes, it's time to move on to ties. Ties come in a variety of materials and styles, so there's something to suit every teenager. Solid-colored ties look good with almost any outfit. If you want to add a bit of personality and flavor, then go for patterned ties.

3. Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are the perfect accessory for teenage boys. They add a touch of character to any outfit and make it look polished and on-trend. Make sure you choose a pocket square that complements your tie and shirt, as well as the color of your suit.

Where to Buy Suits for Teenagers?

Where to Buy Suits for Teenagers?

1. 5 Piece Off White Boys 2 Button Suit

Introducing the perfect solution for stylish and stress-free formal wear for your little gentleman. This 5-piece off-white boys' outfit is a complete package of sophistication and comfort. With a crisp and classic look, this suit is sure to make your child stand out at any special event.

The full-lined, single-breasted, 2-button jacket, paired with the single pleated pants and adjustable 4-button vest, guarantees a seamless and polished appearance.

The included matching shirt and tie add the final touch of sophistication. Crafted from a blend of polyester and rayon, this suit is durable and easy to care for. Simply dry clean for a perfect look every time. Upgrade your child's wardrobe today with this stylish and practical off-white boys' suit!

2. 5 Piece Beige Boys 2 Button Suit

This 5-piece beige boys suit is the ultimate choice for your little fashion icon. The complete set includes a matching vest, shirt, and tie, making it effortless to dress up for any formal occasion. With a traditional cut, this suit guarantees a sharp and refined look for your child.

The pants can also be easily hemmed to the proper length for a custom fit. Made from a blend of polyester and rayon, this suit is durable and easy to care for with just a simple dry clean. Elevate your child's formal wardrobe with this chic and sophisticated 5-piece beige boys suit!


How much should a teenage boy spend on suits?

From $79 to $130, you can find the perfect suit for your needs at Flexsuits. This price range includes a variety of fit types and materials like wool/poly blend fabrics in classic color schemes - making it easy to pick out something that suits your style without breaking the bank!

What suits should you buy first?

The suit you should buy first depends on the occasion and what type of suit best fits your body shape. If you're attending a formal event, then a classic black suit is typically a great choice. On the other hand, if you'd like to make more of an impression, something like an interesting pattern or color suit may suit you better.


Whether you're shopping for a young boy or teenager, finding the right outfit is essential in order to make sure he looks his best. Always make sure to get the right fit [Interlink: Wedding Suits for Boys: How to Measure, Order, and Find the Perfect Fit] and style. Accessories are also important, such as a good pair of shoes and neckwear. The options from Flexsuits outlined above offer a variety of suit styles and colors, all at an affordable price.

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