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Stylish Ideas On What Color Shirt To Wear With Tan Suit

by Miguel 06 Aug 2022


Tan-colored suits are a popular choice for warmer weather in the spring and summer. These suits keep you looking professional and relaxed. You can choose to wear any color shirt with your tan suit.

There are some general guidelines that apply to most men when deciding what color of shirt to wear with their tan suit, but you can also experiment and express yourself through your choice of shirts.

You may find that different colors go better at different times or for different occasions, so it is a good idea to have several colors of dress shirts in your closet.

What Is The Formality Of The Tan Suit

What Is The Formality Of The Tan Suit

Tan suits are perhaps the most casual way to wear a suit.  It is a light shade that is breezy and casual.

A tan suit jacket is made of flannel and has a casual, unstructured cut. It is typically paired with matching pants that have the same textures and patterns.

Whether you should wear a tie or other accessories depends on your profession and personal preference. A conservative law firm might require employees to wear ties, whereas an architect may choose not to wear one.

Choose The Tan Suit By Cut

Choose The Tan Suit By Cut

If you match the fit of your suit correctly, it will help you enhance your sleek and stylish look. You will want to wear a slim-fitting jacket and pants that are neither too loose nor too tight.

The cut you choose for your suit depends on the style and line of your suit, as well as how formal you intend to look. Consider what activity is most important when choosing your type of tan suit.

Wear a lighter color shirt with a tan suit during the day and at night. This is a great way to express yourself, but there are some general guidelines for choosing your shirt colors.

Light blue shirts will help you look more professional during the day. It can also draw attention away from any contrast between your face and neck and your suit.

Mid-tone or darker colors like a blue shirt can be worn when you want to look more casual and relaxed. They offer a stark contrast to light tan suits (like a light khaki suit) and add intensity to darker colored suits such as brown.

Following khaki suits cuts are discussed below:

Classic Fit Tan Suits

Classic Fit Tan Suits

Classic fit suits are characterized by the class and the comfort they provide. This type of suit is the most popular and highly preferred.

The pants of this kind of tan suit have a more relaxed fit near the crotch, making it perfect for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet. They also tend to be roomier around the thighs and upper legs but gradually tapers down towards the knee and ankle.

Slim-Fit Tan Suits

Slim-Fit Tan Suits

Slim fit suits are tailored closer to the body, making you feel like someone is hugging you. This cut is perfect for those who are conscious of their slight weight gain. The suit provides a sleek look that accentuates your body shape.

Skinny fit suits are extremely slim-fitting and provide no room whatsoever. It's the slimmest of all three cuts by just a few inches. This type of suit is mostly worn by celebrities in films or concerts.

Here's a little more info for some great Mens Suits To Get Your Look On

Different Shades Of Brown Suit

Different Shades Of Brown Suit

Classic browns range from a lighter shade of tan to dark chocolate, and they include a great variety of shades. This can make it a little difficult for men who do not know what color of brown they are looking for.

There is no wrong or the right shade of brown when it comes to choosing the appropriate color for your suit. You must be guided by the intensity and darkness of the shade, which you can determine by looking at the color swatch before buying.

This type of suit can come in a variety of shades, ranging from light brown to dark gold, depending on which designer made your suit.

Different designers frequently use different words for the casual color or the same word for very different colors which are given below:


tan mens suit

Tan refers to light, predominantly brown shades. It is also used to describe the color of a sheepskin. Tan can be used as an alternative word for light brown or dark gold. Also, tan generally does not include a red tint.


dun mens suit

Dun refers to a darker brown than tan, sometimes with green-dominated hues. Dun is generally used to describe the color of horses, deer, and cow coats. It is also the color of unbleached wool, and in some countries, dun is used to describe dark blond hair.

Khaki Suit

khaki mens suits

The Khaki suit is the most dominantly yellow shade of the related colors, with little brown or gray. It can also be described as goldish brown color. Khaki suit has become the preferred word for describing khaki-colored trousers and men's casual khaki pants.


taupe mens suits

Taupe is a darker color with gray tones as well as brown. It is sometimes described as brown with gray tones. It can also be used interchangeably with tan, but it does not have a greenish tint like dun-colored coats.

Click the link for more information about color combinations

Shirts That Go Best With a Tan Suit?

A tan suit can be your go-to choice if you make sure to style it with the appropriate cool tones like a pale blue shirt. It is a staple suit that can be worn on a daily basis, but it will look even better with the right shirt.

When you are looking for the perfect shirt to wear with your tan suit, consider taking these color shirts into account:

Classic White Shirt

Classic White Shirt for tans suit

Wearing a crisp, white shirt is a classic choice for a tan suit. This keeps the look fresh and professional. Avoid wearing black or navy dress shirts with tan suits, since this creates too much of a contrast.

A classic white shirt can be worn in many different ways, including wearing it with a tie or without. For formal events, choose a white shirt that is made of cotton for comfort.

Light Blue, Light Pink, or Moss Colored Shirts

Light Blue, Light Pink, or Moss Colored Shirts for tan suit

If you want to create interest and pizazz, wear colored shirts with your suit. A baby blue shirt, light pink, or moss work well with light tan suits, especially if they are made of silk, cotton, or linen.

Brown Dress Shirt

brown shirt with tan suit

If you don't want to appear too "loud" and want to keep the look simple instead, try pairing a light brown dress shirt with your tan suit. It works well for both casual and formal events. You can also consider wearing a white dress shirt, but it does tend to be more noticeable than the brown one.

Here's a great guide on what color shirt to wear with your tan suit

Useful Tips For Wearing A Brown Suit

Useful Tips For Wearing A Brown Suit

Brown is a rich, versatile color that helps to bring out and enrich other colors. You can wear brown at work or for an evening out, but you should always keep these things in mind.


While a lighter brown suit should go with a darker shade of brown shoes. If you are wearing a darker brown suit, avoid matching the shoes with the color of the shoe; instead, match it to the belt. For example, if your belt is dark brown, wear brown dress shoes. However, if your belt is light brown, then wear light brown shoes.


Brown Suits are extremely versatile and come in a range of options, from solids to pinstripes and windowpane checks. There are many things to consider when it comes to your pattern choice. For example, solid brown suits are easier to match with shirts and ties than brown suits with a gingham pattern for a fresh summer feel.

Pinstripes work well for a casual event, but you should avoid wearing them on the formal event since pinstripes can look too flashy in this setting.

Striped shirts are another way to make your pinstriped suit look more casual.


Because a Brown Suit is so versatile, it can be paired with a white shirt, a light blue shirt, a light pink, or if you really want to get aggressive, even a light green shirt. A shirt with a brown suit should be short-sleeved.

According to tan suits, shirts should be lighter or darker, depending on what color the suit is. For a lighter tan suit, wear a dark shirt with it and vice versa. In both cases, avoid wearing a white or patterned shirt because they make the outfit look "busy".

Statement necklaces can be worn if you want to add some flair while still looking professional. If you are wearing a shirt with a tie, pull out the necklace so that it hangs into your suit.


As a result of the richness and versatility of brown, variation with accessories is a good thing. This means a brown suit can be paired with a white or light tan shirt with no problem.

Brown ties with red or yellow patterns work well, but if you want to keep it simple, pick a solid color tie in blue, green, rust, yellow, pink, or navy tie.

A brown belt is the most common choice for this color of the suit.

If you want to bring out the richness of your brown suit, consider wearing dark socks. If you are wearing a lighter-colored brown suit, go with light-colored socks instead.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to wearing a brown suit, you have many color combinations. We’ve given some basic guidelines on what color shirt will go best with your tan suit based on the formality of the suit and how much skin is showing.

It's full of useful tips like what colors to avoid wearing so they don't clash. Let us help you find out which shade goes best for you by grabbing one from our website today!
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