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5 Best Prom Suits for Teenagers

by Miguel 03 Aug 2022

We all know that prom is a rite of passage, and it’s probably the first time you will be buying a suit. It’s one of those moments in life when you need to “Dress to Kill.”

Whether you have done this before, or you’re new to buying a suit, you will only be a game changer if you consider these four factors: style, fit, price, and occasion. Combine them all, and you become incontestable!

Now, let’s break them down.


What’s your taste? Do you love trendy things? Well, this is the area where you need to up your game. However, it can be daunting if you’re not sure of what you want or how to go about it. Wear something that will bring out your personality and make you feel and look fantastic. Rummage through Instagram and magazines and get invaluable ideas.


Take your body as a framework where everything that hangs on it makes it look perfect. The right fit should be your priority.

However, it's not all about the fit but also about what works best for your body. For a slim frame, you will fit perfectly in a skinny fit. On the other hand, for a well-chiselled waist and broad shoulders, you better get a tailored fit.

You don’t want to turn up to prom with a suit that’s embarrassingly wide at the waist or too long on the leg. Don't let people think you borrowed it from your dad!


Hey bruh, you’re still growing. You don't have to cripple your bank account over a suit that won't fit you for long. Remember, it's not all about how expensive or cheap it is, but if it will be of the best fit and style.

At Apparel99, you will find different types of prom suits for as low as 99 bucks. While you often get what you pay for, there’s also something known as bang for your buck. We are the latter.


Hey, it's prom, and this is the best moment to shine. Let the heads turn and hearts pound! Get bold and go for a three-piece hued suit or up your game a little further and get yourself a double-breasted suit.

 So, should you wear a suit or tux for prom?

 If you’re wondering “what to wear to prom?”, let us tell you that a tuxedo and a suit only differ by the presence of satin. But let’s get a bit more detailed here.

Satin – A tux has satin details while suits do not.

Accessories – Some of the tuxedo accessories include suspenders, cummerbund, bowtie, and waistcoat. Suits, on the other hand, are versatile and can be dressed up or down. It all depends on the accessories. A suit looks great with both long-ties and bowties.

However, a tux sends a unique message than a suit does not. You only wear a tuxedo on a special occasion, while you can where suit any day, anywhere. Now you have an idea about the two, suits and tuxedos. The ball is on your court. 

Below we have five best prom suits for teenagers that will make you look remarkable.

1.Fitting Navy Blue Modern Suit

If you darken red, it becomes brown, and when you lighten it, it becomes pink. However, blue remains blue!

For centuries, navy blue suits have continued to be a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe. This suit accentuates your style and makes a statement about your personality. But remember the right cut will emphasize your body type and features terrifically.

The jacket has low cut sleeves which match superbly with a grey shirt against blue-flowered tie to give you a composed yet classy look.

2.Vibrant Sky Blue Three Piece Slim Fit Prom Suits

Sky-blue symbolizes serenity, infinity, ethereal, and peace. Wearing a sky-blue suit to prom will make you the center of attention- it’s your moment to shine.

This magnanimous three-piece suit is a slim fit that hugs your body frame perfectly.  The jacket has high cut sleeves, showing off the shirt sleeves. A white shirt matches with a black tie that has a touch of blue flowers. It’s a prom suit that creates a modern silhouette.

3.Black Slim Fit Prom Suit

Black is known to be a neutral color. However, when worn right, it accentuates an elegant ensemble.

Remember, a perfectly cut slim suit will exude masculine and solid confidence. You should also note that black suits don’t look flattering on a man with light hair and lighter complexion. But its suitable for prom and other formal occasions.

The slim fit is explicitly designed to fit your flattering silhouette. The two-button jacket is wide at the shoulders, which is perfect for people with broad shoulders.

4.Checked Three-Piece Slim Fit Suit

Wearing a three-piece suit makes you look sophisticated. For a refined, modern finish, this slim suit will flatter a lean or medium-sized body flawlessly.

Matched with tapering fit pants and a pocket square that matches with a flowered tie against a sky-blue shirt, this prom suit accentuates laid-back style and confidence.

5.A Blue Slim Fit Prom Suit

Every man should have a blue suit in his wardrobe. Blue suits are stylish and versatile.

A blue suit creates a bold statement and breaks the monotony of black suiting. Politicians and public personalities have popularized the hue, and it has become acceptable across the globe.

This slim suit is customized and toned down by a black shirt and a black necktie. Get a perfect size that fits you flawlessly.

Choosing the best prom suits for teenagers depends on the body type. A pocket square and a necktie will always make your suit go beyond the fit.

In Conclusion

Dressing up for prom is fascinating. Simple rule; keep it classic, keep it tasteful, keep it timeless. Whether you want to be in a suit or a tux, avoid anything that comes in plastic-like or shiny. Deck yourself out with any of the above suits, and you will look impressive.

Regardless of your choice, do not forget that your demeanor and respect towards your companion and peers is part of your wear. Remember to have a good belt, nice shoes, short and well-kempt hair.

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