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Best Winter Wedding Suits for Men

Since the groom is the star of the wedding party and deserves all the admiration, he must be outfitted in perfect attire to catch the guests' eyes. This is one occasion where men dress to impress. He must choose what will look best with both his bride's outfit and his personality. 

When it comes to mens winter wedding suits, there are numerous things to take into consideration. Therefore, selecting the right wedding outfit for the groom can be difficult and tiring. But you don't need to worry any longer, as we are here to help you pick out the perfect winter wedding attire.

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3 Best Winter Wedding Suits for Men

3 Best Winter Wedding Suits for Men

Your style and personal preferences are undoubtedly very important when it comes to purchasing a wedding outfit, but to choose the right-winter wedding suit, you need to consider some elements such as season, time, and place of the ceremony. As your special day will take place during the coldest months of the year, you will need cold-resistant clothing.

So, what should you wear? There are many options available, but we've narrowed it down to the top 3 mens winter wedding suits for you that will keep you stylish while also keeping you warm throughout the day.

1. Light Grey Pinstripe Modern Fit 3 Piece Suit- for Informal Daytime Winter Wedding

Light Grey Pinstripe Modern Fit 3 Piece Suit- for Informal Daytime Winter Wedding

You'll look best in a full suit for an informal daytime winter wedding. A three-piece, double-breasted suit will keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. Although you can choose from a variety of dark hues, including black and navy blue, we chose this light grey winter wedding suit to enhance your uniqueness.

This three-piece suit is the best way to look absolutely stunning at winter weddings. The grey tone makes this outfit the epitome of elegance. The pinstripe is a classic style that complements every environment. You simply need to wear a flawlessly matching tie and vest to complete the outfit.

2. Black Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit - for Informal Evening Winter Weddings

Black Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit - for Informal Evening Winter Weddings

The groom may dress in a suit for a casual wedding; for evening (and winter) celebrations, black and dark hues are preferable. This black double-breasted suit that we have chosen for you is both stylish and comfy.

This gorgeous wedding outfit is made of luxurious wool and features a delicate pinstripe design that stands out without being too bold. It's a great combination of fashionable and classic, and the regent fit is designed to fit every body type. This dark and striking monochromatic color may be easily segmented with a robust tie and pockets square combination.

3. Black 2 Button Twill Modern Fit Suit - for Informal Evening Winter Weddings

Black 2 Button Twill Modern Fit Suit - for Informal Evening Winter Weddings

This stylish suit is another fine winter suit choice for casual evening winter weddings. The material is neither thin nor thick. The 2 button design gives this suite a completely fresh, distinctive appearance. 

The two-button single-breasted suit jacket features a slimming fit, and the armholes flex to provide more room for movement. A silver tie and pocket square will complement the gleaming texture of your suit nicely.

Which Fabric Should a Winter Wedding Suit Be Made Of?

Which Fabric Should a Winter Wedding Suit Be Made Of?

The fabric or material of your wedding outfit is entirely up to you. Discovering the ideal wedding outfit is a question of choice or compatibility, much like finding your special someone.

We understand you're not ignorant, but we believe it's essential to mention the fact: you shouldn't be wearing a cotton or linen suit in winter unless you really want to freeze in the pews.

Consider thick, warm, and luxurious suit fabrics that will make you feel comfortable without suffocating you. Wool, cashmere, tweed suit fabric, and herringbone are all good choices. Velvet is also attractive, but it has a more adventurous appearance. Avoid linen, seersucker, chambray, and cotton, which are all too lightweight.

If your special day falls during the summer, you can check out the blog featured below, which will give you step-by-step instructions on how to choose the best wedding party suit for the season.

Winter Wedding Suit Accessories

Winter Wedding Suit Accessories

Whether you wear a traditional tux or a casual suit, your appearance is an important part of the day. There are several methods to customize your wedding outfit so that it seems like a great expression of you, the greatest of which is to choose meaningful groom accessories.

1. A pocket square or a boutonnière

A pocket square or a boutonnière

Pocket squares are popular among guys who wish to add a splash of color to their suits. We recommend wearing both a boutonniere and a pocket square. To begin with, both are essential components of the groom's traditional costume and are a terrific way to add uniqueness to what you're wearing, allowing you to stand out.

2. Cufflinks

Cufflinks- Wedding Suit

Cufflinks provide the finishing touch to your wedding attire. The shirt should have French cuffs with no buttons so that you may attach it with cufflinks. Choose some stylish cufflinks in gold or silver that complement your suit on the big day.

3. Colorful Neckwear

Colorful Neckwear- Bow Tie

You can accessorize your neckwear to fit the rest of your style or make it the main attraction on its own. A tie is a must-have wedding suit accessory, but locating one might be difficult.

Blue, cream, and white are the greatest silk color possibilities. Fabric and color choices can be made according to the season; knit or velvet neckwear is best for the colder months. In addition to colors and fabrics, patterns play a vital part in the design of your tie.

4. Watches

Watches- Classic Accessory

A watch is a classic accessory that always makes a groom appear handsome, regardless of whether he prefers a leather or metallic band, a big or small modern face, or a smaller vintage face. During the wedding, your hands will likely be the center of attention, so select a minimalist watch to keep your appearance cohesive.

5. Capes

Capes- Classic elegance

There's no denying that winter creates feelings of romance and tranquillity. Capes look great with flowing bridal dresses, particularly if you want to go for classic elegance or something different than the traditional jacket.

6. Socks

socks are still a terrific way to express yourself

Although they won't be visible below your suit, socks are still a terrific way to express yourself. You don't have to be a fashion expert to find a pair of socks that capture your sense of humor, making it a simple groom accessory to pull off.

7. Braces or belts

Braces or belts

The belt should be avoided. This minor element detracts from the highly polished and well-fitting picture you're attempting to convey.

If you decide to wear the vest on your wedding day, the ideal answer is to use suspenders; if you prefer to wear the cummerbund, make sure you wear tailored pants: tailored trousers do not need a belt since they fit you properly.

Preferable Wedding Suit Colors for Winter Weddings

Preferable Wedding Suit Colors for Winter Weddings

Weddings may be challenging to dress for at the best of times, but when the weather turns cold, it can be a lot more difficult. However, if you take the time to thoroughly examine the color of your suit, you'll be a long way toward looking smart in no time.

Winter wedding suit colors, in comparison to summer's light and bright colors, are often dark and saturated. Therefore, dark and classic hues like black and grey are always a safe bet, but burgundy, hunter green, or brown can add some flair.

 There are countless colors to choose from, but the below are the most popular for winter wedding suits:

1. Black

classic black suit

A classic black suit is a straightforward approach that nonetheless looks effortlessly smart, making it an ideal option for grooms on their wedding day. To fit a winter wedding, added tones should be deep and saturated, and a white shirt may provide a smooth edge.  

2. Blue

Blue-delightful color

Like classic black, classic blue is also an evergreen combination. Blue is considered a delightful color that gives men who wear it a lasting impression of great formality, particularly in tones of midnight blue, cobalt blue, or solid blue.

3. Navy Blue

Navy Blue- Traditional

While navy blue works well in any season, a winter wedding really benefits from it. Because of the dark tones, it is best suited for nighttime clothes, as deep and dark colors are strong enough to create an impression while staying faithful to the winter wedding theme. It may be worn by grooms who want to add a subtle color to their clothing or by guests who want to seem traditional. 

4. Grey

Grey is a gorgeous color for casual winter weddings

Grey is a gorgeous color for casual winter weddings, especially if the ceremony occurs during the day and continues into the early evening. Because of its adaptability, this color may be combined with concentrated colors, such as pinks and blues, that enhance a winter wedding. If you want to wear a grey suit, a white shirt is advised for a clean look. 

Other Colors

Other colors-deep, rich colors are extremely luxurious

Classic colors such as black, blue, navy, and grey are always preferred, but oxblood, burgundy, hunter green, brown, or plum can be used for a more trendy and intriguing look. These deep, rich colors are extremely luxurious and are certain to stand out.

Pro tip: If you choose to wear a tuxedo, it should always be black. But for a three-piece suit, blue, dark blue, midnight blue, and charcoal grey work best to highlight the groom's personality.

Shoes to Wear With Winter Wedding Suits

Shoes to Wear With Winter Wedding Suits

Matching the perfect shoes with the appropriate suit is probably every man's deadliest nightmare. Most individuals recommend wearing shoes that are both comfortable and efficient.

For example, if you will be standing for extended periods of time, consider shoes with adequate traction to avoid slipping and falling.

Shoes should contain the following basic characteristics: lace-up, black, and leather. If possible, use leather over rubber for the soles. You may not notice a difference, but believe us when we say it's a little touch that will improve the appearance of your shoe.

A black shoe is excellent for establishing a formal impression. If your formal clothes are dark in the shade, whether you're wearing a suit, tuxedo, or morning dress, you should wear black shoes.


What month is ideal for a Winter wedding?

What month is ideal for a Winter wedding?

December 28th to 31st are very popular dates; earlier in December may be hectic, so give your guests plenty of notice, and although individuals seem to have more availability in January, you may not get the holiday party vibe if that's what you're looking for.

Is it OK to wear floral to a winter wedding?

Is it OK to wear floral to a winter wedding?

A floral pattern attire is acceptable and attractive for all seasons and wedding kinds. Is it OK to wear a flowery dress to a winter wedding? Absolutely! Floral designs in rich jewel tones and moodier colors like as black and navy are ideal for winter weddings.

What color do you wear to a wedding in December?

What color do you wear to a wedding in December?

While you may wear whatever color you like regardless of the season, a winter wedding is an ideal occasion to wear rich, dark hues that complement the season. Jewel tones such as sapphire, ruby, garnet, emerald, citrine, or amethyst are acceptable for winter weddings, as are black and navy.

What is the best color suit for a reception?

What is the best color suit for a reception?

Guests are expected to tone down the patterns and bright colors by this time in the wedding planning process in favor of something more conventional and straightforward. Suits for a black-tie wedding should be charcoal grey, black, or midnight blue. In general, a black suit is the most dependable choice.

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Can a Groom Dress in a Grey Suit?

Can a Groom Dress in a Grey Suit?

A grey groom suit may be dressed in a number of ways and is appropriate for weddings in any season or time of day. If you're planning a conventional wedding, you should generally go with a deeper grey rather than a light grey for the groom's clothing.

Where should I buy a wedding suit?

Where should I buy a wedding suit?

A wedding suit may be purchased in a variety of locations. You might visit a department shop, a male specialty store, or even an internet site. Please feel free to select your winter wedding attire from Flex Suits. It provides a high-quality, designer-like look and feel at reasonable prices that you and your wallet will both value and adore.


It is acceptable whether the groom does not wish to dress the part for the wedding. Looking for a good suit and some complementary accessories is all it takes to maintain a timeless appearance.

A wedding is an excellent occasion to express your inner fashionista. Everyone likes to dress up and show off their outfit to the other guests at the event. Ensure you take the vital hints and tips into consideration, and the rest will take care of itself.

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