Dark Grey Pinstripe Suit 100% Wool

$ 189.95

This dark grey pinstripe suit is a two-piece, single-breasted classic suit that come in an evergreen style and design. One of its most highlighting features is the narrow lapels, which prevent it from going out of style while at the same time, helping you achieve a slimming look.

The uniquely-designed cutaway lower front makes the suit a perfect option for all types of formal occasions, or any event where a suit is needed for that matter.

The pants are included as well and complete the look pretty well with their unique style combination of a flat front and straight leg cut, which is also a style that will stick around for a long time to come.

Product Features:

  • As with all your suits, this one includes a vest, jacket and pants as well
  • The jacket has many features you wouldn’t expect at this price point, such as a notch lapel and side vents
  • The pants are unhemmed, with the other details being shared in the above description
  • This is a class fit dark grey pinstripe suit
  • One of the few suits in this price range that’s made using 100% high-quality wool
  • This suit would turn out to be very durable but only if you only dry-clean it, and don’t use other cleaning methods
  • This suit is also an imported product

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